How to speed up metabolism

Increase the body's metabolismMetabolism or metabolism is responsible for the youth, the beauty and health of our body. It is important to know what kind of intensity of metabolism in your body, as a lot of it depends on your weight loss, or rather the speed of your weight loss. Sometimes a man is dieting and in the gym to «sweat» deals, and the result is zero — blame a slow metabolism. If you are faced with this problem, then this article on how to speed up metabolism for you.

Gender, height, body type, age, and heredity all are the main factors that affect the rate of metabolism in your body. Naturally, not all of us can change that to speed up the metabolism, but still there are factors affecting that we will be able to speed up the metabolism.

  • «We are what we eat» — the wonderful words of Hippocrates, accurately reflect the problem, because the quality and adherence to diet greatly affects the metabolism. We often forget about Breakfast. And the Breakfast is just necessary for our body to Wake up and set the pace for the whole day. The Council of doctors-nutritionist 5 times a day but small portions. In each of the next meal preference should be given to protein. Fish, cheese or nuts is much better than tea and cake. But if you really really want sweet, try to wait until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, because it is exactly the time when he begins his active work of the hormone insulin, which lowers blood sugar. Don’t forget about the water, it should be sufficient. To improve metabolism will approach a water with lemon, green tea, herbal infusions, fruit.
  • Sport. When the sedentary lifestyle, the muscle mass due to the reduction is replaced by fatty tissue, which never spends calories, therefore, very important sport for the growth of muscle mass and consumption of calories received. Desirable sport at least twice a week for half an hour and 10 minute daily exercises for different muscle groups. Better sports activities to allocate time in the second half of the day, as metabolic processes in the afternoons accelerate. Don’t forget about the benefits of walking and the fact that in everyday life there is a place for activity instead of the Elevator, take a walk, if you have a sedentary job, then we can arrange during the day, a small sports history warm-UPS, and even a TV to watch for the benefit of the body — don’t sit on the couch, and roll the Hoop during your favorite programs.
  • Sleep. Healthy sleep is one of the ways to speed up your metabolism. During sleep, the hormone that is responsible for weight loss, as well as run metabolic processes in the body. Each person has their own biological clock and her own norm of sleep, but nevertheless need to sleep at least 7 hours — the optimal time for relaxation of the body.

To improve metabolic processes in the body will help anti-cellulite massage and contrast shower, steam bath.

Thus improving the body’s metabolic process, you will be able very quickly to become slim without doing harm to your body various diets.

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