Slow carbs list food sources, the table with the Glycemic Index, how to use them in slimming

Many have probably heard that to lose weight you need to remove from your diet the carbohydrates. But not everyone knows that to completely abandon their use is impossible. What are the useful carbohydrates and how to recognize them, experts advise.

What are slow carbs?

A list of products, the table for weight loss, special menus are available — important components not only diet but also proper nutrition. However, before you make up your diet, it is worth to further explore the question of why certain foods, like low in calories, people get better, and Vice versa. The thing is that the food is made of easily digestible components, and those are slowly «digested». That’s the last we’ll talk. Losing weight people very useful slow or complex carbohydrates. They are able to permanently satisfy the hunger to run in the human body the complex processes that take a lot of time. The level of sugar is stable, energy is expended evenly.

To recognize complex carbohydrates will help such thing as the glycemic index (GI). This figure allows you to define how a particular product affects the change in blood sugar levels. For overweight people, it is desirable in the diet to include foods with a GI less than 40 units. To determine the GI of foods will help table:

What is the use of slow carbs?

First, let’s deal with the question of why a person gains weight. The truth is that excess sugar the body converts into fat, which laid in problem areas. This is the peculiarity of the metabolism of the human body. If a person feels hunger, he often bites sweets. As a result, the body receives a lot of calories, which the body metabolizes and turns into energy. And after an excess of sugar produces lots of insulin. He takes part in the digestion of food, but on the other hand, its excess in a short time provokes hunger.

But sugar is turned into fats, and cannot be used, it is deposited in fat and come out only in «emergency mode», which is difficult and dangerous to achieve. Therefore, you should control the quality of the food, making the diet more balanced. The beauty of slow carb is that for their digestion and absorption requires at least 2.5 hours. As a result, they do not cause sugar surges, and the energy spent on daily activity.

Types and sources of slow carbs

The list of products in the table for weight loss we are not going to give. But consider the complex carbohydrates contained in the food that is often on our table. There are many varieties. This:

  • Starch;
  • Glycogen;
  • Cellulose;
  • Chitin;
  • Dextrin.

Experts advise diet so that half of the daily diet was carbs.

Sources of slow carbs are:

  1. Starch in large quantities is contained in cereals (buckwheat, barley, oats), legumes, pasta. He actively maintains the level of the monosaccharide in the blood, are slowly converted into glucose.
  2. Glycogen the body can get from pork or beef liver. A lot of it in seafood, yeast.
  3. Insulin refers to the polysaccharides contained in artichoke and chicory. It is necessary for diabetics.
  4. Fiber is an important component of the diet, despite the fact that it is not digested. Contained in legumes and nuts. It helps cleanse the GASTRO-intestinal tract, detoxification, toxins, poisons and decay products from the body. Fiber increases bile secretion, increases the feeling of satiety.

How to eat carbs while training?

Coaches are advised to take slow carbs before power physical exercise. Slow carbs allow evenly to provide the body with energy during the entire load, which increases stamina and are burned faster fat.

Tip! It is recommended to take complex carbohydrates 1 hour before the start of classes. Single dose of 40 grams. And after the classes you can take fast carbs.

should also take into Account portion sizes are used. Naturally, carbohydrate intake should match the energy expended. If you exceed the number of calories coming in, it works the old script, and the extra sugar will go back into body fat. It is believed that the intense mental activity can be equated to good physical stress.

Slow carbs for weight loss

To lose weight different ways. For example, make a grocery list and stick to it, or find a specialized table, and follow her advice. There are pure protein diets that severely restrict carbohydrate intake. But they are not too useful to abandon them is impossible. In the absence of dietary carbs may suffer from deterioration of mood, discomfort.

It is important not to abandon carbohydrate foods, and replace «bad» «good» fast carbohydrates. For weight loss some have to reduce the amount of food and to carefully consider the products that constitute the diet. Some of them just can be replaced by useful for weight loss.

Snacks also should be planned properly. Most often they are sweets and sandwiches, but they have to give up, if you plan to diet. As a bite, use fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts.

If the person likes to eat pasta, then you can change to oatmeal, buckwheat, and raw rice. Mashed potatoes can be replaced by a stew of vegetables, and instead of buns, you should eat whole wheat bread.

The right Breakfast for those who want to lose weight

In the food for losing weight should be the main focus on a proper Breakfast. The first meal should be dense. On the menu this morning is better to include cereal with milk. A good option – buckwheat or barley.

Tip! To prepare oatmeal is to choose cereals with the shell and not processed grains. They have a lower glycemic index.

Cereal can flavor the butter as the complete exclusion of fats from the menu will lead to the assimilation of fat-soluble fat. And fats the body receives polyunsaturated acids that the body cannot be synthesized and act only from the outside. In order not to disrupt metabolic processes, it is necessary to add oil to food. One teaspoon of olive oil will avoid dryness of the skin.

You can prepare a favorite with many eggs. But the filler should be used instead of sausage or bacon, and vegetables. And drinks in the morning and during the day drink only unsweetened.

Diet on cereals Week to get rid of fat

A large spread of slow carbohydrates in the diet. Widely known diet on cereals, in which you can use almost any cereal, except for the monkey. Porridge, you can add low-fat cheese, dried fruit, fresh berries and fruits, honey.

The essence of the diet-the-Week is that every day there’s one kind of cereal. For example:

  • Monday – millet;
  • Tuesday – oatmeal;
  • Wednesday – millet;
  • Thursday – ACCA;
  • Friday – barley;
  • Saturday – Fig.

Sunday can use any cereal to choose from, or mix of cereals. Porridge prepared according to the following rules:

  1. The porridge is cooked only on the water.
  2. Salt is not added.
  3. Porridge can be eaten in unlimited quantities.
  4. From the diet a few days before starting the diet, you remove all harmful foods (spicy and fried foods, fast food, alcoholic beverages).

Details here:

How to make a weight gainer with slow carbs?

What is it? It’s a cocktail of products based on complex carbohydrates. Not to be mistaken in the choice of products, use the first ready-made recipes. What? For example, will talk in detail cheerful guy in the video):

Table for weight loss

This label most of the values GI of foods. Take note! (Clickable)

Slow carbs – a real godsend for losing weight. They give you energy, not stored as fat. Make a list of favorite foods, make a chart for weight loss, and you will never have a weight problem! This gives you the opportunity to make a tasty and varied menu every day, not to be afraid for your figure!

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