The French diet for 14 days

Determining the most effective way to get rid of hanging belly and sides, women and men choose effective diet, the variety of which is enormous. The right choice will help make the stories and comments of friends, as well as the recommendations of nutritionists. One of such popular tools is the French diet.

Features and rules of dieting

Savarino cava

In itself a diet for 14 days is tight if compare with other options. It allows you to exercise only 3 meals, and they are not so rich, while other modes allow for weight loss snacking on fruits or vegetables throughout the day. In addition, the diet is not French cuisine and he completely exclude flour products, salt, sugar, and alcohol. However, the French diet is considered one of the most effective, because in 2 weeks you can lose about 10 kg, and it really is the result!

Another feature of this diet is that it can be repeated only after six months, you cannot extend the mode from 2 weeks to 3 or higher. How not cool, and the body is under stress, so when choosing this method to lose weight, try to strictly follow instructions and don’t change the rules without the opinion of a specialist, only then diet for 14 days will show some noticeable results.

Menus and recipes for 14 days

Diet without sugar and salt are two kinds – classical and Dukane. The second option is very widely known around the world, because thanks to him many people who are overweight have achieved the desired result. The differences in the menu not so much, however, better acquainted with each, and then make your choice in favor of a more comfortable environment for you and your body, who will have to move to a new diet.

The classic version

Dishes for the menu of the French diet

The classic French diet 14 days will have to be patient, as the feeling of hunger in the early days, most likely, will constantly have to pursue. But the beauty demands victims, so will have to wait. Here is a sample menu for each day, who will have to adhere to, or how to lose weight in 14 days:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1, 8 Coffee Egg – 2 PCs.


Tomato or cucumber

Cooked meat


2, 9 Tea, crackers Cooked chicken Vegetable stew
3, 10 Coffee Carrots grated


Eggs – 2 PCs.



4, 11 Tea Cheese


Roasted carrots

Yogurt fruit salad
5, 12 Coffee Cooked meat


Vegetable stew
6, 13 Tea, crackers Boiled fish


Eggs – 2 PCs.


7, 14 Coffee Cooked meat


Fruit salad

Yogurt or kefir

French Dukan diet

Fresh vegetables

Atkins diet involves the consumption of protein in every meal, so you can’t sit on it very long, otherwise you may see a vitamin deficiency. Daily you must eat 1-2 tablespoons of bran. By themselves, bran is useful, but in addition create a feeling of satiety. So, what do I have to eat during the 14-day diet for Ducane (the table listed the possible options of Breakfast, lunch, dinner):

Breakfast Coffee with toast

Tea with cheese

Low-fat yogurt

Lunch Boiled meat or chicken, vegetable salad

Vegetable stew, egg

Salad of cabbage and carrots, egg

Boiled fish, cheese

Dinner Boiled meat or chicken, vegetable salad

Fruit or fruit salad

Low-fat sausage or ham, vegetable salad

Two boiled eggs, cheese, vegetables

Diet in diet

Sandwich with tomato and scrambled eggs

As a rule, it is important not only to diet, but to get out of it. Organism within 14 days were subjected to stress, received less food, and got used to it. Sharp features overeating sweet, starchy foods or salty foods cause him a severe blow. At the output of at least 7 days try not to change your diet too drastically. Gradually increase portions, if you need it, add a little sugar or salt to prepared foods. Be sure to devote 30-40 minutes of exercises or attend fitness classes.

Will be a great addition the products (dietary Supplements) that you can buy in pill or powder. They contain huge amount of nutrients and vitamins, are able to give you more energy throughout the day, and in addition reduce the feeling of hunger. It would be better if when choosing the right Bud you seek advice from a specialist.

Reviews and results thinner

Kseniya, 30 years old: I needed a result, so I chose the French diet for 14 days, though was afraid that will break. The diet is not so rich, but I held on. For 2 weeks I managed to get rid of 7 pounds. I saved the before and after photos as proof. Moreover, after a diet, my regular diet has changed, and I stopped eating salty food.

Maria, 37 years: I had to lose 9 kilos and I achieved my goal thanks to the Dukan program. To be honest, to lose weight at home difficult, but the desire to be thinner was stronger. Suggested diet friend and she is also a good result. Now together periodically go on such a diet and support each other. Real, rapid weight loss!

Nikolay, 44 years: I constantly have to deal with the extra weight. Which only means I haven’t tried it: Atkins, 7 petals, and the like. French diet for weight loss helped me get rid of 8 kg in just 2 weeks and is a very good result, so would recommend. The diet of French nutritionist Dukan.

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