The right exercise program to remove tabs on the hips. Rookie mistakes

The right exercise program to remove tabs on the hips. Rookie mistakes

Any normal coach will tell you that exercises to remove tabs on the hips is a commercially oriented myth. We gain fat evenly and uniformly get rid of it, whatever it is we’re doing. It is possible to swing the legs as usual and still see problem areas, and can never do any isolation exercises to work the whole body and systematically eat right, and get the desired result. Why do the hips of these «ears»? It’s simple — in a woman’s body is supposed to be 18% body fat. It is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy and possible «just in case».

Nature still doesn’t know that we can always buy food in the nearest store. Genetically body fat in some places more dense, and less in others. So if your mom has «ears» and you inherit her body type, most likely, the preferential deposition of fat in you will be the same. Fortunately, a fairly low percentage of body fat within healthy values, you can look good and not have a pronounced problem areas.

Typical errors in the preparation of the complexes for the hips

Go to any gym from the category of commercial. What do the boys? Bend hands with barbell on a biceps. Girls? Bred feet into the simulator, driving, well, at best trying to sit down with the stamp, Badbaran, or light gantelkami. If we had been transported in a time machine forward six months and the boys and girls would have remained unchanged figures. Well, maybe someone would have dropped a few pounds due to diet.

Why? So just mixing and dilution plus light squats — a set of grandparents 80 years old, who wishes to get rid of the consequences of physical inactivity. But not for young women who want to tighten the buttocks. We can progress, only increasing the load. Moreover, it is not only about the weight of weights — more complex movements, long sets of exercises and progress in technology are also considered.

The second point that relates to exercises to remove tabs on the hips — you should do basic exercise involving many muscles, to lose weight quickly and get rid of the «ears». Often girls waving their legs in the side with the weights or without, trying this way to defeat the fat. Deceiving and a burning sensation in the muscle convinces them that everything is correct. In fact, the burning sensation causes lactate was formed, and it is nothing to do with the processes of lipolysis has not. And Mahi is better or «embedded» training with the basic movements, the force, or not do it at all if there are none.

third Point — you must still train your back, abs, shoulders, arms and chest to have good posture. Outside the body extremely important for the safety of all exercise against the ears for the legs and buttocks». If a weak back, stomach sticks out forward even without fat, and the shoulders do not have sufficient range of motion, you move to the injury, would not say that simple logic forces us to swing, we’re unhappy with.

Approximate set of exercises

Remember that calorie deficit for weight loss it is better to create with the help of dietary restrictions. Chances are, if you read such articles, you are too far to squats for weight loss weight bearing on the shoulders and mounting with two self-weights, so do not even think about some sort of weight reduction training, it is also a myth Amateur fitness. So, what exercises remove tabs on the hips most effectively?

First perform a warm-up — 10 minutes on a stationary bike with accentuated slopes and bending at the knees, then 20-30 slow squats face a wall to improve mobility, and as many deep slopes through flexion of the hip joint.

Set a timer and do each movement on the minute, each set — repeat 2-3 times.

Set 1

deep squats with a counterbalance

Stand near the «bottom» block of the crossover, put the weight of his body, tagnite, and perform deep squats, offsetting part of the weight of the body by holding the handle unit. At home you can do it with hard rubber expander. Reduce buttocks at the lower point of the exercise, and try getting up, to keep the knees soft.

Romanian deadlifts

Take the neck so that the palms are at shoulder width, straight grip. Do the simultaneous «pulling» of the buttocks back and Flex at the hip joint. Work very slowly, dropping the shell on the available depth, and, returning to the starting position very slowly, not «tilting» your pelvis forward at the top of the exercise.

Steps to the side with the expander

Rubber expander clip on my knees and do the «spider» deep steps, first right, then left. Make sure that the case did not go forward at the hips, and back are not rounded.

Jumping into a deep squat with floor touch

Remove the expander, jump so that the feet were slightly wider than shoulders, simultaneously bend forward, your toes should touch the floor (or just a slight tilt to the available depth), jump connect the legs together.

Set 2

Goblet squat with a pendulum

Take a heavy dumbbell and place it on the chest. Descend into a squat, then unload the right leg and perform her swing to the side, controlling the position of the body to eliminate the buildup. Again descend in the squat, but I’ll repeat swing with his left foot.

Lunge back with the «woodcutter»

Stand facing the expander is fixed at the top or upper cable pull crossover. Take both hands on the hilt, step left foot back, simultaneously twisting to the right thigh. Repeat the exercise, changing legs.

Tilt forward with the «swallow»

Grab a light dumbbell and perform turns tilt forward, placing left then right foot back. Work smoothly, do not ride together from side to side.

Jumping out of scissors

Drop down into lunge with the scissors, first complete 30 seconds of easy jumping up with his right foot, then the same with the left. Do not change legs in a jump.

When you are finished, proceed stretching and alternate exercises for legs with work on other parts of the body. It will be enough to do this workout 2 times a week to get visible effect.

Exercises to remove tabs on the hips: video

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