The most effective diet for weight loss at home, reviews about the results

The fastest, easiest and most effective diet for weight loss home

For those who want to lose weight without exercise, there are a lot of different diets. To lose weight independently possible. Most importantly, follow the rules and keep patience. To choose the appropriate diet for best results will help the information in this article.

What is the fastest diet for weight loss

You can’t just call the most effective diet for weight loss at home, because the body of each person individually. The result depends on how correctly losing weight follows the instructions and recommendations. For women and for men diets can vary, so before you start to the process, it will be better to consult with a specialist who will prescribe a particular way to lose weight.

The options are simple, but effective diets and menu

Buckwheat and the tape

Below are the options considered, the most popular diets that gained universal acceptance. Each provides food restrictions and are designed for a certain number of days so as not to cause severe harm to the body. Any divergence from the rules can result in unpleasant consequences in the form of a deterioration of General health, so to improvise while on a diet is not desirable.

Buckwheat monodiet for 3 days

Three-day diet – fast and effective, as it implies a complete rejection of any food, except buckwheat. Your main dish is buckwheat, which must be steamed for water or yogurt, insist night. Such a diet will lose 2-3 pounds, to put in order the digestive system through emergency relief. Should look like your menu for this term:

Meal Dish
Breakfast On an empty stomach a glass of water, 100 g of buckwheat, soaked in yogurt
Second Breakfast A Cup of yogurt
Lunch Buckwheat 150 g
Afternoon tea A Cup of yogurt
Dinner Buckwheat yogurt 150 g
Before going to sleep A Cup of yogurt or milk

Egg for 5 days

DataScope egg W toast

Such a quick diet for quick weight loss involves the consumption of eggs at each meal. In addition, you must balance the meals, eating on the regime and eliminating fatty foods, salty, spicy, fried and flour. Sample menu for each day egg diet:

Day/ meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 Scrambled eggs, juice Boiled chicken breast, soft boiled egg Two eggs, salad from fresh vegetables
2 Boiled egg, coffee Boiled fish, lettuce, egg Two eggs, yogurt
3 Scrambled eggs, juice Turkey breast baked, soft-boiled egg Two eggs, salad from fresh vegetables
4 Boiled egg, coffee Boiled chicken breast, soft boiled egg Two eggs, yogurt
5 Scrambled eggs, juice Boiled beef, salad from fresh vegetables Two eggs, yogurt

Kefir diet for 7 days

Dairy products for diet

This diet is the most strict, because the only thing you can is to drink 1 liter of low-fat yogurt and eat small portion of food for the day, but a week with all the instructions you can get rid of 10 kg! Preferably before starting to prepare your body – allowed the consumption of no more than 1300 calories a day. In addition, it would be better if you will start to eat on schedule. When choosing yogurt, look at that it was natural. If you like fat-free product, it’ll have to be more than kefir 2.5% fat. Menu for the week:

Day The diet for the whole day
1 Kefir (1 liter), an Apple for a meal
2 Kefir (1 liter), 400 g of cheese
3 Kefir (1 liter), 400 g of potatoes
4 Fast day – only water
5 Kefir (1 liter), fruit (except bananas)
6 Kefir (1 liter), boiled chicken breast 400 g
7 Kefir (1 liter), cheese (or any other product that is included in the list)

Cabbage per 10 kg in 10 days

The girl prepares vegetables for diet

Among the best foods for weight loss mentioned cabbage. It is not only low in calories, but also contains all the beneficial vitamins and other substances. Following the instructions in the cabbage diet, you can lose weight up to 10 kg in just 10 days. A strict diet consists of the consumption of cabbage, boiled meat, fish or poultry. The particularly hungry can dull the sense of the same cabbage in any quantity. Here’s the menu cabbage diet:

Meal Diet
Breakfast Tea, coffee
Lunch Boiled meat, fish, poultry

Salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil

Dinner Salad with fresh cabbage

Quail egg

Apple or other fruit (excluding bananas)

