Vinegar wrap for weight loss

Vinegar wrap for weight lossEvery woman dreams of a slim, perfect figure, regardless of age and status. Most often, the extra inches on the waist appear in handy when you need to be on top in a slinky dress or a suit, «the figure». Give up too soon is not worth it, you can help vinegar wrap for weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.

This method was used in the days of our grandmothers. In those days, a woman just wore a nightgown soaked in vinegar solution and waited for it to dry on the body. Today, the love of such a method of weight loss does not subsided, but there are plenty of options and varieties use vinegar wraps for weight loss at home.

What is the principle of the technique?

The most commonly used slimming wrap with Apple cider vinegar. Not by chance the procedure it is recommended to use vinegar Apple cider raw materials, it contains a lot of vitamins such as A, B, C, E, minerals can be noted calcium, magnesium, iron, and about 16 amino acids.

Vinegar is very quickly absorbed, dries and partially evaporates on the skin, so the first thing you may notice is a light cooling effect. In response to the unexplained cooling, our body begins to accumulate heat by accelerating metabolic processes, thereby expending more calories. Fat deposits faster break down due to increased energy costs. But in addition, such treatment very well affect the skin, firming and toning it, it becomes more elastic, smooth and well-groomed. Fruit acids accelerate cell regeneration, and vitamins and other elements that nourish and moisturize the epidermis to the deepest layers.

How to prepare for the procedure and how to make a wrap with Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Before you decide to experience the method from beginning to end, think carefully about the time and venue of the beauty treatments, because this process will take you about 5 hours. Prior to the event, you will need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • natural vinegar (Apple or wine, depending on the recipe or personal preference);
  • a little cooled boiled water;
  • or conventional plastic food wrap;
  • cotton fabric or a sheet, and «insulation», such as a blanket or woolen shawl.

After everything is prepared, select the best recipe vinegar wraps. The most popular classic solution for the procedure is prepared as follows:

  • diluted vinegar with clean cool water in the ratio 1:3;
  • further, in the solution it is necessary to moisten a cotton cloth, gently squeeze and wrap the fabric belly, thighs and buttocks, so as not to be too tight and too weak;
  • on top of fabric to wrap problem areas film;
  • in this position, it is best to lie under a warm blanket 2-4 hours if you use Apple cider vinegar for weight loss belly, you can roll up this area kerchief and wear warm clothes, and carry out household chores during the wraps.

Many women who dream to get rid of the ill-fated extra pounds interested in the question, is it possible to make wraps every day? To get involved in the procedure is not necessary, as the vinegar contains acids and irritating substances that with prolonged use the skin can cause inflammation or even burn. 1-2 wraps per week is more than enough.

Wrap Apple cider vinegar is prohibited to make pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Now you are aware of a fairly effective method of losing weight at home, so before you enroll in a beauty salon on the implementation of costly procedures on figure correction, try to get rid of problem areas on their own.

Shine with beauty and grace!

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