A calories burned while walking

Daily any man overcomes the distance on foot from 1 to 10 kilometers. But somehow losing weight in this mode not all. What you need to do to burned the greatest number of units of energy, and there was a rapid weight loss? Enough walks to bring the body back to normal and become more beautiful?

How many calories are burned while walking

Walking is a sport. Not as intense and effective as Jogging and fitness, but is an aerobic exercise for the body. To understand how much of calories expended during walking, consider a long-term solution – every day, passing an average of two hours per week your rate will be about 2 kilocalories.

The amount of energy cost during walking will depend on several factors:

  • weight;
  • growth;
  • age;
  • the pace of lessons;
  • types of terrain (asphalt, stone, stairs, sand, snow);
  • the duration of the exercise;
  • level of training;
  • the presence and intensity of hand movements.

How many calories spent while walking? Fast intense West and Mahi hands per unit time will give the cost of calories more than a leisurely walk. You can enhance the load by using Nordic movement. The complexity of exercises should increase gradually – first you enough 10 minutes sports or a leisurely 40 minute «celebrations», so that the muscles started to get used to, but excess weight is burned.

Girl is engaged in recreational walking

Loss of calories when walking on different terrain

The more uneven the surface on which you will move, the more energy will be able to burn. How many calories are burned when walking on different surface types:

  1. Per hour of traffic on the smooth asphalt without lifts with a speed of 5 miles will burn 0,23-0,27 kcal.
  2. Even if the traffic on a snowy road slow – rate will be 372-384.
  3. One of the most effective slimming types of the promenade there is a movement in the sandy area. If the average speed is 4.8 km/h for a sporting event you are able to lose 0,5 kcal.
  4. On the road of cobblestone, your body will spend a lot of energy – 445-525 units if you move in the sport pace, that is walking 6 miles per hour. For such reinforced exercises on uneven terrain especially important to choose good shoes that will be comfortable to walk and not feel exhausted.
  5. While climbing the mountain will be spent 6,4 energy units per kilogram of body weight. Detailed calculations are based on mass can be done using a calorie calculator when walking.
  6. Climbing stairs is useful for training the legs. Per minute of rise rate will be 5-6 energetini, a quick descent will result in two times less.

Girl goes down the stairs

How many calories you burn walking in people with different weights

Fat burning is more intense in people with a large number of extra pounds. The smaller your body fat, the less you will lose in the course of employment. For petite people wanting to maintain its shape, the main rule is to gradually increase the load and the use of weighting, then the extra pounds will go away efficiently. To calculate how much of calories expended during walking, it is necessary to measure body weight together with clothes. So, for a person weighing 70 kg, which is in the winter «uniform» in 10 kg for the exercise is the total weight – 80 kg

Burning calories by walking varying intensity

To accelerate weight loss is to choose average intensity slow movement, and a full cardio – with a change of pace and workload. Add to your promenade arm swing, climbing stairs – heart rate will increase, which will further accelerate the metabolism and burning calories while walking. More useful to combine the pace of the classes, go to the intensity of 50 feet per minute at 100 steps per minute, and Vice versa. The most productive slimming mode – 4 hours a day. Foot should be heel to toe – so the load will be more.

The girl is engaged in sports walking

How to calculate the calories burned while walking

For losing weight the consumed energy must be less than burning, so it is important to determine the calories burned while walking for exercise time. Consumption is calculated on the basis of speed, that is, the number of steps per minute, as well as the initial mass. There are gadgets designed better coach to calculate burn excess fat. They act as calculator calories burned while walking, built-in a watch or wristband. On the small scoreboard provided all the necessary information – your heart rate, pace, distance, how many calories lost when walking for an hour, etc.

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