The most simple and effective options lazy diet

Of a beautiful figure every woman dreams of, only to achieve the desired effect can not all girls. Diet for the lazy is a great option that requires no additional physical activity, enhanced training and hard hunger, harmful for the digestive system. The result will be pleased with, and promptly.

Features lazy diet

Girl diet lazy

If you lose weight in no time and the desired effect is needed tomorrow, you need to choose the right technique for weight loss. Lazy diet received its name because it provides acceptable correction weight without cardio, aesthetic treatments, strict diet and a week you can lose up to 5-7 kg of excess weight.

The basic principles of the lazy diet the following:

  • minimum dietary restrictions;
  • sufficient fluid intake;
  • moderate exercise;
  • consultation of the dietitian.

In order to correctly decide on a diet for the lazy, it is recommended to consult a specialist to describe your body’s needs, to determine the list of permitted and prohibited foodstuffs, with benefits to be diet menu to develop the guidelines for the future power system. And then start to act to pounds melted away, and the mood improved.

Options the simple diet for the lazy and their menu

The girl refuses sweets

To follow a strict diet is very difficult, so many women often break the rules and recommendations of specialists. The reason for that severe restrictions in diet, lack of favorite foods, signs of deficiency. There is the simplest diet for weight loss that functions without harm for health, does not suppress CNS, does not cause depression and hysteria.

Minus 5 kg for a week on the water

The water diet is a fast way to lose weight without making adjustments in the menu for each day. The morning starts with a Cup of boiled water. Regular intake of fluid starts the digestion, speeds up metabolism, promotes weight loss, reduces appetite. Water diet involves drinking water before each meal in about 20-30 minutes. After a meal do not need to drink within 40 minutes, otherwise the weight loss will slow down.

Serious dietary restrictions do not exist, but all you need to know measure – during the diet, not overeating, to avoid late-night dinners. It is important to reduce fat intake, and instead of juice and other drinks to use in the daily menu clean water. You may need additional vitamins, but such steps in daily nutrition is important to coordinate with your doctor.

A woman prepares a dish for the lazy diet

Energy Diet minus 10-12 kg in two weeks

If lose weight on their own does not work, it’s time for diet to resort to the help of innovative cocktails, which guarantee an impressive result. Brand energy Diet appeared on the domestic market in 2006 and has since enjoyed a marked popularity. There are several good diets, each of which promises targeted results.

Before to lose weight, it is important to determine the principle of working this innovative technique. The program «Start», «Consolidation» and «Control» provide a gradual but persistent weight loss. This progress is thanks to the 17 flavors of diet shakes and other food products of this brand. Effective tool for weight loss provides skin rejuvenation, strengthening the immune system, stability of the nervous system.

Effective diet for the lazy from Africanoboi

If, after all efforts to lose weight failed, you can use any other diet. This power system has gained popularity thanks to Marina Afrikantov member of the scandalous TV project «Dom-2». Diet lasts only a week, but allows you to lose up to 7 kg without visiting the fitness center, gym. Menu for the week is presented below, helps to achieve a quick, but solid results:

  • First day: kefir with black bread for Breakfast, crackers with milk for lunch and yogurt with an Apple for dinner.
  • Second day: tomato juice with a biscuit for Breakfast, the same lunch, and dinner relies entirely black bread.
  • Third day: toast of black bread and cheese for Breakfast, portion of boiled fish and soup for lunch, chicken in the amount of 100 g for dinner.
  • Fourth day: oatmeal with water, honey relies on Breakfast, chicken soup with toast for lunch, yogurt and boiled eggs for dinner.
  • Fifth day: apples for Breakfast, raw or steamed vegetables for lunch, fresh salad with olive oil for dinner.
  • The sixth day: a Cup of tea with orange will cheer you up for Breakfast, salad expanding lunch menu, and low-fat yogurt and fruit salad for dinner.

Dish for lazy diet

To adhere to this diet is recommended for 2-3 weeks, but no more. After the first diet of course is followed by a break, and then again allowed to go on a diet. A month later a slender figure of a man just don’t learn, so the condition of the skin will be pleased with. Try this simple and delicious, despite the prescribed limits.

From Pugacheva

For the lazy and weak-willed, ideal diet diva, which last week removes up to 5-7 kg of excess weight. The proposed power supply system are healthy, do not overload the internal organs, cleaning the intestines. But I was the main quick weight loss Alla because she refused simple carbohydrates and crude fiber, eating only low-calorie dishes.

Diet in diet

Girl stretching

After achieving the desired result it is necessary to gradually return to your normal diet, so as not to cause heartburn, heaviness in the abdomen. Water diet may be the basic principle of power, as it is not injurious to health, regulates the functioning of internal organs. To return the fats better in the last turn, and in a small amount, otherwise the extra weight back, and diet effect with this diet will evaporate.

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Maria, 27 years: to Do gymnastics once, and tighten up the sagging belly is long overdue. Heeding the advice of a friend, I decided to lose weight with water, and was not mistaken with a choice. Without charging and physical activity has gone the extra pounds, the press was tightened, the skin became elastic, and I’m significantly younger and fresher.

Irina, 31 year: For weight loss chosen method of Marina Afrikantov, and my result – minus 8 pounds in 10 days. Had to limit themselves in food, but it was difficult the first 3-4 days. The boy is now always eat a little, control menu and does not recover. Going On a diet in spring to the summer to get in shape.

Karina, 24 years: On drinking diet sat my husband, for men it is bad option to lose weight. There are less after administration of the liquid he did not, recovered in honeymoon and only the new requests in the diet appeared. It turns out that water before a meal does not eat although on this diet I heard many good things.

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