Sports diet for fat burning

Before you plan your sports diet, you need to know the characteristics of your body. Many diets available online, overly rigid and do not lead to healthy weight loss, and can even contribute to its set in the future, the emergence of diseases of the stomach, metabolic disorders. How to eat right, what to do exercise to be healthy?

What is the essence and the basic rules of dieting

Products for sport diet

Planned sports diet for fat loss to weight reduction for the week was 1-1,5 kilograms. From this the amount of fat the body gets rid of in a week. Over the next 7 days is exempt from the lingering water in the tissues. Why is this happening? Excess salts are excreted, releasing the liquid. The fabrics take on a natural state, removed swelling. There are certain principles of the fast diet to burn fat:

  • prevent feelings of hunger;
  • the use of the minimum requirement of water per day (for men – 2 years, women – 1,5 l);
  • clear allocation of meal times;
  • the use of a limited amount of carbohydrates;
  • low-fat sources of protein, fiber;
  • limitations of lipids.

The allowed foods list low carb

It is important not to eliminate all carbs. They give the necessary energy to power the body during stress, beneficial for brain activity. The absorption of proteins and fats more slowly than carbohydrates. Therefore, their exclusion can lead to feeling of weakness, decreasing mental activity. Permitted foods during the diet to burn fat:

  • buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • carrots, beets;
  • sour apples, dark berries;
  • celery;
  • broccoli;
  • sweet potatoes;
  • citrus, kiwi.

Low-carb products

Diet for weight loss and muscle gain

Is sports diet for fat loss in a special way, so as not to burden the body with unnecessary carbohydrates. In their place in the diet of protein, fiber. Such a diet causes the body to produce energy from the subcutaneous reserves, and used protein help in muscle building. The basis of nutrition – protein foods with low calorie.

A list of products the major protein sources

Product Proteins, 100 g Calorific value, kcal/100 g
Fish is not oily (tuna) 22.7 g 96
Low-fat dairy products (cheese) 18 — 22 g 86
Soy 34,9 g 395
Legumes 22 g 58
Boiled not greasy meat (Turkey) A 21.3 – 21.6 grams 197

It is important to distribute the components of the diet during the day. Morning eaten the allowed amount of carbohydrate and part protein, the second Breakfast – fruit, lunch – protein and fiber, supper – low-fat protein foods. This diet is easy to make with products from the Energy Diet.

Sample menu diet for burning fat and saving muscle

The menu for each day should be planned in advance so that meals happen in time. Before you create a menu for week days, you need to calculate how many calories your body needs, this rule subtract 10-20%. The diet of women and men differs, it is necessary to consider features of female and male body. How to remove subcutaneous belly fat? The main method is the diet for drying, which includes products for fat burning. Sessions in the gym can contribute to the drying of fat.

For men

For normal work of all systems of the body men need to consume per day no less:

  • 65 g of protein;
  • 70 g of fats;
  • 257 g of carbohydrates.

Fat burning dish

These figures are for the minimum security needs of the organism without regard to physical activity and with the expectation that most of the energy is taken from carbohydrates. Diet for fat loss involves replacing more of them on the equivalent energy value of proteins (the average protein need to consume 25 g per 10 kg of body weight). It is important to start consuming vitamin C, which is a good fat burner. Sample menu for each day:

  • egg white omelet (3 eggs), green salad, Apple for Breakfast;
  • vegetable salad with vegetable oil or cheese minimal fat – for lunch;
  • chicken or lean fish with vegetable salad on the side – lunch
  • any fruit from the list of permitted – in the afternoon;
  • boiled meat, low-fat cottage cheese for dinner.

For women

Nutrients to consume per day to the female body need less than a man, no less:

  • 58 g of protein;
  • 60 g of fats and carbohydrates as for men.

For health to reduce the lower bound of consumption, especially of fats. They are necessary for functioning of the reproductive system. During a strict diet equivalent replacement carbs for the energy from protein is necessary for burning fat. Sample menu for each day similar to the male, only with the calculation of the mass of the products according to calorie daily diet and quantity of the main nutrients.

Recipes of dietary dishes

Dietary salads

Salad with spinach and egg

  • radishes 200 g;
  • bunch of spinach;
  • 2 boiled eggs.
  1. Spinach and scalded with boiling water and break into pieces.
  2. Boiled eggs coarsely chopped, radishes – slices.
  3. Season with oil, lemon juice.

Salad with grainy cheese

  • granular curd 250 g;
  • herbs: parsley, onion, dill;
  • the cherry tomatoes;
  • cucumber;
  • low-fat plain yogurt – 100 ml

All the ingredients chop, mix with cottage cheese, add the yogurt.

Smoothies with honey and blueberries

  • 1 banana;
  • 100 g fresh blueberries;
  • a teaspoon of honey;
  • low-fat plain yogurt.

In a blender mix banana, blueberries, pour the yogurt and add honey. In a smoothie you can add protein if it is provided by your diet.

Video: nutrition plan for athletes

In the video you can know about the beneficial supplements, about sports weight loss which companies are the most effective. You will learn how to burn fat in the abdomen, to properly carry out the drying of the body. Useful information for those who are just starting to do, studying sports nutrition for weight loss and for bodybuilders.

To burn belly fat in men

Diet for athletes girls

Sports nutrition for burning fat and drying the body

Feedback about the results

Oleg, 28 years: have been Boxing since adolescence and not know the stories, how to dry the body and burn fat when you want to achieve certain results. Nutrition for fat loss planned the weight that you want to achieve. At first it was difficult: exercise, caloric restriction strongly exhausted. It is important to take breaks so as not to undermine health.

Oksana, 25 years: I liked the video on supplements and sports nutrition. I thought that banks sportpit solid chemistry, and it is a storehouse of nutrients. Heard a lot about fat burners and their behaviors, but I was afraid to take. I think to buy L-carnitine and see how it is effective.

Eugene, 30 years: Met with many athletic diets to network with photos, which suggest to abandon the carbohydrates, but it alarmed me. It is unclear how to eat when losing weight. Here is found a clear explanation to the menu planning. Thank you.

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