Tips how to lose weight after the holidays

Let’s be objective and first assess the damage from drinking and banquets. Stand on the scale. How much you scored? A couple of kilos? You obviously don’t need a strict diet juices for two weeks. Especially on the scales if you were on the next morning after overeating. To lose weight after the holidays it should be exactly the same as at any other time.

Create a small calorie deficit, exercise, and over time, you will lose the score. And gain a valuable skill not to overeat at the sight of all the unfortunate holiday table. Why do we eat so much during the holidays, if we know that then we will suffer? Most often, for the reason that losing weight too strict and frankly no physiological diets. So, how to lose weight after the holidays fast or at least in the first few weeks?

Science-based tips

You may not like what you just read. But if you gained a few pounds due to the fat, to drop «it» better in about a month, not 1 week as you had hoped. Will be on a strict diet, most likely, complete breakdown and return of weight. For most people, very serious limitations — the shortest way to weight loss but to weight gain in the long term.

Therefore, medical dietetics recommends the following:

  • write down everything that you eat within 3 working days and 1 output;
  • download the app to control KBZHU to your smartphone and calculate the caloric value and chemical composition of the food;
  • view how much you eat. You should start with reducing this, the current caloric content of 300 kcal per day;
  • monitor and record all, not forgetting to weigh myself weekly. While there is 500g in a week, you’re on the right track. As soon as the weight of «stands» — to shave another 100 calories. Move so until we reach the desired weight.

It all sounds simple in theory, but what does it mean to «cut calories»? There are two ways. First, you radically get rid of fluids with calories, such as replacing his Cup of tea with sugar for the same but with drops of stevia. Then, if this was not enough» throw out from a diet of mayonnaise and cheese crumbs to meat, fish, vegetable dishes. Again, not enough? View the amount of servings of such foods as potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice with buckwheat. Perhaps you do not eat protein meals, but zealous in the macaroni field.


Gradually change the proportion of what is in the plate for Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the following:

  • one of your «hand» without fingers protein dishes — cheese, tofu, meat, fish, eggs (about 2 eggs for regular women);
  • one of your fist for carbohydrate side dishes — porridge on the water and pasta;
  • two of your fist for vegetables in any form, except fried;
  • 1 phalanx of the thumb for oil, including butter, peanut spreads

Moderate appetite in snacking, try which is fruit, dairy, or nuts with fruit, but not sweets, and fast food. Reduce the number of snacks to 2-m, if you don’t exercise. Eliminate excess salt and sugar.

You’d be surprised, but the first to be dropped pounds in 2-3 days. It will take the water that was delayed because of your «Banquet food». Then follow the diagram. In a week you can have 1 free meal — a modest portion of your favorite food or drink, other than alcohol. Alcohol is better not to touch generally overload the liver you don’t need.

Doctors recommend to cleanse the body and lose weight after the holidays, to complement this programme feasible 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Choose go Hiking, cardio or dancing. And if you want not just to lose weight, but to get a slim and trim figure, do some strength training.

Popular tips for getting rid of excess weight after the holidays

And the people we have popular very the other methods. First — fasting days. There is even a diagram of their application:

  1. drink only kefir, if by «holidays» we have meant 2-3 days, sorry, the booze, and we don’t even remember what you ate, but you feel rather disgusting;
  2. eat 1 kg of apples and drink 1 liter of kefir, if was a feast with fatty mayonnaise salads and oil cakes;
  3. eat only vegetable salads, if I ate too much barbecue, barbecue or other fatty meats;
  4. eat porridges on water without salt a week, if everything else we have pains in the liver;
  5. limited to a soup of cabbage, 1 bell pepper, 1 carrot, as long as the feast lasted 2 weeks (the best answer to the question how to lose weight after the holidays). And soup we eat too week

Yet people suggest that we immediately threw to drain the water in the bath. Yes, it is there and send the young lovers of alcohol and excess food most of the authors of the articles about losing weight. In fairness, this is a good option when you need to quickly get rid of edema. And no — if you want to burn fat.

What is bad fasting days and diet?

Only one — scientifically proven effect of the abolition. Man is so constituted that the more he restricts, the merrier «off» then. That result in numerous «relief» to the terrible scale «downloads», like a whole cake in one evening. In addition, fasting for 3-7 days, and slow metabolism. After applying them, you need much fewer calories to maintain weight. Well, we used to «eat as usual». Therefore, we shall find, most likely, the weight back.

There is, so to say sports way — when a person had been attending Zumba 3 times a week starts to do 3 hours of cardio a day, hoping to «burn fat». This method is also quite bad — it causes increased secretion of cortisol, which causes swelling, and overeating. In General, wanting to lose weight quickly after the holidays, it is better not to lose your head. Then you solve the problem faster.

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