The causes of cellulite

hence celluliteCellulite is one of the most unpleasant and even hateful of problems for many women. There is a stereotype that cellulite is typical for women with obesity, and is often taken for fat deposits in problem areas. But, it is not so. Now, even the slim girls who take care of your body you can contemplate too flabby and uneven skin on the thighs and buttocks, and conversely, in some large ladies skin on the thighs and waist, a surprisingly sleek and attractive. The woman’s age is not an indicator, since skin today cellulite occurs in most young adolescent girls. So, where there is cellulite, what is the reason for the appearance of cosmetic defects on the skin and what is the mechanism of development of this unpleasant problem will try to sort out the details.

Cellulite — what is it?

How it looks, you know, all in varying degrees. Cellulite is a skin condition on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and sometimes even the arms and shoulders, when it becomes rough, it appear the hollows and the bumps, thereby a cosmetic defect called «orange peel effect». The people there are many terms that describe this unpleasant phenomenon, for example, «breeches», «dimples», «hilly», «bumpy», «valabrega» leather etc

From a medical standpoint, cellulite is considered to be a state change of the skin due to the ongoing violations in the subcutaneous fat, which leads to deterioration of normal metabolism and the deterioration of microcirculation of lymph and blood outflow. In their conclusions, the experts most often use the terms «method or melkoporistaja lipodystrophy», «germanically», «swollen fibrosclerosis». Some beauticians believe that cellulite is a disease, characteristic only for women, as such a change of the skin occurs because of the peculiar reactions of fatty tissue female sex hormones (estrogens). Also with the fairer sex, the skin is more prone to high stretchability, it is provided by nature for normal childbearing.

Thus, the main cause of cellulite from a scientific point of view is the formation of subcutaneous tissue to the specific bumps and lumps that protrude outwards and look unaesthetic, ugly bumps and indents on the skin.

The causes of cellulite

To talk about why women have bumpy skin, can be long and unduly, because from a scientific point of view and has not identified the specific real reasons why there is cellulite. Many physicians tend that you need to consider the problem as a characteristic functional feature of the subcutaneous fat layer in the adult female.

why is formed under the skin cellulite

There are no established frameworks, in how many years there is cellulite. The age at which skin begins to undergo some changes, depends on genetic predisposition girl, her individual characteristics, lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors. However, according to the statistics, there are some studies about this. It is revealed that about 12% of cases, the «orange peel» begins to be seen since puberty, 20% of women cellulite occurs during pregnancy or immediately after birth, around 25% of women first learn about «bugristoe» on the skin before the onset of menopause or in the climatic period. Thus, it is possible to make a definite conclusion that one of the main reasons why cellulite is formed is the hormonal surge or alteration of the organism. In regard of hormonal instability in the female body disturbed metabolism, fluid exchange, disrupted the thyroid gland, which is the main regulator of metabolism and production of hormones.

But by no means all the causes of cellulite. Among the list of various precipitating factors and circumstances, we can distinguish the following most common causes of bumps on the skin in «problem» areas:

  • Hereditary factor is one of the fundamental. If this cosmetic issue were to mothers with a high probability it will have to face and daughters, not necessarily in adulthood, a victim of cellulite can be had for 11-12 years.
  • Frequent or sudden changes of weight. There is another serious factor that causes cellulite all women, without exception, is a game with weight. Weight gain then rapid weight loss can lead to loss of skin elasticity, and harmless little cellulitic to turn into a huge, ugly cellulitis.
  • Improper diet is a common cause of what appears cellulite. It is quite natural, unbalanced diet, the prevalence of oily, heavy, salty food will inevitably lead to excess weight, and as a consequence to the appearance of unpleasant «bumps».
  • Sedentary/sedentary or physical inactivity leads to deterioration of metabolism, rapid weight gain and the weakening of muscle tone. After all, moderate exercise, exercise, exercise — the best way to normalize metabolism, reduce body fat, increase blood circulation and prevent the appearance of cellulite on the skin or remove it if detected early.
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse. You probably already heard that you have bad habits health you brings. Now think again, nicotine and alcohol, is a common reason why there is cellulite, how Smoking complicates the flow of oxygen in the blood and the organs, as a result of ingress of harmful substances, the body as a protective reaction to form deposits on the hips, flanks and thighs. Alcohol, in turn, very much retains moisture in the body, leading to accumulation of toxins and other harmful substances in the fat layer.
  • The influence of bad environment on the skin and body in General.
  • Lack of fluid in the body. In order to have a good and quickly remove accumulated salts, waste and toxins from the body, you need to drink enough water, it improves metabolism and prevents premature loss of elasticity.
  • Wearing tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes. Narrow dress or skirt and high heels, of course, make a woman irresistible and attractive, this image makes look after her. However, it should be remembered that uncomfortable clothing or shoes leads to poor circulation, which is another way the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite.
  • Disease. Causes of cellulite in women are often associated with internal disorders in the body. Usually, we are talking about bad digestion that leads to constipation, obesity and poor skin condition. Also, decreased physical activity, and thus the emergence of «crusts» contribute to problems with the spine, bones and joints: arthritis, arthrosis, flat feet, etc. the root cause need to be eliminated together with your doctor.
  • Stress. Excitement, fear, anxiety, depression, leads to nervous exhaustion and deterioration of brain activity, which leads to apathy, unwillingness to look after themselves or to maintain an active pace of life, and if you add a pole to all the habit of some women of the «jam» problem, the picture is not very favorable.

What products you receive cellulite?

We all know that a beautiful figure is a large number of enemies, among them are foods that trigger the fat and cellulite especially in problem areas.

There comes a time when every woman thought creeps in, take the «anti-cellulite» diet, and to exclude from the menu all products, from which there is cellulite. A list of what should be totally rejected is quite large, and it will include the most favorite and vkusnaja dishes and treats many women. As we know, the beauty demands victims, and the desire to get rid of «orange peel» will stop at nothing.

So, foods causing cellulite list:

  • Sugar;
  • Sweets, pastries;
  • Alcoholic beverages, fizzy sweet store-bought juices, coffee;
  • Fatty and fried food, meats, sausages;
  • Semi-finished meals and quick meals (fast food);
  • «Refined» carbohydrates: pasta, rice, bread;
  • Various fatty sauces: mayonnaise and other dressings.

It’s a pretty short list of what foods cause cellulite. To preserve their beauty and health, you need to constantly replenish the body with vitamins, microelements and other useful substances which can be taken from vegetables, fruits and herbs, various vegetable varieties of fish and meat, dairy products and carbohydrate. Also do not forget about the active position and the way of life, walking in the fresh air, hardening contrast shower, the correct mode, and peace of mind. And then you won’t have to witness, as appears cellulite.

Attractiveness, health and perfect skin you, dear women!

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