Squats for weight loss at home: how to do it right and what to pay attention?

Any social network page about weight loss will tell you how to do squats for weight loss. So, stand with your feet shoulder width pelvic, now, stretch the buttocks and back, while simultaneously bending at the knees. Thighs parallel to the floor? Great, now get up. And repeat many, many times. You know, what’s the catch? That squat for the average person who had never trained to be a good cardio exercise can’t.

Why wrong squats are harmful?

Repetitive bending at the knee and hip joints plus the changes of the amplitude of motion of the spine (because the weak muscles do not give consistently to keep him in space) is equal to microtrauma. In this sense, the program «100 squats» and other folk art are harmful to health. But you need to squat — this movement is widespread in everyday life and in sport, build legs and glutes, allows to strengthen the back and center of the body and «clean ears» on the hips. But only if you do it’s not aerobic, and power mode. So, first, consider

Myths about squats

What really makes the exercise almost useless?

Mnogopoliarnym a mandatory regime for reducing weight

Remember all that «relief» you need minimum weight and high reps. BUT not everyone knows that this is a big mistake. You will see the relief of muscle, only if you have a fairly high muscle mass and little body fat. Squats slimming of the legs in the force mode is decided by the first task. And metabolism at rest to make it easier for you to decide for yourself second. Those who perform 3 strength workouts a week, according to the expert A. Cosgrove have 100 kcal more than a quick «basal» metabolism. That is, spend more at rest. So, can’t use diet with artificially reduced calorie to excess fat.

In reality mnogopoliarnym mode increases muscle endurance — the capability, for example, to contract or to relax during a long period of time. This ability is the appearance of little impact. But it helps, for example, long-distance running. So performing 100 exercises «squats for weight loss» without the weight you train only endurance.

You need cunning to Dodge, to exclude the quads!

In the apt words of D. Kalashnikov (the Director of the school fitness trainers AFP) quadriceps can be turned off in only one way — cut with a Lancet. In the squat loaded leg muscles. Want to «pump the buttocks»? Work on the depth of Seda and not over the stem of socks-the heels, by putting pancakes and other similar manipulations.

You need to squat every day

Training mnogocwetnye movement every day, and still doing a lot of repetitions, you run the risk of:

  1. to fatigue the CNS. This condition is popularly called «overtraining», It is characterized by insomnia, inability to concentrate, and «distortions» of appetite. And it can both increase and almost disappear;
  2. to ruin your technique completely. Don’t believe? Take off your squats on video, doing 30-40 reps. You will see the belly rests on the thighs, and the bumps and peck basin and other violations of equipment.

Proper squats for weight loss: technique

For the majority of inhabitants makes sense to learn powerlifters squat. Don’t have to ship on the shoulders of the bar. You can squat with a blank fretboard, bodybare or without weights. Important technique:

  • put the weights on the middle beam of the deltas;
  • grab the neck with your hands symmetrically;
  • pull the belly, and podrzavam under weight so that he was on the back;
  • exit the stands, and at the same time pushing the chest up, and pelvis back, bend your knees and hip joints;
  • once the pelvis has dropped below parallel with the floor , begin to stand up, reverse motion without any pagemany buttocks and other things (that love to show bikini-models, in fact, is unlikely to help you build big butts, but it will pinch the nerve — almost surely);
  • perform the required number of repetitions;
  • sasahivi in the rack, and put on the weight of the clamps, and then wishgiver from under the bar.

Only a set of squats for weight loss is considered the most effective.


Technical errors in training

  1. «Peck basin» is a hyperextension in the lumbar spine. Triggered enslaved by the muscles back of the thigh, and inflexible ankles. Do stretching, as long as the amplitude is not increased, try not to get below the point, when you begin to «peck»;
  2. «Mixing and dilution of feet» — an indicator of weak gluteal and adductor muscles of the thigh and abductor muscles. Maybe the «real» strength athletes you criticize, but in addition to squat you need information and dilution of the legs in the simulator, and the «steps» in the sides with a round rubber shock absorbers in the knee;
  3. «Insertion» of the abdomen to the hips. Some believe that they are better than pumped buttocks. In fact — provoked injury of the lumbar spine. And called this posture the fact that weak back squat and press. And we need to pay more attention to pull-UPS and pulls, and planks and dynamic variants of twists;
  4. «Vertical sed». Rare, looks like people squats in plie at the Barre. Dangerous because it overloads the hip joints, and if you take normal weight, can lead to injury of the cruciate ligaments of the knee. In General, a slight tilt forward should attend.

How to do squats for weight loss correctly and «mode»?

Squat every other strength training (every first do deadlifts), and do not divide their classes into groups of muscles, working out the entire body on one lesson. Perform the movement in the mode of 9-12 reps, rest 60-90 seconds between sets. The number of workers approaches — not more than 4. Warm-up — of-being. Concentrate on the exercise and do it slowly, avoiding the «reflection» at the bottom and «jumping push hips forward» at the top. Avoid sit-UPS in the gakk-car, if you are a beginner, and to Supplement its program of special exercises (lunges, Bulgarian split squats), as needed.

Remember that it is better 1 time to put the technique squats with a trainer and well tighten the buttocks than a lifetime to gather advice on the speck, no doubt, and get injured in the transition to more or less serious weight. And to increase the weight of the projectile is necessary — because it is a prerequisite of progress in strength training.

Well, if you want to see how it’s done.

Squats for weight loss: video

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