Recipe of cabbage soup for weight loss

It is difficult to argue the opinion about the benefits of vegetables for the figure: lots of vitamins, low calories, quick satiety, the lack of fat, regulates digestion. Some of them are cabbage, cucumbers – with daily use further establish the metabolic processes. Can I lose weight on the cabbage and that you can cook?

Useful than cabbage soup for the figure

Any vegetable can be used for weight loss because of its low caloric content and glycemic index (excluding potatoes and cooked as beets and carrots). However, the cabbage soup diet and separate eating soup on this product gained popularity because of the features inherent in green vegetables:

  • the ability to block the feeling of hunger for a long time;
  • the high content of folic acid;
  • active regulation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a high proportion of dietary fiber;
  • accelerating the metabolism.

Various types of cabbage

How to cook soup with cabbage

The recipe for this dish can be almost anything, but low calorie and fat. The broth junk only vegetables, perhaps a little poultry breast, which was removed from the skin. Not the wings, thighs and other parts rich in fat and are part of the traditional soups. The main ingredient, according to doctors, can be in any condition – sauerkraut weight not less useful than fresh, and due to the acid metabolism is even more valuable.

Classic cabbage soup and celery

Traditional very effective combination, has a positive effect on the body not only from the standpoint of weight loss, but as a helper to the immune system. The amount of ascorbic acid in the soup is off the charts, and most importantly – this dish is permitted even during the protein diet. The set of ingredients is simple: equal number of take cabbage, celery, sweet green pepper, onion and parsley root.

To work with this recipe of cabbage soup for weight loss so you need:

  1. Boil water in a small saucepan (take about 2 litres, if necessary, is better then cook a new batch). To throw a half-cut onion and parsley.
  2. A quarter of an hour to catch them and throw away, and in the broth put the shredded cabbage.
  3. Cook on medium for 7-10 minutes, add the pepper rings, sliced celery. If you need to salt the soup.

Celery stems tied to a string

How to cook without celery with green beans

The alternative addresses the hunger for 3-4 hours, so the soup can be a main dish during lunch. If you do not have enough time for separate cooking broth, you can use ready-made cubes, but carefully study the composition on the subject of «extra» additives. The set of ingredients in the recipe of cabbage soup for weight loss is this:

  • green beans – 0.3 kg;
  • cabbage – 1/3 EA.;
  • carrots;
  • bulb small;
  • the bouillon cube;
  • mix dry peppers.


  1. Boil 1,5 l of water, throw a bouillon cube.
  2. After a few minutes, pour the shredded cabbage and half the onion.
  3. Cook under cover for about a quarter of an hour.
  4. Add pods, frozen or fresh beans, grated carrot, onion remnants.
  5. When the vegetables become soft, season with pepper, turn off the burner.

Green beans in the dish

Diet slimming soup with cauliflower

Very tasty, tender dish with a creamy consistency. In appearance – as if left from-under hands of the cook’s high-class restaurant; the aroma and taste match a picture. This recipe cabbage soup diet may appeal to even children, so easily become a frequent visitor to your daily diet. The set of ingredients is simple:

  • a small head of cauliflower;
  • carrots;
  • the fleshy tomatoes – 0,5 kg;
  • bulb;
  • a bundle of dried herbs;
  • salt.

Soup preparation:

  1. To disassemble the cabbage into florets, carrots cut, chop onions.
  2. Lay the vegetables in a pan, cover with water (about 2.5 l). To the handle attach the string holding the bundle of dry herbs. Cook on medium power for half an hour.
  3. Catch soft ingredients with a slotted spoon, chop them with a blender with blanched and devoid skins of tomatoes.
  4. Move the vegetable puree back into the broth (bunch of greens removed), salt and boil until your desired consistency.

Girl with a fork cauliflower

How to make with broccoli and mushrooms

Very satisfying, since all the products are designed to eliminate the feeling of hunger, but not a lot of calories. This soup can be eaten even in the evening without fear for their figure. With the aim of improving the nutritional value of the meals you can enter any beans – regular beans or peas. A standard set of products to the soup looks like this:

  • broccoli – 250 g;
  • canned white beans – 180 g;
  • mushrooms of any frozen – 140 g;
  • tomatoes big – 2 pieces;
  • spices.

Quick cooking thick soup:

  1. Broccoli to disassemble, wash, add to the pot. Pour water (about 3 liters), boil a quarter of an hour.
  2. Remove the cabbage, place in a blender, grind.
  3. Beans to combine with mushrooms in a dry pan, add the blanched grated tomatoes. Simmer for about half an hour, if needed add water.
  4. Move vegetable mixture into broth, to send the same cabbage puree.
  5. Cook the soup on low power 10-12 minutes, season before serving.

Mushroom soup with broccoli in the dish

How to cook soup with sauerkraut

This dish is aimed at slimming, it is hard to say – based on beef. However, this recipe of cabbage soup for weight loss you can adapt, if you make a very weak broth and greatly reduce the amount of potatoes. You’ll need:

  • beef fillet – 120 g;
  • sauerkraut – 260 g;
  • new potatoes – 2 PCs.;
  • carrots, onion;
  • spices.

Soup preparation:

  1. Meat wash, put in a saucepan with water. Wait until boiling, cook for half an hour.
  2. On a nearby burner to boil 2 liters of water, the meat from the first broth removed, cut, bulking in the new pot. Salt.
  3. Cook the beef so that the water lightly boiling. The approximate duration of this phase is an hour. Don’t forget to eliminate the foam.
  4. Squeeze the cabbage, dice the potatoes. Put in the broth, a little to strengthen the capacity of the burner.
  5. A quarter of an hour to fall asleep there also slices of carrots and onions. To bring under cover until tender.
  6. Before serving the soup to put spices. Simmer the dish for another minute and pour.

The bowl of soup from sauerkraut

Effective diet the cabbage soup menu for the week

For all the classic techniques of current requirements for weight loss: the rejection of «empty» carbohydrates, animal fats, fried foods. The basis of the diet are cabbage soup (any recipe listed), fresh vegetables, some fruit, juices. The body weekly diet takes mostly good, but in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of undesirable conduct. Diet looks like this:

Day of the week Daily diet
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Cabbage Soup, any tea, bread (100 g)
Tuesday Cabbage Soup, potato kiln (200 g)
Thursday, Sunday Cabbage Soup, any fruit (300 g)
Saturday Cabbage Soup, low-fat cottage cheese (200 g)

Videorecipe: diet soup to burn fat


Inga, 28 years

Periodically prepare yourself the cabbage soup-celery, onion broth. Do not salt, for taste can only pour pepper. The dish is not for everybody, but for unloading of the body fits perfectly. A couple of days to eat right, and pounds lost. One lasted a week, but occasionally the chicken is added. The downside of it in a very active bowel.

Elena, 25 years

I love the cream soup with cauliflower, tomato puree and chanterelles. Doing without butter and cream, it turns out a lightweight option for weight loss. Delicious, fast, sometimes adding a couple of grams of hot peppers for spice. Full diet soups do not like, and to keep in shape after the holidays comfortable and in the daily diet of «no harm» fits perfectly.

Karina, 34 years

If you manage to «puncture» with harmful foods, doing unloading on cabbage soup for a quick and not very painful weight loss is ideal. Cook the onion broth cabbage, I like to add bell peppers or some carrots. Do not salt! Them lunch and dinner, morning Breakfast with an egg or Apple-beet salad. The next day was as if there was food errors.

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