System TABATA for weight loss

Popular system quick weight loss «TABATA Protocol» was developed by Japanese doctor Izumi TABATA. This complex interval training shows the most effective results in losing weight. Fans of the system say that after a workout the extra fat on the sides goes fast, endurance increases, and muscle tissue becomes stronger.

What is TABATA

What is TABATA

Invented in the nineties, one of the Japanese Dr. TABATA method for weight loss consists of a set of alternate physical exercises. The principle is simple: you must do the maximum amount of intense movements for a short period of time. Combining with a healthy diet and correct lifestyle, you can achieve the desired results within a short period of time. The complex of exercises includes a wide range of exercises: weightlifting (weight lifting), aerobics (Jogging, squats, rowing) and others.

The advantages and features of the methods for weight loss

One of the important advantages of the program is to stabilize the muscle tissue and the destruction of calories. Other systems of weight loss, such as diet, often counterproductive, and are not always effective. Intense quick workout promotes uniform growth of muscle tissue relative to fat. To other advantages and features of the equipment the TABATA Protocol include:

  1. In special simulators and trainers there is no need.
  2. The first results appear after four weeks of training.
  3. In an hours-long sessions of the five approaches for 3-4 minutes a day is enough.
  4. The system is available to people of any age and preparation.

Effective complex TABATA exercises for weight loss

Effective complex TABATA exercises for weight loss

All classes in the system TABATA for weight loss as a novice and trained athletes, should begin with warm-up. Starting exercise:

  1. Attacks. To perform these exercises you need with the right leg, bending it at the knee, and the left to keep straight. Make some springy movements, changing the angle of the bend of the right limb. Repeat exercise for the left leg.
  2. Squats. Right, this occupation is: of the heel from the floor keep your knees should be in parallel position and keep the back as straight as possible. Hands during squats should be stretched forward, while lifting up.
  3. Of torso. Follow a standard exercise in the two approaches 10-15 times.

After a workout you need to make a hitch – a small five-minute break to recuperate. The following exercises for weight loss designed for beginners and mid-level athletes. The main feature of the programme: four minutes have to do eight exercises at the same time gives each 20 of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest. Time is an important element of training, so you should use a counter or a stopwatch. A set of exercises:

  1. Put feet shoulder width of the pelvis, and from the standing position in the most rapid pace do squats. The extreme lower position – hips are parallel to the floor.
  2. Do push-UPS as many times as you can in the interval of twenty seconds. If the exercise is complex, you can take the emphasis on your knees.
  3. Take supine position, hands behind your head. The legs should be bent at the knees. Perform a curl, lifting from the floor of the scapula.
  4. Do lunges, alternating legs while bending them at an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. For the following exercises on the system TABATA weight loss requires a chair. Sit so that your hands were on the seat back side. Do reverse push UPS from a chair, lowering buttocks to the floor.
  6. Take a horizontal position, press your feet into the floor, bending your knees at an angle of ninety degrees. Then lift the hips up, giving the main stress on the gluteal muscles.
  7. Lie on the floor belly and at the same time distract from the floor legs and body.
  8. Follow the exercise «plank» lie down on the floor, focusing on forearm, hold exactly across. During exercise, try to involve the stomach. One approach is 20 seconds.

More complex exercises to prepared

A more complex system exercises for TABATA trained

For advanced athletes, there is a system TABATA for weight loss, consisting of more heavy tasks. The essence of this exercise lies in the complexity of the existing exercises: increase the number of actions, additional loads (e.g., during squats, use dumbbells, spreading his hands). With all this, the intervals between exercises and rest should remain unchanged.

Contraindications for training

Training system TABATA should not be people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The presence of atherosclerosis and hypertension – are some of the reasons why interval training is contraindicated. Before commencing fitness TABATA for weight loss, you should always consult with a qualified physician. He will conduct a survey that will tell you which loads are suitable for a particular organism.

Training video tutorials: workout for beginners

The following online video you will learn all the secrets of the popular Japanese technique called «TABATA system for weight loss». The rollers described all the basic exercises for women and men, reveals all the nuances of interval workouts, is shown the correctness of the implementation classes. With the help of this efficient Japanese system you can achieve first results in a month. Learn how the best workout for weight loss promote rapid weight loss.

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Reviews thinner

Irina, 33 years:to lose weight, I tried many different diets, but the pounds remained in place. Tried to suppress the desire to eat with the help of different medications, but nothing worked. Once I saw the website photos of emaciated system TABATA and decided to experiment. I was right: after a couple of months of intensive exercise managed to lose more than eight pounds.

Elena, 28 years:the system TABATA I learned from the trainer at the gym, and she was very interested. Exercise, though difficult, sometimes grueling, but very effective: the results I saw after a month of classes. The pounds go away quickly, and the muscles are strengthened. Interval training helped me get a slim figure, which I had long dreamed of. All the advice!

Olga, 25 years:Not everyone has the opportunity for a long time to train. System weight loss TABATA are just right for people who value their time. Possible to do at home, without interrupting the domestic Affairs or work, and the body pulled up in front of. Excess weight does not suffer, appetite moderate, but have a trim figure they want. This also helps the TABATA Protocol.

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