TABATA exercises for weight loss

The TABATA Protocol is a specific method of anaerobic training. You perform 20 seconds of movement with maximum effort, resting for 10 seconds, then repeats this cycle 8 times. Only one cycle of one exercise for weight loss on TABATA takes 4 minutes. This was the main reason for the popularity of this approach to training. On the Internet in large quantities write that TABATA allows you to simultaneously increase strength, endurance and burn fat. Is it really so?

How did the TABATA Protocol, exercises for weight loss, and for whom it is effective

Japanese researcher. TABATA was looking for a way the most gentle strength training for athletes of cyclic sports. He experimented with professional cyclists, and empirically came to the conclusion that the characteristics of strength and toughness can be simultaneously improved if you work in the above specified mode.

Train system TABATA pedaled a Bicycle Ergometer. And the 20-second intervals performed by them at submaximal effort, such that when a 30-second job it would have caused the muscles to «failure» and demanding the restoration of a length of at least half a minute.

Group training on the system and showed the growth of muscle mass and decreased fat, and without diet modification. But it was about trained athletes, who were usually such manipulations in terms of improving body composition are not valid!

This conclusion the researcher has become a real «bait» for sports journalists and software developers fitness for ordinary people, not athletes. Burns fat? Develops strength and endurance at the same time? What happens if you take mnogoetajnoe exercise that uses large muscles, e.g., legs, and execute it in the «TABATA Protocol»? Exercise for weight loss on this system is something new, why not try?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as that convince us glossy magazines. Technically, proven efficacy are:

  • anaerobic running mode TABATA at very high speed;
  • sprints uphill with a parachute and the sand;
  • running up the stairs;
  • work on the cycle Ergometer.

If these activities are performed at a high load, they do lead to increased speed of burning calories in the deferred term (48 hours after a mini-training), and strengthen the muscles, make you stronger.

Here are just honest, you can run at speeds greater than 16 km/h? And to pedal at a speed greater than 30 km/h? No? Then TABATA Protocol does not guarantee. It was tested in this mode. And it is effective.

Exercise for weight loss at TABATA look like this: warm-up with output on the pulse of the lower boundary of the aerobic zone, 10 to 12 minutes, 4 minute TABATA (sometimes referred themselves intervals), and 10-12 minutes of «hitch» to polno slowing of heart rate to normal.

Fitness TABATA for fat burning: exercises and protocols

In the theoretical course for coaches at the crossfit L1 is the following information:

  • fitness TABATA can also be effective, but in the above mode, you have to work out all body muscles in one exercise;
  • or possible option is to first perform strength training in mylopotamos mode with heavy weight, then complete the same exercise, but in a TABATA format;
  • for effective training exercise should be mnogocwetnye. «Isolation» will not give the desired metabolic response, and burn fat more quickly your client will not.

The most effective exercises for the TABATA workout is:

  1. squats — stand up, feet on the width of the pelvic bones, stretch the pelvis back and down, simultaneously bending at the knees and hips to return to starting position;
  2. kettlebell swing — weight in the direct hands stretched forward, running swing between your legs, the movement in the hip joints as in the deadlift, and soft inertial movement of the weight forward;
  3. the snatch of the kettlebell or dumbbell — starting position is similar, but the shell in one hand. Working your hips and knees, pull the shell up, behind your head, elbows soft, and his hand only proves the weight up. In this first TABATA is performed with non-dominant hands (right-handers is the left and Vice versa).
  4. polomolok rod to the level of the shoulders — the neck rests on the chest, elbows pressed to the sides. Performs a flexion in the knee joints and fast ejection of the projectile up, plus the smooth lowering
  5. regular push — UPS- take emphasis, stabilizing the core, down to touch the breast sex.
  6. «reverse» pull-UPS with emphasis feet on the floor — hang on low bar, step feet forward so that the neck was in the midline of the chest, pull the chest to the bar. The movement biomechanically ago pushups;
  7. toe raise to the bar — vis on the crossbar, reducing the core muscles, retraction of the abdomen and bringing the toes to the bar by the force of the muscles and due to the easy rotation of the shoulder joints;
  8. full rise of the body — lie on the floor on your back, bend your knees and put the feet, how convenient. Performed by bringing the lower ribs to the pelvic bones, retraction of the abdomen, and a full lift due to the reduction of the rectus abdominis muscle;
  9. jumping into the split step — up for a lunge, and perform a jump up so that his feet remained in the «scissors», performed in sequence, with right and left legs;
  10. «some burpees» jump into the push — up position, bend the elbows and drop the belly and chest on the floor. A powerful movement driven foot to the chest, return to the standing position and actively jump up with both feet.

Beginners can choose any 4 exercises from this list that are available to them. Sometimes fitness classes TABATA regime perform different swings arms, Mahi light weights and other exercises otnositelnye. It may, of course, give your muscles tone, but cause a substantial effect weight loss is unlikely. Therefore, this TABATA access to clients from middle level and above.

TABATA exercises for weight loss: video

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