Tomato diet for weight loss

Widely known tomatoes purchased long ago. Special taste and versatile use of this vegetable deserve special attention. Tomatoes are good in salads, as juice, canned, in the composition of sauces. Nutritionists often recommend tomato diet for weight loss to use since it has a number of advantages over the other.

What are the benefits and basic rules of the diet on tomatoes

Tomato juice

What is so good about tomatoes? With their help it is possible easily not only to lose weight due to low calorie content, but also to cleanse the body of toxins, free radicals and harmful substances. Oncologists suggest more tomatoes to include in your diet, because thanks to its composition, this healthy vegetable can serve as the basis of the program of prevention of blood cancer. Balanced composition of vitamins b, K, PP, C, P, acids (citric, oxalic, malic), sucrose promotes rapid absorption by the body.

From eating large quantities of tomatoes should refrain only for those who have problems with acidity of the stomach or Allergy to this product. Before applying any restrictions food need to consult a physician. Other dieters tomato nutrition will only benefit. It is important to follow basic rules of the diet, regardless of its duration:

  • eating no less than 4 times at equal intervals of time;
  • menu should be varied, to include tomatoes in most dishes;
  • drink plenty of water, juices, herbal infusions;
  • evening meal not less than 4-4,5 hours before bedtime.

Options diet and menu for weight loss

Tomato diet for weight loss can be different in duration. Decide what result you want to achieve, how much time have. Before an important event, an unexpected trip to lose a few extra pounds will help effective rapid weight loss method. Less tiring the body receives from the longer but more gentle system weight loss.

Express diet for 3 days

Salad with tomatoes

With this quick tomato weight loss diet will be able to reduce the amount of waist and hips a couple of inches. To get the expected result, you need to follow the basic rules of compliance, weight loss and a delicious menu for each day (tomato juice everywhere).

Day one:

  • 7:30 – a glass of juice;
  • 10:30 – salad with tomatoes and cheddar cheese;
  • 14:00 – white boiled fowl, salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese;
  • 16:30 – a couple of medium tomatoes and a piece of cheese;
  • 19:00 – lettuce, tomato, cheese, tomato drink.

Day two:

  • 7:30 – a glass of juice;
  • 10:30 – sandwich with tomato and cheese;
  • 14:00 – cold gazpacho;
  • 16:30 – salad (tomatoes + cucumbers) with olive oil;
  • 19:00 – lasagna with tomato juice.

Day three:

  • to repeat the first option.

Diet on cucumbers and tomatoes – minus 10 kg per week

The main products for weight loss in this system should be tomatoes and cucumbers. It is important that these vegetables had been eaten down to the main dishes, then the slimming effect will be more pronounced. Foods to eat in small portions, often. Sample menu for a week is repeated periodically. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday:

  • morning – tomato juice and a salad with cucumber, tomato, cheese;
  • the day – vegetable soup, fresh vegetables (cucumber, tomato), chicken steam meatball, tomato juice;
  • evening boiled rice, tomato, cucumber, tomato drink.

Ripe vegetables

But Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:

  • morning – tomato juice, cheese;
  • day — cold tomato soup, Greek salad, fish stew in tomato sauce, broth herbs;
  • evening – baked pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber salad with garlic juice.

Slimming tomato juice 14 days

Following a unique diet of tomato juice, you need to drink daily at least one liter per day. Every fourth day how to install handling – 1,5 l of tomato juice and a few slices of rye bread. In other to remove from the ration sweet, flour, high-calorie foods, to start and finish the day with a glass of tomato juice. At lunch and dinner to cook boiled lean meat, sea fish, vegetable soups. A variety of cereal, salads, as desired.

How to get out of the diet and not gain weight

Vegetables for weight loss

Chosen diet tomatoes helps to quickly and effectively reduce weight, but the goal of any losing weight is not the only problem. It is important that the effort to get rid of extra pounds do not become ridiculous. To do this, right out of the diet, then the weight lost will not return. A few tips on what to look for when tomato diet for weight loss ends his term:

  • gradually introduce into the diet of other vegetables or fruits;
  • the introduction of new products (those that were not used during tomato diet) – no more than 1-2 per day;
  • dairy, meat, fish dishes to afford half portions from the previous regulations;
  • physical activity, exercise is necessary;
  • sleep should be not less than seven hours, falling asleep no later than 23 hours.

Feedback about the results

Tom, 29 years: Earlier my wife tried to arrange fasting days on the tomato juice or yogurt. She decided before the summer to keep in shape, and a tomato stuck to a diet that was very tasty. The effect can be seen even externally. She has during these few days the waist has decreased in volume by four centimeters.

Svetlana, 22 years: I Have a baby, there is no opportunity to go to the fitness center. How to lose weight at home, suggested a sister who every year lose weight on the tomato diet. Considering I love the juice and the vegetables, I think that losing weight will be easy and pleasant. After my sister for a week or two always loses at least 5 kg, is an example.

Katya, 19 years old: Eat tomatoes to lose weight I told my mom. She sometimes uses tomato diet, and I saw that the result always is, although my mother is not naturally very slim. I tried to eat tomatoes every day, not limiting themselves by replacing their other products, but completely refusing. First week – minus 3 kg. Decided to continue.

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