Protein for 2 weeks

Foods for protein diet

A great addition to the protein diet is the gym or performing exercises in the home, as well absorbed protein during exercise. Feature of this diet is the exclusion of carbohydrates. 14 days your menu should be only vegetables, meat, dairy products. Make your menu for the time of diet will help you the following table of permitted foods:

Meal Diet
Breakfast Coffee or tea
Second Breakfast Egg

Salad from fresh cabbage

Lunch Boiled beef

Boiled fish

Chicken breast

Rice 100 g

Boiled egg

Afternoon tea Salad with fresh vegetables
Dinner Boiled beef

Boiled fish

Chicken breast

Salad from fresh cabbage


Before going to sleep Yogurt

Natural yoghurt


Low calorie – 20 kg per month

Low-calorie salad

This is not hungry, a light diet will help you to lose up to 20 pounds in a month, if you strictly adhere to certain rules: not to eat fat, flour, spicy, salty, fried, exclude sugar intake and lead an active lifestyle. In fact, you can consume all the same products that are used there, but only in boiled or baked form. The ideal of this diet will be a menu prepared by a dietician, who, after examining your everyday loads, developing a full-fledged diet.

Top 5 most popular and effective diets in the world

A number of the most effective diets for weight loss at home limited. Below is a ranking of diets for effectiveness. Everyone has their own recipe for how to lose weight.

  • «Kremlin» – a limited consumption of carbohydrates. Also the Atkins diet. In a month you can lose up to 15 kg.
  • Hollywood is popular among film stars, and thus got its name. Provides a balanced diet in 4 steps. Eliminates the consumption of carbohydrates, replacing them with light food.
  • «6 petals» diet of each day includes specific products. Plus one fasting day on the water. Most women choose this method of weight loss.
  • The Dukan diet is probably the most popular diet which is the consumption of protein and carbohydrates in limited quantities. The results are staggering: up to 30 kg in 2 months!
  • Weight loss program Energy Diet – the easiest and safest way to lose weight. Specially designed cocktails allow you to not only lose weight, but emit so much energy that patients have enough strength in the gym.

Each program was developed by doctors and specialists, besides time-tested. Women and men have achieved incredible results, adhering to one or another mode of power, so what a way to lose weight you choose, as long as the desire to get rid of excess weight is not lost. The only way to achieve positive results.

How to leave the diet at home

Serving of meals for a proper diet

In addition, you need to follow the rules and have while on a diet, only products listed in the menu, it is important to carefully get out of a strict diet without hurting your body. Even after the shortest of buckwheat diet it is impossible at once to attack the chocolate cakes, and Italian pasta. The digestive system will be very difficult to cope with the workload. You need to be patient and spend a few days on a gradual increase in food intake.

On the diet it is advisable to drink more dairy products (kefir, yogurt, milk). If the excess weight is constantly stalking you, it is best for all to refrain from fried and spicy foods. At first it may be difficult, but people are adaptable, and grilled steak will no longer seem so tasty.

Feedback about the results after weight loss

Elena, 29 years: Periodically, sit on a buckwheat diet. Can lose up to 5 kg. I love buckwheat, and I quietly survive this diet. In the body there is ease. Gyms don’t really like, so the mono-diet for me, a great outlet, so that I can recommend to all this method to lose weight.

Maxim, 46 years: being overweight is my eternal problem and complex. There were times when I wasn’t paying attention to it, or Vice versa, chose the hard way and tried to lose weight. Really helped me only one diet – kefir. Lost in 7 days 8 pounds! Balanced its power output and now stick to only healthy food.

Angela, 37 years: When you want to lose weight, all the ways are good. I decided to try a low-calorie diet and no mistake. Eat all what you like, only in small amounts. I almost felt no change in his usual way of life, only in the cafe have to carefully choose their food. For a month I lost 13 pounds, my belly and hips came in.

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