Water aerobics for weight loss: the use and effectiveness of exercise in the water

The benefits of water aerobics for weight loss

That not only use women putting a goal to look better, get rid of extra pounds. Diet and fitness, running and massage – all in the service of beauty. If you like water you will like active exercises in the pool. Water aerobics will make the process of weight loss enjoyable, comfortable and emotional. The water greatly reduces stress on problem areas.

Use Aqua aerobics to shape

The girl is engaged in aerobics

Pool exercises for weight loss have little contraindications. Permitted to practice aerobics people who have painful joints, back problems. No weight restrictions, you can not be ashamed of your body – it is hidden under water. Due to exercise happens:

  • the improvement in cardiac performance;
  • the inclusion of all muscles;
  • strengthening of the nervous system;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • burned fats;
  • increases skin tone;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • weight reduction.

Exercise in cool water helps burn extra calories the body needs to warm up. Because of the active movements there is a hydromassage of the body, is tightened, it becomes elastic skin. It should be borne in mind that there are contraindications to Aqua aerobics:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • SARS;
  • cystitis;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • bronchial asthma.

How many calories are burned

The complex of simple water exercises improves metabolism, improves skin tone. To perform the exercises you can during the holidays, combining them with swimming. The result of aerobics becomes strengthening the corset muscles, develops coordination of movements. Loaded all muscle groups, relieves stress, increases vitality. An hour of intensive training you will burn 532 calories is not much less than the consumption when you are Jogging. While classes do not cause discomfort. To further increase calorie consumption it is possible if to enter into the diet of cocktails energy Diet.

The girl is engaged in fitness in the water

Effective compound exercises in the pool

Water aerobics classes for weight loss is best done under the supervision of a specialist. It monitors the load, monitors the intensity of the exercises with the correct breathing. The coach makes a training schedule that balances the load and strengthen all muscle groups. The complexes involve the use of Aqua aerobics exercises:

  • for the waist and sides;
  • for the abdomen and thighs;
  • for the buttocks;
  • for the press;
  • for feet and hands.

In order to have a slim waist, do at least ten times such exercises:

  • holding hands above the head, do the slopes of the body to the right and to the left;
  • do high jumps, combined with the rotation body;
  • follow the circular rotation of the pelvis in one or other way;
  • holding hands on the sides, on the surface of the water – palms up – do twists of the body, speeding up the pace.

Water aerobics classes in the pool

If you want to get rid of cellulite on thighs, to have firm butt, do the following exercises:

  1. Stand straight with feet together. To do swing to the left foot to the right, the hands are in opposite direction.
  2. Do the exercise in the other direction. Do 15 repetitions.
  3. To do swings forward and backward, changing feet. For the balance of the arms move the opposite.

Water aerobics exercises for the abdomen and hips perform, standing with his back to the rim. It is important to gain a foothold in his hands. This position is used when:

  • do the exercise «Bicycle», making a rotation forward and backward;
  • raise the legs from a standing position, performing a 90-degree angle;
  • do a quick crossing of the legs – exercise «Scissors».

To achieve the slimness of the legs with the following exercises:

  • run with high knee;
  • same drill with a rotation around the axis in both directions;
  • jumping, each time changing position, one leg in front and the second rear;
  • alternately Bouncing, bend knee of one leg and do a release of the leg;
  • to execute leg movements, as if swimming the crawl, only keeping the vertical position.

What diet to follow with Aqua

Women doing exercises in the water

To Aqua aerobics for weight loss produced a greater effect, it is recommended to apply functional food brand NL international. Balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats shakes promote fat burning, while maintaining without change the muscles. You do not have to cook diet meals for weight loss no need to count calories. One serving of the product replaces a large volume and weight meal.

Composition Energy Diet has the required amount of vitamins and minerals, is a complete replacement of conventional food. Official website Energy Diet introduces its developments. You can choose products from NL International guarantee adequate nutrition during stress. Products convenient to use for athletes and travellers, because one jar can contain 15 full servings. Food contributes to weight loss.

Training video tutorials for beginners

If the pool is located far away from you, but there is a river or the sea – you can in the summer to do aerobics. The exercise is simple, but in order to make them right and to achieve excellent results, view the lesson with a fitness instructor. The proposed sequence of exercises will allow you to master the complex. In the second video, get to know the exercises that help get rid of cellulite, the main load in this case is directed on legs, thighs, buttocks.

Lesson with fitness instructor

Exercises cellulite

Feedback about the results after regular exercise

Elena, 54 years: Want to lose weight, but going to the gym with young girls was a shame. Yes, and my legs hurt – not to overload them. Saw the notice about pool aerobics and decided to try it. Things like music, move nice, the joints are not loaded. On my body in the water not paying attention. Lost weight for 2 months on 4 lbs.!

Nina, 35 years: I Started going to water aerobics during pregnancy, when stress sore back. Classes in water helped to relax. After birth came back to the pool for Aqua aerobics for weight loss. Went to school in a week 2 times. Recovered quickly, led. The skin tightened, the waist was, as before, thin. Recommend!

Angela, 28 years: do Fitness all the time, but not like classes in the hall – monotone, bored. Friend invited to the pool for Aqua aerobics. I just fell in love with these classes. Rhythmic exercise, energetic music, no sense of heavy load. But the reflection in the mirror was good. Gone are the signs of cellulite start to lose weight. Very advise everyone!

Photos before and after weight loss

Woman before and after weight loss of aerobics

The girl, lost from Aqua aerobics

The result of Aqua aerobics

If you still doubt the benefits of exercise in the pool, let’s see what changes occur in the regular classroom.

Water aerobics for weight loss helps to achieve significant weight loss, if you also make cocktails Energy Diet.

Through exercises in the water can improve the skin condition, say goodbye to cellulite.

Correctly executed exercises of aerobics help to get rid of creases at the waist, to make it graceful, slim.

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