The right exercises for weight loss lyashek and bugs that allow reducing

The so-called exercise for weight loss lyashek see ordinary people as the leg swings in all directions, jumping in different planes, and all this is bound in a cocoon of food the film. But the fitness professionals, they don’t see any way. There is one research Professor Seluanov, which proves the possibility of local fat loss, that is weight loss in the «body parts». Guess who can do that? Correctly, professional athletes who conduct the training for 4 to 6 hours daily. Skiers lose weight arms and legs, the players feet, but the press have to download separately. But we are not ready to train all day? So it is necessary to develop a proper exercise plan and combine all this with a reasonable diet.

Why common exercise for weight loss lyashek usually don’t work?

All people lose weight the same way. That is, body fat is reduced uniformly throughout the body. And why we look different? Yes, everything is simple. Genetically fat thickness in some places and thinner in others. Women notorious fat on belly and thighs — physiological necessity. These lipids will be used in case you become pregnant, good nutrition will not.

Which, by the way, doesn’t mean thick thighs does not win. Why does not work? You don’t follow the laws of training:

  1. the load shall be gradually increased, each session is a little harder than the previous one. And we are not talking about increasing the number of exercise repetitions, and about the complications of the movements themselves or to increase working weights. We burn more fat when you grow up our muscles, that’s the whole point of the exercise;
  2. cardio and strength must be present in the training plan, but aerobics does not have to prevail, even if you just want to lose weight. Running, jumping, swimming and roller — great, but all this takes a lot of time and does not change the metabolism. The abuse (of exercise each day, duration of employment, and so forth), he slows down even more, ensuring the survival of. After a while, if you rest, the muscles will be even less, but fat — more. Therefore, you should not abuse the aerobics. It is enough for about 20 minutes 4 times a week after strength, or about half an hour 5 times a week, if you power has not reached yet and perform only the exercises without weights, learning technique;
  3. you are in a hurry and set unrealistic goals. How long does it take to make thighs thinner? The first visual results (about a couple cm in hip girth foot) you will get 8 weeks, and completely transformed through 16 weeks, but not after a week or two, as they promise us the different «workout of the stars»;
  4. you ignore the basic exercises that increase calorie consumption at rest, help to preserve muscle when losing weight and generally healthy. But doing the Mahi on the crossover, and downs in the gluteal bridge without encumbrance. Nobody says that Mahi and lifts to do, just don’t start training with them;
  5. you can not adequately assess your fitness level, choose too heavy workouts and so just get fatigue sooner than any training effect in time to come.

With all this, many beginners do not consider it necessary to put the technique of basic exercises with a trainer, attend various online schools» and engaged in other useless activities, constantly moving because of mismatched load. So a nice body is not built! If all the above sounds like a set of words, hire a coach.

These exercise for weight loss lyashek

The first month

Do the exercises in 4 sets of 8-12 reps, very slowly, making sure that the back always remains straight, natural curve in their lower back remained, and the blades were rigidly given to the spine.. Rest 1 minute between sets, do not forget about stretching. Train your legs 1 time per week, other law enforcement days will be devoted to the presses (shoulders and chest and triceps) and pulls (back and biceps). Do cardio for 20-30 minutes after a workout or a day, choosing a stepper or a moving staircase

The second month

Work is already 12-15 reps in 4 sets, add weight and reduce rest time to 45 seconds.

Third month

Practice in circular mode — do 1 minute of each exercise, one after the other, but try to weight was not easier for those with whom you worked last month. It is allowed to «drop» weights 10 percent.

Effective exercises: running

Exercise 1. Goblet-prietenie

Take with two hands a heavy dumbbell, and inching movement lift it onto the breast. Align the spine. Push the heels into the floor, and not make it fall off them during squats. Gently bring your buttocks back and down, simultaneously bending at the knee joint. Follow the reverse movement

Exercise 2. Pull the dumbbells 1

Take a dumbbell for pancakes, and lower to the floor. With a straight back bend so that the legs bent at the knees and hip joints. Lift the weight with a straight back as if you see a heavy bag. At the top a little to consciously reduce buttocks. Repeat.

Exercise 3. Lunges ago

Stand straight, dumbbells in the lowered hands direct. Step the right leg back so that the pelvic bones remained in the 1 plane, and feet — hip distance apart. Perform the movement as in the squat. Repeat with the other leg.

Exercise 4. Moving cities

Put your heels on plastic plates, the body is in the supine position. On the pelvis lay a heavy dumbbell. Executed lifting of the buttocks. At the top fix by reducing the gluteal and raise your heels in hand. Not changing position, bring the heels, this is one repetition. Omit the pelvis.

Exercise 5. With a dumbbell plie with climbing socks

Stand on 2 pancake from the rod 2 or step platform. Pull the belly, the dumbbell is lowered in direct hands. Bend at the knees and hips, going into the plie. At the bottom freeze and perform the lifting on socks and fall on heels. Then go out of the plié and repeat.

— the most effective exercises for weight loss lyashek. You can complete this complex to any one isolating exercise — Mahi on the buttocks, bending over the back of the thigh, the information in the simulator, if you deem it necessary. Practice regularly, and try to think more about the technique and increasing the weights than on the duration of your classes.

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