A revolutionary new low-carb Dr. Atkins diet

In the pursuit of a slim figure people ready to go at all. They do in gyms, restrict food, have resorted to various procedures in beauty salons and medical centers. The most popular for weight loss remains diet. Fast results and a good effect will give the method of Dr. Atkins.

What are the features and dieting

Foods for the Atkins diet

Revolutionary new Atkins diet is famous for providing unparalleled results after only 2 weeks. Among nutritionists it is still known as «Hollywood diet», because it choose the stars of world scale and not shy to tell about his victory over obesity. The main feature of this diet is to reduce carbohydrate intake.

The only drawback of the diet there are some contraindications: people suffering from hypertension, gastritis, pregnant and lactating women should not go on this diet. People with diabetes, on the contrary, the diet will not harm, because it does not allow to eat sugar and flour. Those who are not used to carry a calculator, will be at first difficult to calculate carbohydrate in food consumed.

Someone may think that it resembles the protein Dukan diet, but it is not. Diet on Atkins consists of 4 stages, the observance of which is essential to obtain the desired effect. A detailed description of each of them:

  • Phase 1 of the diet is carbohydrate-free «attack» — lasts 14 days. At this time, the intake of carbohydrates is reduced to 20 grams per day. Due to this, in the body occurred global changes. For energy uses body fat.
  • Phase 2 of the diet is needed in order to determine what amount of carbohydrates for you is the maximum. For this you need to gradually increase their dose to 10 meters and watch your weight. If you cease to lose weight, but not gaining new, then you’ve come to the conclusion that found a daily intake of carbohydrates. Time 2 phases are determined by you yourself, as each person needs different amounts of time for determining the daily requirement.
  • During the third phase of the diet you need for the week add 10 grams of carbohydrates to your daily intake. This should be done slowly so the body can get used gradually. Through this approach, eventually you will be able to consume more carbohydrates without the risk of gaining extra weight.
  • Phase 4 of the diet is needed to keep the result for long term. You need to carefully monitor the weight gain. If you noticed the application, it is necessary to reduce the dose of carbohydrates to the level until the increase in weight will not stop. The carbs need to be in the form of wholesome food, not fried, greasy, sweet food.

Table of permitted and prohibited foods

Meat with vegetables and greens

To make it easier to navigate the selection of low-carb foods for eating during a diet, you can print the following table:

  • Allowed foods low carb:
Product 100 g Carbohydrates Product 100 g Carbohydrates
meat 0 cabbage 6
fish/ seafood 0 carrots 9
cheese 2 beets 9
cucumber 2 cauliflower 5
zucchini 3,5 Mandarin 8
tomato 3,9 the wine is dry. 0,5
radishes 4 yogurt not fat 4,1
milk 4,9 peanuts 11
sour cream 4 bean pod. 7
  • Prohibited foods high in carbohydrates:
potatoes dates lemonade
seaweed persimmon honey
peas Apple sugar
ketchup buckwheat chocolate bars
beans corn seeds
garlic figure almonds
banana oatmeal ginger
orange wheat mustard
apricot bread champagne
grapefruit mayonnaise beer

Sample menu for 14 days

Foods that you cannot eat on the Atkins diet

Menu of all phases of the diet should consist exclusively of approved products. During the first phase it is necessary to carefully calculate the amount of the daily value of carbohydrates. To eat often, but small portions. Of these low-carb dishes that can consist of sample menu for each day of the diet:

Meal Dish with a low carb diet
Breakfast Cottage cheese with sour cream

Salad with cucumber and tomato

Omelet of 2 eggs, coffee (or tea)

Second Breakfast Milk



Lunch Boiled meat or fish

Beet salad with sour cream

Meat soup

Afternoon tea Milk


Natural yogurt

Dinner Braised zucchini with meat

Green beans with fish

The coleslaw and radish

Recipes of dietary dishes

A strict diet, however, does not prevent to diversify the diet and to add the colors in the menu for the week. A few simple recipes with a low carb diet will help you not to feel restricted in food. Cook the mackerel with green beans:

  1. The fish clean and remove the insides.
  2. Rinse the beans with boiling water. Nafarshiruyte mackerel.
  3. Add salt, pepper, herbs to taste.
  4. Sprinkle with lemon and wrap in foil.
  5. Cook the dish for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.

Diet food on Atkins

Try the salad of fresh vegetables:

  1. Finely shred the cabbage and remember hands, so she gave juice.
  2. On a large grater grate carrots and beets (raw) in the proportions 1:1:1.
  3. Toss vegetables with vegetable oil, add salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle with lemon. Dish helps to blunt hunger among the working day.

Tasty braised cauliflower:

Tuscolana cabbage

  1. Put the cabbage in a saucepan, pour sour cream, diluted with water (1 Cup), and cover.
  2. On low heat bring to a boil.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Serve cabbage with boiled beef.

Video about the pros and cons of the diet, Dr. Atkins

Feedback about the results

Victoria, 38 years: was Sitting on this diet six months ago. She helped me to return to the previous weight before pregnancy. In addition, I excluded from the diet of all prohibited products. I now have a balanced diet, so I’m totally not afraid to gain extra pounds.

Anabel, 32 years: While I didn’t know how to lose weight, tried many diets. Stopped there, because she just gave me a the truth is excellent results. At first it was difficult to calculate the carbs, but used. For a month I lost 12 kg! If someone asks me how to lose weight, the answer is one – low-carb Dr. Atkins diet.

Svetlana, 44 years: When I started going to the gym for bodybuilding classes, dietitian recommended me this diet. I have always been opposed to the restriction of food, but the body demanded another. The extra weight prevented me to their way of life. My achievement: in 14 days I lost 8 kg. Now I’m not ashamed to show their photos in a swimsuit.

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