The most effective diet for weight loss

To get rid of the gained pounds is much harder than years to eat them. It is wrong to interpret during strenuous exercises can be consume anything you want without damaging the figure. The key to successful weight loss is proper moderate diet, and then exercise.

What is the most simple and effective diet in the world

Easy to lose weight dream of every woman, turning over in his mind all sorts of ways. Ranked diets for effectiveness, it is worth considering that not every one is suitable for a particular organism. Foods that should eat during weight loss can cause you to have intestinal disorders or allergies. If after trying the diet, you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to seek the help of a nutritionist to develop a personal diet.

Hollywood – minus 10 kg per week

This easy diet for quick weight loss received its name because of the great popularity of Hollywood actors, both women and men. The way of eating a little contrary to what nutritionists advise, but at the same time, it gives a visible result. In accordance with this effective diet, you need to eliminate the Breakfast altogether, or drink in the morning green tea. For a fortnight will have to forget about cakes and vegetables with a high starch content. Oil and salt in food is banned, meat dishes are steamed or boiled. Sweet products and sugar are eliminated.

Girl with fruit

Protein – minus 20 kg per month

The most effective diet for weight loss often called protein, which provides a more and exercise without harm the body and the General condition of a person. The degree of weight loss depends on the specific situation and source: people weighing more than 100 kg weight more than those who have 2-3 extra kilograms. Include sports in your life at least every other day, and the effect will be more obvious. Principles of effective protein diet can proclaim:

  • fractional power in small portions;
  • the rejection of alcohol beverages;
  • the last meal is allowed three hours before bedtime, but not later;
  • products for the diet needs to be lean boiled chicken or fish is perfect;
  • if there are no problems with the heart and blood vessels you should drink 2 liters of water a day;
  • daily calorie less than 700 kcal.

A separate food – minus 30 pounds in 90 days

Those for whom a waiver of product is a nightmare, this diet will fit perfectly. The main principle of the diet – do not eat incompatible food during weight loss. Especially do not combine carbohydrates and protein foods, fats can be combined with any meal. The main point is that these components require different times to digest. In the case of incompatible products, one of them could be digested in 20 minutes, and the remains of other remains in the stomach.

Another meal can include only the compatible products. Meat, poultry, and lean fish goes well with green vegetables with a low starch content. With potatoes, these products are less connected, but have them together during the weight loss allowed. A root vegetable, like cereals, are more suited to starchy vegetables like zucchini, squash or carrots.

Products diagram for a separate power supply

Best diet for quick weight loss reviews

To adjust your diet at one moment is not so easy, especially if this was preceded by erratic meals. The Express diet for quick weight loss help achieve results in the short term, but there are cases when the effect lasts very long. Weight loss is a long process but sometimes you need to speed it up before some event such as a wedding or a trip to the sea. However, you will come to the rescue and will not harm the health fast diet, if you don’t get them too carried away.

Kefir diet for 3 days

Diet for weight loss at home with the inclusion in the diet of yogurt is a good influence not only on the reset of pounds, but also improve the digestive system. For three days much weight will not go away, so this method is for those who need to get rid of 2-3 kg. There are several variants of this effective diet:

  1. Within 3 days you must abstain from any food, occasionally allowing himself to drink plain water. But yogurt can be absorbed at any time, not to exceed a daily rate of 1.5 L.
  2. Less hard but effective method of weight loss involving the addition to a fermented milk drink fruit. To use necessary most of them are low in calories and do not eat more than 1 kg per day.
  3. The third option is the nicest one you can afford food. In addition to the kefir diet is not do not eat vegetable salad, toast and low-fat cheese, but in limited quantities.

A Cup of yogurt

Egg for 5 days

Common judgment that the most effective diet for weight loss – one that gives instant results. Any person suffering from overweight, want to tighten thighs and get rid of the protruding belly. In fact, if the weight has moved forward and is reduced, even very slowly, and the feeling is not deteriorated, that such a diet can be considered effective. In this regard, the egg is one of those tolerated by the body well.

The principle of this diet is very simple: more eggs! You can eat them in any form. Better eggs, hard-boiled, but fried eggs or omelette, fried without oil, is also perfect for this diet. Daily diet and complement other foods such as boiled chicken breast, lean fish or grapefruit. But they should be the same and less than the main product.

Buckwheat 7 days

Top effective diets the option of using perhaps the most popular cereal in Russia. Rich in vitamins low-calorie diet allows you to not feel hungry while losing weight. Such a diet is called a mono-diet, because in addition to cooked cereals during the week to eat anything. Buckwheat is eaten in amounts sufficient for satiety. On some days, you can afford a Cup of yogurt lowest fat content. Excessive drinking will not be superfluous during the whole seven-day diet.

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Reviews and results losing weight

Anna, 26 years

My most effective fast diet for weight loss kefir. Never had any complexes about the figure, but in preparation for the wedding of a friend, decided that I need to get in shape. In addition to a beautiful dress, bought a few liters of yogurt. Drink this love, so 3 days to drink it was not difficult. Left about 2.5 kg.

Elena, 34 years

As a lover of fatty and sweet food, I find it difficult to refuse such food. One of the women’s forums a lot touted a high protein diet, I decided to try it. To comply with the rules was difficult because not very fond of boiled meat, and the daily number of calories is very small. A few times I fell for something sweet. As a result, only lost 5 pounds in a month.

Svetlana, 29 years old

Thinking about losing weight, tried a whole list of diets. A new way to lose weight has become a separate power supply. It turned out to be what I need! The normalization of the power has led to a gradual withdrawal of extra pounds. Anyone who wants to use this option, I can advise to turn this «diet» into a lifestyle and always eat healthy.

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