Skinny diet menu for 7, 14 and 20 days with the release, reviews and results

How to lose weight quickly on a strict diet Skinny

To lose weight, you can choose either a gentle or more fast but hard method. As the last fit diet called «Skinny». It is a extreme weight loss of approximately 7 kg for 1 week. What are the rules you need to follow? Mentioned below to learn how to lose weight on this diet.

Features and rules of dieting

She has prepared a salad diet fresh vegetables

Such a strict diet has a number of mandatory rules. One of them is a return to the diet the first day with the failure. It is also highly recommended before the diet to carry out the unloading, to best prepare the body for the test meals with low calorie. The number dropped kilograms depends on how precisely you follow all the rules. All proposed products must be divided into several meals, but not less than 4.

From lack caloric content slows down metabolism, the body gets needed amount of nutrients – all this leads to deterioration. For this reason, is important when observing such a strict regime to monitor the overall condition. If you experience severe headache, dizziness, or even fainting immediately abandon the diet to obtain health problems.

Permitted and prohibited products

Fresh fruit juices

Diet Skinny has one advantage over the other. It is that will not have to resort to complex recipes, because the diet is based only on the finished products. A little more time in the design will take only fresh juices. You can not deviate from the list of recommended and prohibited foods, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again. The following table shows the products that are recommended to exclude from the menu, and you can eat and drink.

Permitted foods Sparkling mineral water

Green tea

Fruit and vegetable juices without sugar

Yogurt, skim milk

Cheese low-fat

Lean beef

Chicken fillet



Prohibited products Salt




Fatty and fried


Semi-finished products


Drinks with caffeine





Fatty sauces, mayonnaise

Fast food, chips, crackers

Sweet carbonated water

Seeds, nuts

Detailed menu lean diet every day

The most rigid diet has several menu options for the week depending on duration, which can be 7, 14 or 21 days. Products mentioned at any time compliance is recommended to use at least the appearance of hunger. If you sit on a lean diet more than 7 days, it should be combined with vitamins or even consult a doctor, because hard mode is a serious stress to the body.

Dairy products for diet

7 days

Day Menu
1 The low fat milk – 1 liter
2 Low-fat cottage cheese – 200 g

Juice without sugar, except banana, grape – 3-4 cups

3 Non-carbonated mineral water – 1 litre

Clean water – any amount

4 Baked potatoes without salt – 4 PCs.

Unsweetened juice – 3-4 cups

5 Apples – 1 kg

The water is clean – any amount

6 Lean meat without salt – 200 g

Juice without sugar, but not grape and not a banana – 3-4 cups

7 Kefir – 1 liter

The water is clean – any amount

14 days

Day Menu
1 Green tea without added sugar – any amount
2 Kefir – 1 liter

The water is clean – any amount

3 Non-carbonated mineral water – 1.5 litres
4 Green Apple – 1 PC.

The water is clean – any amount

5 Milk with a fat content up to 3.2% – 1 liter
6 Green tea without added sugar and clean water – any amount
7 The low fat milk – 1 liter

Plain water – any amount

8 Apple green – 2 PCs.

Water — unlimited

9 Kefir with fat content of 2.5% – 1 liter

The water is clean – any amount

10 Fresh cucumber – 2 PCs.

Clean water is unlimited

11 Green tea without sugar and clean water – any amount
12 The low fat milk – 1 liter
13 Apple green – 3 PCs.

Water — unlimited

14 Non-carbonated mineral water – 1.5 litres

For 21 days

Day Menu
1-7 The diet for 7 program skinny diet
8 Low fat dairy product – 200 ml

Stewed or steamed vegetables – 150 g

Lean meat – 150 g

9 Low-fat cottage cheese – 200 g

Juice no sugar – 3-4 cups

10 Lean fish – 200 g

Unsweetened juice 800 ml

11 Potatoes boiled without salt – 4 PCs.

Unsweetened juice – 3-4 cups

12 Water — unlimited
13 Lean meat without salt – 200 g

Juice without sugar, but not a grape or a banana – 3-4 cups

14 Kefir with fat content of 2.5% – 1 liter
15 Menu from any of the allowed foods
16 Apple green – 5 PCs.
17 The low fat milk – 800 ml

Boiled meat – 200 g

18 Kefir with fat content of 2.5% – 1 liter
19 Low-fat cottage cheese – 200 g

Non-carbonated mineral water

20 Apple – 1 PC.

Kefir – 1 liter

21 Any menu from previous days

Diet in diet

An important condition is not only compliance with the rules of the diet, but educated out of it, so dropped weight is not returned. For this reason, balanced diet you need to go gradually, increasing calories every day. After one week it is recommended not to use a salt to avoid edema. If the diet for 14 days or 3 weeks, you should start taking vitamins to prevent sickness.

Ideal is output from lean immediately diet for proper nutrition so the extra pounds will not come back. To take after this hard mode you need dairy products and fruit. After some time, it is necessary to add to him porridge, then soup, and only after that – the second dishes. This gradual enrichment of the diet re-acceleration of metabolism, and current weight will be saved.

Protein shakes

A good nutritional Supplement after hard mode will be protein shakes energy diet with the following benefits:

  1. They have several different flavors – vanilla, banana, strawberry, cappuccino, coffee, chocolate and raspberry.
  2. Low energy value – 350-400 kcal per 100 g and the portion about 200 kcal/100 g.
  3. Does not contain genetically modified ingredients.
  4. Enriches the diet of 11 minerals and 12 vitamins main.
  5. Provides recovery after training.
  6. It improves the functioning of metabolic processes.

Feedback about the results

Natalia, 28 years: This rigid power system helps when a large number of excess weight – it took me 18 pounds in 3 weeks. Photos after weight loss struck all friends and acquaintances. Only observe it is very difficult – often dizzy, felt General weakness. Even worsens the condition of hair and nails. At the exit I started to take vitamins.

Alexandra, 36 years: This system is more like a list of days of fasting, but a month ago I decided to try it. Complied with the recommended food for a week. The result is minus 6 kg and exacerbation of gastritis. Even had to go to the doctor, not without pills. Half of the lost weight back, although I kept the food in the stomach, and sweet do not overeat.

Svetlana, 23 years: Only after this diet I realized that better nutrition is nothing. Although the beginning was pretty good after 2 weeks I got rid of 10 kg, 5 of whom returned. The result was a small boost for further weight loss. I went on a proper diet, hooked up to diet shakes energy diet – lose weight fast and feel great.

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