Walking for weight loss

Useless? Undignified? Ineffective? Does not contribute to weight loss? You can come up with thousands of arguments not to do the walk, but really all they are excuses. In fact, this kind of physical activity helps to pull the figure, to lose weight for years not to lose shape. The main thing is to practice walking with the mind.

How useful is the walk for the figure

Couple walking barefoot

The reasons for several times a week to avoid traveling in public transport or a personal car in favor of an active and effective – boardwalk a lot, and all very weighty. Walking for weight loss:

  • saturates the body with necessary amount of oxygen is needed to burn fat;
  • normalizes metabolism, often disturbed not only complete, but very thin people;
  • helps to get rid of the extra pounds without extra efforts that have to be made in the fitness room. On this basis, after a walk do not feel tired, like after intense exercise, the body requires extra energy, and that means you consume less food and get less calories;
  • it strengthens the muscles and improves their elasticity;
  • speeds up lymph and blood flow, thereby leaving the swelling, internal organs and tissues of excess fluid.

Principal walk for weight loss

Easy carefree promenade – not the kind of walk that will help you start the process of weight loss. Go for miles on the streets or treadmill in the morning or in the evening will have more than one month and in another mode. Tune in at brisk pace, powerful sports charge. Only in this case, walking will have a positive effect.

Nordic walking with sticks

Nordic walking

This kind of, the only extra equipment is a special stick. Rely on them during class. This kind of walking for weight loss called Scandinavian, Nordic, Finnish. This sport resembles walking on skis, but no skis. Experts say: when Nordic walking employs about 90% of the body muscles, including those during normal walking are at rest. Therefore, Nordic walking is much better than other types suitable for belly slimming and strengthening hands.


The main rule in this type of walk in any minute classes one leg of the two needs to stand firmly on the ground. The rate of movement equal to or slightly lower than that develops when you are Jogging, about 6 km per hour. Walking is a very energetic workout. Beginners with a very large overweight to deal with it is not recommended. So as not to injure the knee, it is better to prefer the usual peaceful walk for weight loss, but as soon as the needle on the scale creep down, it will be possible to boost the pace of workouts.

Couple in the mountains

A brisk walk on the treadmill

Experts claim that fat is burned only if the body receives the necessary amount of oxygen. Therefore, the best place where you can walk for weight loss, Park, square. But if the opportunity to get out there, go on the treadmill. It is best to practice interval walking: the first 10 minutes go to quiet mode, the next 10-15 will be dedicated to active sessions, then another 5-10 minutes of soothing walking. These are General recommendations. If you’re in the gym, it is best to ask the instructor to select an individual chart.

The stairs on the mountain

Best walking for weight loss feet up. This way you can for a short time, tighten the buttocks, strengthen thighs. The weights in the form of dumbbells will help to pump the hands of those for whom it is relevant. If no steep hills in the area where you live, no, but your apartment is located on one of the highest floors, new Elevator! Walking the stairs is quite capable of replacing workouts in sports or gym.

How to walk to lose weight

The girl climbs the stairs

Tangible results will only bring workout made all the rules. So walking was a pleasure and gave a feeling of lightness after each session, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • walk in comfortable athletic clothes and shoes;
  • try to take classes at least half an hour at least three times a week;
  • choose the best for you tempo and don’t worry if at first it will be slow in comparison: with the improvement of the physical forms of exercise will become more intense;
  • to step when walking you need from heel to toe and not Vice versa;
  • arms should be kept bent at the elbows, and lightly pressed to the body;
  • walking is great because you do it not only in the time allotted. Shopping, walk the dog – use for employment any opportunity.

Video: technique of walking for weight loss

Top ten secrets of walking to maximize weight loss expert reveals in the below video. After reviewing it, you will learn what to look for beginners how to breathe properly during class, what kind of shoes to choose how often and how long to exercise to excess fat is literally melted before our eyes without the slightest harm to health.

Reviews and results

Oksana, 29 years:Time for gyms there, and the money of such training cost me a lot. Decided instead of special classes to abandon the lift and walk to work. Not waited, but when at the end of the first month of the experiment, the scales showed minus 4 pounds, was surprised. Will continue my training!

Olga, 36 years:Nordic walking, decided to take a couple with a friend. First, the classes were not easy, but I soon began to enjoy the process. Plus refused from flour, sweet, fatty, evening snacking. For six months like themselves withdrew 7 kilograms, which I was hoping to get rid of. Feel 15 years younger!

Alexander, 41 years:for Many years engaged in Jogging, but after a knee injury that crosses had to be dealt with. Went for a walk. Was afraid that will lose the physical form, switching to more moderate activities. And, as it turned out, in vain. Walking helps to keep yourself in good shape and it is absolutely not traumatic. Do every day – the knee is OK!

Photo grown thin before and after regular classes

The result of walking for weight loss

Girl before and after weight loss

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