Treadmill for weight loss: how to do?

Treadmill for weight loss: how to do?

Proper training on treadmill for weight loss can be of different duration. The effectiveness of the event depends largely on the physical qualities of the person. Usually, if a person is physically able to run at speeds of at least 10-12 km/h, a popular walking uphill causes minimal training effect. Similarly, Jogging is not good for those whom it is given is too difficult. Adequate training is not allowable to use any one style of aerobic exercise, it is important to gradually increase their fitness. Only this will help you to burn more calories without increasing the duration of the session itself.

How to exercise yourself to lose weight?

Simple rules:

  1. a treadmill should not replace any activity in life nor strength training. It is scientifically proven that cardio for weight loss in the gym or at home «second largest after the correctly organized force and the notorious 10,000 steps. Nature intended that we moved during the day. This will be the key to our health. A short intense workout on the treadmill good for sustaining this effect;
  2. since running is the allowable load for people with obesity, diseased joints, injured ligaments and twisted spine, you need to choose models that allow you to do a fast walk with incline, or decline from the path for the benefit of an elliptical trainer, if there are problems;
  3. «limit» beyond which ends with the physical fitness and exercise on weight loss and starts sport — 200 minutes of training a week. Divide this number by 5 training sessions and you will get 40 minutes under load. More — does not make sense. If you are doing so much cardio and not losing weight, it’s not that you are somehow not running for weight loss. The fact that you are too much or not enough and not properly eat. Check your diet;
  4. long session of one hour duration that are conducted daily on an empty stomach — a lot of professional athletes. Man does not set his athletic goals easier to maintain medium intensity aerobic training. After all, it will still need a full «taught» in the power that the training program worked. Therefore, you should not do excessive cardio. In addition, a long session, increase appetite;
  5. the treadmill should be «torment» after strength training or in a single day. Favorite athletes the strategy of «first — run, then swing» is good for those who are hardy by nature, or simply prefers not the most intensive training;
  6. talk about what we need, for example, to run to lose weight a certain amount of time, not less than 30 minutes not true.
  7. long discussion about when burning fat and when you train the heart, too. For lovers in reality there is a big difference, they will burn 10 grams of fat during cardio, or after it, due to the successfully chosen calorie deficit. Simply put, a competent diet is more important than «dancing with a tambourine» around the magic number of 120 beats per minute. Stick to this heart rate mandatorily should only people with cardiovascular diseases;
  8. for the rest of the works following simplified formula: the pulse must lie on the level above 60% of maximum heart rate and not to exceed 85% of this value. Recall that the maximum is calculated by the formula 220 minus your age in years (full);
  9. the optimal length of workout for the novice Amateur according to the American College of Sports Medicine is 30 minutes on the treadmill.

How to make and set weekly workout plan?

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to alternate day and weight training day, cardio. If you want to walk on a treadmill 5 times a week, so after training did not hurt muscles, you must do exercises on a treadmill after strength. Then it makes sense to do a shorter workout after strength.

You can use the following scheme:


Strength training. Cardio on the treadmill. Interval style. Mash for 5 minutes, just walking. At the end of the warm up you should increase the heart rate to the training values. Now alternate a minute of fast running with two minutes recovery. At 16th minute slowed down and walk until the «it will be 20,» calming the breath and bringing his hands up to the sides.


Self-training on the treadmill. At the beginning, mash is a 5 minute simple walk, do 6 sets of duty running with a minute walk. Then set the angle of the web available to you and go for 20-40 minutes. Run slow and hitch within 5 minutes. After a workout on a treadmill you can do a couple of sets of crunches to the press, and minute to stand in the posture straps to stabilise the body’s center.


After strength training just walk uphill for about 20-30 minutes, keeping the heart rate at the lower boundary of the target zone.


The usual long flat run at an average pace.


after the warm-up alternate 1 minute of sit-UPS on the floor without weights and 1 minute of running. Complete 5 rounds. Change squats into a push-up and repeat round 4. Now wait a minute on the floor in the bar, a minute run, 3 rounds. Complete a 10 minute jog at an easy pace.

Need to be limited a treadmill for weight loss?

And still, what to do? Textbooks for fitness trainers do not recommend to teach customers something one in terms of cardio. You can, of course, to walk and run every day, if you like it. But we must understand that repetitive motion plus the low-fat diet is still the risk of injury. Therefore, if the diet is «deficient», if you restrict fats and not just carbs, try to redefine your aerobic workout.

Replace 1-2 session on the track on something, does not create shock loads on the foot. Swim, walk with sticks on the street, or do cardio on the stepper that moves the stairs or any other simulator. Try to abandon the habit to hold the handrails, it may cause fall or injury.

Track reactions. Some people just aren’t cut cardio after strength. They can feel the vibrations of the blood sugar level to face and with a feeling close to loss of consciousness. If you feel exhausted, drink amino acid drink before «sit» treadmill. In the case when that does not work, do you think that the cardio you just need, is to look closely at the two meals that you do before your workout. It is very likely that they are completely absent complex carbohydrates. This is, in fact, the main reason that people cannot sustain aerobic exercise.

In the case when regular Jogging and interval session, significantly increase appetite, you should review the diet to increase amounts of protein and fiber. Usually this is not enough for full recovery.

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