TABATA exercise for weight loss

Girls who want to tighten stomach, remove the sides, to shape hips and buttocks to practice, you should choose the TABATA method. It can be carried through at home, additional inventory is not required, and the training itself will take little time. For men, this exercise program works, too.

What is gymnastics TABATA

What is gymnastics TABATA

This training system was first described as a Protocol. Briefly describe what a TABATA – interval training with very high intensity. Developed Protocol was a Japanese Professor by the name and called this system of exercise. Originally it was planned to use for military training, but it soon became popular among all the lovers of sports. The main requirement for such training – maintain high intensity work, which starts the process of weight loss.

The uniqueness of the system

Developed by scientists TABATA workout, according to research, is much more effective than standard aerobic exercise. The average lesson lasts about 20 minutes, during which women are able to lose a lot more calories than 30-40 minutes of exercise in the gym. The uniqueness of the system lies in the high intensity, speed of program execution. In the method TABATA exercise for weight loss have the following scheme:

  • phase of the sprint – 20 sec;
  • the rest – 10 sec;
  • from 5 to 8 approaches.

To clear the maintenance time intervals you can use the online TABATA timer that will count down the intervals. The maximum effect of weight loss due to the short holidays and a large number of repetitions per exercise. After you pumped the single round, you need to do about 1 min of rest to catch my breath and not faint. The uniqueness of this system is the maximum acceleration of metabolism in the body, which remains at a high level the next 4 days and you continue to lose weight.

What's unique system for weight loss TABATA

A set of TABATA exercises for weight loss

Training on the system is much heavier than normal fitness, so it definitely can work up an appetite. To get the maximum effect of losing weight, you should restrain yourself in food. To perform the exercises necessary to counter: any person very difficult to work intensively and to keep track of time. Let the computer or phone will do it for you. Beginners in the method TABATA exercise for weight loss recommended the following:

  1. Squats (no load). To perform the exercise quickly, but with observance of the technology. Don’t fall» down, lower yourself under control, putting the ass back, your knees don’t go beyond socks. Rise up needs to be sharp, rynkowym, and squat below parallel with the floor. Do the maximum number of times in 20 seconds.
  2. For the following exercises need to lock arms to the lock, pulling them in front of you at chest level. Turn left, right in that position.
  3. «Scissors» exercise for abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, pull the body straight, raise your legs to form a 30 degree angle. Asynchronously move the legs right and left like a pair of scissors.
  4. Push-UPS. Choose for yourself the equipment of exercises, you can perform the maximum number of times. The downward movement must be deep and complete.
  5. Classic twisting. The lower back should remain on the floor, shall rise only blade.
  6. Haybridz. This is one of the most difficult exercises TABATA for weight loss. The technique is this: two pushups, tuck legs to chest and deep squat make a sharp jump up with the cotton over his head. Return to starting position.
  7. The latter approach to the press. Lying on the floor, bend your legs. The opposite elbow reach for the knee without lifting your lower back off the floor.

A set of TABATA exercises for weight loss

Originally, the complex is similar to the enhanced charge, but after the first approach, this impression disappears. Before you perform TABATA exercises for weight loss be sure to carry out warm up exercises to prepare your body for heavy loads. For ease of implementation it is possible to find music tracks with skips in 20 seconds fast and 10 seconds of rest. To blunt the feeling of hunger after a workout is better fruit (banana) or cheese (he will become a source of casein protein to feed the muscle tissue).

Video: the Protocol of TABATA exercises for weight loss with a timer

How to consolidate the achieved results

Most people use exercise for weight loss TABATA, because the principle of training helps achieve the desired results faster. The main task then is not to allow the pounds to return. There is, as a rule, incorrect opinion that such training allows for the use of food in any quantity, of any products. With this approach, the intake of calories may exceed their consumption during the lessons and the pounds will grow, not decrease.

To reduce weight, you should start a food diary, where you have to count the caloric content of food. If your daily diet includes more than 2000 kcal, you have to change. Try to increase the number of products that are high in protein, reduce (to reduce, but not eliminate completely) the consumption of foods with carbohydrates. This ratio will promote weight loss and muscle mass will be preserved. Do this constantly, and the extra weight will never come back.

Contraindications for training

Contraindications for workouts like TABATA

System weight loss with exercise TABATA is not the easiest way to lose weight. There is a big load on the heart, vessels, muscles. In the absence of pathologies in humans such training strengthens all systems of the body. You should not use this method people:

  • in diseases of the heart, vascular system;
  • in case of violation of functioning of the musculoskeletal system;
  • during pregnancy, breast feeding;
  • with SARS, acute respiratory infections or influenza, General malaise.

Video tutorial: how to lose weight in 4 minutes a day

Reviews and results thinner

Alexander, 27 years:I Decided to try TABATA exercises because gyms do not like, and fall. I never considered myself a weak guy, but after the first approach I thought that light’s going to burn. Beginners should start with 2-3 approaches, not 5-6, as recommended by the coach. Goal is to lose weight did not think about that, but in the end dropped almost 4 kg, while the muscles got stronger.

Marina, 30 years:the System TABATA is a great way to lose weight. I don’t like to carry «iron», so always looking for some options fitness with aerobic load. Really like that exercise takes very little time and you make it right at home. I first month I lost 3 kg, for the second – 2. Very happy, recommend to all girls to try.

Kristina, 35 years:I Saw a photo on the Internet athletes, she thought fitness-bikini («dry»), but it turned out that she’s training system TABATA. Found the complex and began to run it every 2 days. In 2 weeks I lost 2 kg, and after 2 months – 5. My biggest problem is very much like after a workout to eat, keep yourself from fruits and vegetables.

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