Vegan diet for weight loss menu for a week and 22 days food rules

Vegan diet for weight loss

Veganism is the most strict form of a vegetarian diet. Representatives of this trend do not use the products in any way involved in the world of animals, including meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, honey. Vegan diet allows the consumption of only plant foods, but the purpose of this power is the desire to lose weight. Veganism is more like a philosophy and a lifestyle.

Features and rules of dieting

Foods for vegan diet

Vegan power system is divided into 2 parts: the raw food diet and fructarians. The first completely eliminates any thermal processing of food, the second suggests a diet that includes solely fruits. A lot of people hopes to lose weight on a vegan diet, and they are quickly obtained. However, people who have a long stick to a strict diet, lack of essential trace elements, vitamins, which can lead to serious health problems. Nutritionists do not recommend such a power supply system for a long time. Principles of a vegan diet:

  1. The rejection of «dirty» products. Among the harmful, invalid food, according to the vegan diet, which includes a variety of snacks (chips, crackers), sweets with dyes, food additives, etc.
  2. The exclusion of coffee from the diet. This drink triggers increased food intake and, in General, affects the human body adversely, polluting it and not giving any nutrients.
  3. Diet is 90% whole grain products, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Vegan power system involves the use of fresh and cooked fruits, cereals, mushrooms, nuts.
  4. Is possible only if you experience hunger. If you want to lose weight with vegan nutrition do not eat a lot. One of abandoning meat products is insufficient for proper cleansing of the body. On a diet should consume plant foods only when you experience a strong feeling of hunger.
  5. Carefully study the composition consumed during the diet products. If the vegan diet allowed food that contains no animal fats, gelatin, lecithin, and other such ingredients.

Most fans of the vegan system power believe that a vegetable diet fits all, without exception. However, the physicians are adamant in their opinion that this diet is contraindicated in women, pregnant women, adolescents during active growth. In utero and during lactation the child must receive all necessary substances. Accustom children to a vegan diet in early teenage is not worth it because for their normal development need not only vegetable, but also animal fats.

A list of permitted and prohibited foods

Beans for vegan diet

It is allowed to use It is forbidden to use
Tomatoes, broccoli, red cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, leeks Meat products, including different varieties (pork, chicken, beef, etc.)
Plums, raspberries, gooseberries, cherries, cherry, blueberries, strawberries, strawberries, etc. Fish, shrimp, mussels, etc.
Any citrus fruit, apples (preferably green), bananas, peaches, mango, pears, apricots Eggs, milk, dairy products
Buckwheat, rice, seeds, nuts, oatmeal Honey
Soy products: cheese, sour cream, milk, Tofu cheese, unsweetened yogurt Alcohol, carbonated beverages
Beans, chickpeas, peas, mung beans, lentils Pastry products, food chemistry
Mushrooms, vegetable oil, natural flavourings Coffee

Sample menu and recipes diet meals for weight loss

Vegetables and fruits for vegan diet

Create a diet that meets the vegan diet to the mind. To limit the quantity or variety of food consumed is in any case impossible. Vegan menu for each day should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. A person who adheres to such nutrition for weight loss, should eat more often than the carnivore because plant foods digest much faster. Nutritionists strongly recommend to fans of vegan nutrition system to make complexes, which include vitamin B12 and iron. The following are examples of diet composition.

For a week

Days Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Pumpkin soup, a slice of whole grain bread Vegetable cutlet, baked potatoes, fresh salad A few fresh fruits (bananas and apples) Braised sweet potatoes with onions, vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, bread
Tuesday Herbal tea, steamed sweet potato with carrots Soup-puree of lentils, a sandwich with soy cheese The pumpkin pie herbal tea Salad with vegetables and greens, served with soy sour cream, bread
Environment Cereal porridge with banana, peach Couscous, vegetable cutlet, vegetable salad, bread Apricot, peach, sweet cherry under the yogurt without flavoring or sugar Pumpkin-lentil puree, topped with pumpkin seeds
Thursday A Cup of herbal tea, toast with soy cheese Fresh salad with greens, vegetables and walnuts, bread Any fruit Herbal tea, a sandwich with tofu
Friday Smoothie made from bananas, Goji berries, oat milk Fried bean curd, vegetable salad with nuts, served with soy sour cream Peach soy yogurt Soup based on sweet potatoes, pumpkin, lentils
Saturday Fried tofu with pasta, salad with tomatoes and greens in the vegetable oil Basmati rice with steamed vegetables, salad with fresh vegetables, bread Portion of fruit (as a variant, cherries) Salad with pasta, tomatoes, tofu, cucumber, seasoned soy sour cream
Sunday Apricots, soy yogurt Pasta with tofu, salad with tomatoes and herbs with vegetable oil, raw beets Black bread with hummus, a slice of cucumber, tomato Quiche or open pie with greens

For 22 days

Vegan diet not only helps to lose weight, but also reduces the risk of oncological diseases, pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes. The basis of the power system is the use of plant products, and the optimal duration of course is 3 weeks. This diet have experienced the famous singer Beyonce, she noted that a vegan diet gives a positive result already after 1 week of the rejection of animal food. Below is a table that will help to draw up your menu for a three-week purification of the body.

Vegetable salad for a vegan diet

Mealtime What can I eat
Breakfast (7:00-9:00) Any porridge, cooked in water or soy milk, fruits, herbal tea
Snack (10:00-11:00) Toast, tofu, leafy vegetables
Lunch (12:30-14:00) Soups, including purees, bean, pumpkin, or cereals, fresh salads
Afternoon tea (15:00-16:00) Fruit, soy yogurt, herbal tea
Dinner (17:00-19:00) Vegetable salads or stews, mashed potatoes, pasta, vegetable patties

How to get out of the diet

Cocktails Energy Diet

The body of a man who for a long time exclusively plant products, undergoes serious changes. While keeping a vegan diet digestive system stops producing the enzymes for processing of fatty meat products. In order to properly transfer the return to the usual diet, dairy foods and meat should be added to the menu gradually. Within 2-3 weeks after the diet, introduce these foods gradually to restore the function of the production of bile.

If you ignore proper diet, people at risk to get diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract and rapidly regain the lost weight. Many nutritionists recommend not only during observance of vegan nutrition but after the exit make cocktails Energy Diet (official website Energy Diet: A functional food must fans of the vegan system as an additional source of protein.

Part Energy Diet consists of proteins legumes, rice and other gluten-free products. Cocktails energy Diet is ideal for those their diet is not able or willing to count calories and the amount of all consumption of micronutrients. Energy Diet from the company Nl (Nl international) choice advocates all vegan movements: how rawfoodist and fructarians.

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Anna, 29 years: I Sat on this diet for 22 days. It was not difficult because I follow a vegan diet for 2 years. Vegan system is more rigid, it limits the intake of my favorite foods – milk and eggs. Thanks to such a diet the body effectively cleansed, immediately appeared a cheerfulness, improved complexion and overall health. However, the vegan diet, in my opinion, you need to adhere to the courses, but not always.

Stanislav, 31 years: I have long held vegan power system, any deterioration in health status did not notice solid improvements. Was previously overweight, but this problem was quickly resolved. Diets love because of the constant reorganizations and the need to get used to certain products. So I stick to a vegan diet constantly – so comfortable for my body.

Gianna, 42 years: the most Difficult thing when adopting a vegan diet was to diet and to plan purchases. Was afraid I’d be hungry on this diet. All fears proved unfounded. A vegan diet is nothing special and difficult for the body, the harder it is to cope with the meat and dairy products. As a result, I was able to lose weight by 5.5 kg, and younger – so say the people around me.

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