The essence of the salt-free diet

Ways to lose weight there are so many. This exercise, different diet, drinking special cocktails and so on. One of the most popular today are salt-free diet. Besides the slimming effect, such restrictions help to output fluid from the body much faster due to less consumption keeps water sodium chloride. Find out which diet without salt there are and how to apply them.

The basic principles of the diet without salt

The salt

The principle of effective diet not the complete rejection of salt. It is only necessary to limit and reduce the dosage. The average person needs to consume 10-15 grams of salt per day. This rule fills it with food, which is consumed throughout the day. However, fans of salty can increase it by 2-3 times. It threatens those who eat the Goodies, dilute daily diet:

  • pickles and tomatoes;
  • chips;
  • crackers;
  • fat and others.

Thanks to a salt-free diet, you can significantly reduce the consumption of salt, which subsequently will affect your figure. How? Salt slows down the process of removing fluid from the body. Edema on the face and body. All this fluid is the cause of overweight. To lose weight will not only revision of the entire diet, but also the rejection of salt.

The benefits and harms

Sea salt and salad for diet

If you choose this diet, remember that to completely abandon salt is impossible. It helps remove excess calcium from the body. Before you go on a diet, it will be wise to consult with a dietician. The doctor will recommend the proper diet. It’s a safe way to lose weight. After the diet is easy to return to the usual diet. It is dangerous to sit on this diet:

  • during pregnancy;
  • suffer from constipation, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hypertension.

Menus and recipes for weight loss

Dish to the menu salt-free diet

What salt-free ways to lose weight many, it is clear to many. Various options for weight loss last from weeks to months. To achieve the best results, choose the most appropriate diet plan and go! Each of the following power modes are carefully developed by nutritionists and tested for years. Best way to lose weight is to adhere to rules and recommendations.

Protein salt-free diet for 7 days

Provides popular protein diet for 7 days your intake of protein. While meat dishes can be cooked. Recommended only cooked food. If you have multivarka, the possibility of preparation of various dishes increased significantly, because it allows the oil to simmer or steam. Remember: all menu should be without salt. The first days can be minimally add it. The table below provides a menu for the week:

Meal Monday Tuesday Environment Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Coffee, green tea, toast Coffee, green tea, toast Coffee, green tea, toast Coffee, green tea, toast Coffee, green tea, toast Coffee, green tea, toast Coffee, green tea, toast
Lunch 2 boiled eggs, salad from fresh vegetables Boiled meat 100 g, beet Cooked carrots, cheese Boiled fish 100 g, cabbage Chicken breast 100 g, zucchini Steamed vegetables 2 boiled eggs, salad from fresh vegetables
Dinner Boiled meat 100 g, beet Fruit, yogurt Boiled fish 100 g, cabbage 2 boiled eggs, salad from fresh vegetables Fruit, yogurt Chicken breast 100 grams carrot salad Fruit, yogurt

Japanese for 14 days

Dishes for Japanese salt-free diet

Functional food in the Japanese diet two weeks is very similar to the previous one. You’ll also need to consume a lot of protein, all foods are cooked steamed, boiled. However, due to the fact that the diet lasts 14 days, will have to diversify their diet, so as not to fall into despair from the same dishes. Definitely necessary every week a fasting day when you drink only tea or coffee. The table below offers different types of dishes that you can alternate as you like for 2 weeks:

  1. omelet with toast, tea (coffee);
  2. yogurt, a banana;
  3. boiled egg, cheese, tea (coffee).
  1. boiled chicken breast, salad with fresh vegetables;
  2. boiled beef, salad of carrot;
  3. steamed vegetables, boiled egg;
  4. boiled fish, salad with fresh beets.
  1. a couple boiled eggs, carrots;
  2. chicken with mushrooms (baked);
  3. fruit, yogurt;
  4. boiled beef, a kefir;
  5. cheese.

Chinese for 13 days

Chinese diet need to prepare. 5 days before the start of the fasting drink two cups of boiled water. So you clean your body and it will better absorb nutrients from the foods that you will consume food. The table below offers a range of dishes for the diet. Alternate them as you want, create your own menu for every day, but do not forget that salt cannot be added. Menu:

Breakfast black coffee, toast;

green tea.

Lunch boiled eggs, salad from sea Kale;

boiled fish, salad from cabbage;

boiled chicken, salad of cabbage;

cooked vegetables;

boiled beef, salad of cabbage.

Dinner boiled beef, a kefir;

raw egg, raw carrots;

boiled chicken, tomato juice;


fried or boiled fish, salad from cabbage;

2 boiled eggs, raw carrots.

Rice for 30 days

Rice diet implies a daily intake of boiled grain in almost any quantity (like a diet with buckwheat). Dilute the rice with vegetables or boiled meat. Please note that they should not be more than the cereal. Definitely during the week required a fasting day when you drink only water and tea. Rice salt-free diet is hard, because it lasts a long time, and the menu is not very diverse. However, with all the recommendations you will be able to lose 4 kg per week.

Diet in diet

Cocktails Energy Diet

It is very important not just to adhere to a certain diet, but also the right to get out of it. Start to eat a lot of salt or flour is strictly prohibited. The output should gradually increase the portions, the amount of salt in them. The modern market of dietary products offers cocktails energy Diet that has already helped many people to stick to a healthy diet and the correct way out of long-term restrictions.

The Energy composition of the Diet meets all standards and delivers a full daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Company NL (NL international) and the official website Energy Diet offer a huge selection of flavors of smoothies, so you will definitely find something for yourself. The company’s products are not only for diet, but also will support you in the pursuit of healthy eating. Check for yourself!

Reviews and results after weight loss

Irina, 35 years: the Doctor told me to try salt-free diet, since I always suffered from edema. I chose the Japanese version for 14 days. Two weeks minus 5 kg! This is a really great result for me. The interesting thing is that I don’t want salty food. Diet has become a habit.

Oleg, 33 years: I have heard before about the diet without salt, but tried it just now. It was difficult, I thought at first, bland foods. However, the body quickly gets used to everything, and I did great: I lost 3 kg in a week and refused to junk food. I recommend the Chinese diet.

Maria, 28 years: the no salt Diet helped me to lose weight at home and get in shape in 2 months. Between courses I was doing a week-long break. Additionally, I helped the cocktails Energy Diet. They are a great way to promote digestion and help you stay in great shape throughout the day.

Photo grown thin before and after

Girl before and after weight loss

Emaciated maleWoman before and after weight loss

The most striking evidence of the action of a diet without salt can only be seen in the photos. Look at the results of those who have experienced them and move forward towards the ideal figure. No one but you can make your body become slimmer, lose weight. Photo will add motivation to an active lifestyle, which is an indispensable companion to health and longevity.

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