Step aerobics for weight loss at home

A lot of girls have stopped fighting with excess weight because of the shame which caused them going to the gym for aerobics. The views of others often confuse and can’t think about training. Doing exercises at home is a great solution for those who, for one reason or another, cannot attend group classes. You can start with rhythmic step aerobics.

What is the steppe

What is the steppe

The name «step» means «step» that defines the very form of the exercises step aerobics. The ability to perform steps in a particular rate will help to burn excess calories. The advantage is that in comparison to the more difficult dance styles, with classes step aerobics will not need to think about beauty and grace, let’s just rhythmically stepping to the music. However, simple movements up and down the room enough: this interesting sport involves descents and ascents, which for the first time any protruding surface.

What are the benefits and advantages of step aerobics for the figure

For weight loss availability and Stepan advantage is obvious. In the aerobics you do not need to have any special skills, can handle even a child or someone who has never dealt with sports. Step aerobics for losing weight at home, moreover, does not require any complicated and bulky equipment. Given this, the heavy traffic will help to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and legs. If we talk about aerobic component, its undoubted benefits that properly set the breath during the tap will strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

That is necessary for employment

The step aerobics classes in the hall

To begin step aerobics classes for weight loss at home you need with the selection of those basic items, without which to introduce the sport. Equipment and wear for aerobics have the same paramount importance as the movement. Feeling uncomfortable when you run some stepper cords, you risk to reduce the effectiveness of training step aerobics for weight loss to zero. To pay special attention to need the following equipment for fitness and aerobics:

  • Stepping platform. At home as in the gym, your Arsenal must be refilled acts as the surface on which you are going to come and go when performing training elements of step aerobics for weight loss. For a more advanced level, often involves the climber, but to start with a classic low stand with non-slip surface.
  • Aerobic dumbbells. Step aerobics at home is with the use of weights for the shoulder girdle. They need to choose, based on the state of the muscles of your hands, the dumbbell should not be excessively overweight, but also keep them without effort. Better to give preference to vinyl or rubber weights into step-aerobics for weight loss, because they will not slip in the hand.
  • Sports clothing and shoes. Exercises with step involve significant stress on the feet, so the shoes should be comfortable. Can be worn on house-training shoes with flat soles, it is recommended to choose lightweight breathable sneakers. The main requirement for clothing in step aerobics for weight loss is its convenience and according to your size, it should not hamper movement. Well, if tracksuit from natural lightweight materials that do not contain sweat.

What music for step aerobics better

The step aerobics classes to music

Neluba composition suitable for sporting activities. The aerobics music, regardless of genre, should have a clear rhythm and be quick. Each individual who does step aerobics at home, will add motivation to workout music that he likes. It is a mistake to assume that the category compositions for the steppe presents just dance tracks. A selection can consist of music in the style R’n’b, pop, rock etc. to Perform a set of exercises is step aerobics for weight loss will help rhythm, and any tracks will instill a love of step aerobics.

How to choose or make a step platform with their hands

Start taking is better from the height of the platform, which for beginners is not more than 10 cm the Width of the stand should measure his own foot in athletic shoes so that front and back was a little space. Better to give preference to rubberized surface of the platform for step, then feet when doing step aerobics for weight loss will not slip. Depreciation as a stand play an important role: it is impossible to prevent joint injuries.

The step aerobics classes for weight loss at home often begin with a homemade platform. With its design should take into account the same parameters that are important to purchase. To produce the required thick boards that need to be put together according to the required width and height. On sanded sand paper surface adhered to the rubber or other non-slip material, that it can be replaced.

How to properly perform exercises at home for weight loss

exercises on the step for weight loss

Movements performed during class step aerobics for weight loss, determine, will reach the efficient result. Home aerobics includes the basic underlying relationships: the legs alternately placed on the platform and in the same sequence falls to the floor. Knees bent legs alternately pulled up to chest and lower back rhythmically. The beauty of the exercise minor, but attention to the correct execution need to pay. Keep your back straight, chin should be slightly raised parallel to the floor when doing step aerobics for weight loss.

Training video tutorials: aerobics for beginners

Study online at home is why in the modern world has become fashionable. The instructor in the video will show a master class, seeing that a few times, even a beginner will be able to acquire the necessary skill. Step aerobics for weight loss at home can also start with a revision of step-by-step training videos. They will help to understand the exercises and how to do them yourself.

Basic exercises on a step-platform

Classes advanced level

Those for whom the most simple level aerobics completed, you can proceed to more complex exercises. Step-the interval also included in the list of advanced trainings. It is an alternation of intense exercise with short rest. The rhythm dances on the platform of change work on my core and squats and stretching – jumping rope.

Best aerobic dance for weight loss

Reviews and results thinner

Alina, 32 years:From a young age are overweight. Sports relationship has always been complicated, so the combination of sports and dances was perfect for me. At the moment I in the beginning, lost 2 kg, but step aerobics I love. I’m getting rid of unnecessary weight, but also get a boost of energy I need before a work day.

Alla, 27 years:What is step aerobics, I first read on the websites of young moms. After the birth of my daughter I am much recovered, it was necessary to get in shape. Choosing between aerobics and step, I prefer the second, as there are no contraindications. As a result, for 3 months I got rid of 9 kg, which spoiled my appearance.

Galina, 26 years:Long been engaged in step-aerobics classes for weight loss at the gym, I saw how changing my body as the muscles acquire a tone. Looking through old photos, I noticed the difference. Going to the home gym, the results disappeared, with every class I wanted more and more to abandon this idea. In my case, the trainer and group training – an integral part of the success.

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