How to lose weight quickly without dieting

1886e17Most modern women think that the only way to lose weight is just to sit on a diet. And in vain, in this case, there is an excellent alternative, follow a few effective and useful tips to once and for all tie with debilitating diets. So, you have a chance to read the tips that tell the secret of how to lose weight quickly without dieting.

  • Look for yourself a small plate or bowl to put in her favorite food. This will ensure that you will finally not eat large portions, because at least eating is one of the secrets of weight loss.
  • Now read carefully and remember all the so-called products-pests, which it is desirable to exclude from the regular diet.
  1. Chips. Yes, Yes it is better not to eat them. They are quite «chemically» and just kill the figure in its composition, namely content acrylamide, MSG and a host of other harmful chemicals. It is known that chips in 2007 is strictly forbidden to sell in school cafeterias.
  2. Everything about fast food or fast food, it is also has a negative impact on female slim figures, as such foods contain TRANS fats. And once in the human body, they disrupt the hormonal balance that is responsible for the feeling of satiety.
  3. Carbonated drinks and especially Coca-Cola. Everybody has already noticed that after drinking these drinks just as much want again to quench their thirst. This is because they contain «gargouille», which are harmful to health, and therefore the figure.
  4. Yogurt, milk, yogurt with a long shelf life also need to be used very rarely. They add preservatives and stabilizers, treated with antibiotic drugs. The result is excess weight.
  5. Sausages, sausages and sausages it is better to eat in moderation instead of meat add a lot of chemical flavor enhancers, and they adversely affect health and of course weight.
  6. Stop eating a lot of sweets, cakes, eclairs, cakes, waffles, muffins, etc. they have lots of TRANS-fats as they are known round the contours of the shape to a round condition. As little as possible to feed sweets to your body.
  • To lose weight fast without dieting, you can use water. Just drink plenty of pure water to the body is not compensated for quenching thirst fat accumulation. Better to give him to drink than to provoke the emergence of several extra inches at the waist.
  • If you have a bad mood, overcome sadness and depression or just get bored and have nothing to do, in any case do not sit down to eat! It is better to walk, dance Il just walk.
  • And don’t forget about gravity, try to get rid of extra pounds and pay attention to them. In the morning, once a week on an empty stomach get on the scales so you know the truth about your dreams of weight loss and how long to go, and maybe soon.
  • Do not hate the green tea or to ignore it. At the time of getting rid of excess weight, you have to love magic and the result will not keep itself waiting long.
  • No need to set a goal to lose weight or for going to the pool. You need to maintain your weight always and not for public opinion but only for himself.

Drink these beverages to reduce weight and quickly lose weight without dieting :

  • 125 g of sauerkraut brine mix with 100 g of orange juice and add some carrot.
  • Mix 125 g of tomato juice with a pinch of salt and black pepper, drops of Tabasco sauce and less than a teaspoon of sprouted wheat grains.
  • 200 g of celery juice mixed with 125 g of carrot juice and add the beverage the finely chopped leaves of celery.

And last, not fast, not to attack the food with violent hunger. There in the evening too, read what should be an easy dinner for weight loss. Do not use diet pills, they will only harm your health. Do not drink a lot of beer, it leads to obesity. And regularly move and walk, do not give up exercise. So without exhausting diets you will be able to remove weight and lose weight.

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