Fast diet

Chiseled figure is always the result of proper nutrition and hard exercise. But what to do if to lose weight you need in a matter of days? Easy to get rid of in a short period of hated kilograms help popular Express diet.

How to lose weight quickly at home

The girl measures the waist after weight loss

Fast diet – the easiest and most affordable way to significantly postroynet in a few days. Hard mode of nutrition allows the body to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins, speed up the metabolism, reduce the amount of food consumed. Diet for quick weight loss consists of a minimum of components. It can be extremely protein (the menu includes dishes based on meat, fish meat or dairy products), carbohydrate (vegetables, fruit, cereals) or mixed.

What diet is the fastest and most effective

Perfect fast diet, as a universal prescription safe effective weight loss does not exist. Identical nutrition program in each case will lead to different results. Doctors are unanimous in one thing: the harder fast diet, the more significant weight loss it helps to achieve. It may seem that the easiest and fast way to lose weight – a complete rejection of food, however, food asceticism, on the contrary, make the body more active to gain weight.

Really effective experts call mono. Daily diet with this diet is a single product or a group that refers to General appearance (vegetables, fruit, meat, kislomolochny). Kefir, fermented baked milk valid no more than 1 litre of the fruit, fillet 1-1,5 kg. A kind of fasting for 24 hours, you can arrange four times a month. Let’s say every day to devote a separate product (e.g. diet «Seven petals»), but to eat this methodology allowed no more than 2 weeks.

Express buckwheat diet for 3 days 5 kg

Buckwheat for diet

To lose 4-6 pounds in 72 hours to help the common buckwheat. Diet such diet is miserable. The day will have to eat no more than 750 grams of oatmeal without any additives, in addition to the water to drink 1 liter of nonfat yogurt. The secret to a perfect buckwheat is simple: it is not necessary to boil, and pour the Cup of grits with boiled water in proportion 1:3. Until the morning the buckwheat absorbs all the liquid, while maintaining its useful properties. Rich in vitamins, trace elements such buckwheat improves metabolism, rid the body of toxins.

Orange-egg 5 pounds in 5 days

A little longer – 5 days – lasts for the famous orange-egg diet. Follow power and that is easier. For each meal you have to eat 3 oranges and 2 hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs. To lose on such a diet can be 4-6 pounds. This short but effective diet the fact that eggs are a great source of protein, satisfy for a long time, and citrus fruits to replenish vitamins.

Kefir diet 10 kg in a week

Girl diet kefir

To withstand kefir diet, you need to have a certain degree of courage: this diet is incredibly austere. But a worthy reward: for 7 days you will lose 8-10 pounds. Every day diet (except for the sixth, unloading, allowed only water) you should drink 2 cups of kefir minimal fat and eat 400 g product specific. On the first day of the diet will complement the baked potato, the second low-fat cottage cheese, third, fifth and seventh – savoury fruit, the fourth is boiled chicken.

Protein-carbohydrate for 2 weeks

This diet will love those who wants to lose weight, not knowing of the hunger pangs. Stick to this diet you can as often as you wish throughout life, it is suitable for men, women and even teenagers. The diet is based on the rotation of protein and carbohydrate days. In the first 24 hours you can eat natural products in any combination, the next two days – only protein (in the menu – meat, fish, kislomolochny, eggs), the fourth day of carbohydrate (vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, and grains). Principle 2:1 is maintained for the next 10 days.

Feature of this diet – no limits in quantity. However, to follow the rules of healthy nutrition when selecting ingredients, cooking time, the meal is still necessary. Fruits, berries, greens best fresh vegetables, baked or boiled, fillet – steamed or grilled. From legumes – peas, beans, lentils and 14 days of the diet, better to just give up.

Low-calorie diet «Minus 20 kg per month

A salad diet for quick weight loss

The basis of this diet constitutes the sole food – celery soup. There it will be very common, but the result is beyond praise. To prepare the soup you will need:

  • 3 liters of water;
  • a small head of cabbage;
  • 3 tomatoes;
  • 3 onions;
  • 3 bell peppers;
  • a large bunch of celery greens.

In a boiling water, put shredded cabbage, sliced onion and pepper, after 10 minutes add the chopped tomatoes. 10-15 minutes before readiness sprinkle the chopped herbs. No salt, no butter soup should contain. Is it necessary for the fourth to tenth days of the diet (first 72 hours you can only drink water), then twice a week. On the fifth day of the diet you can diversify food vegetables, on the sixth and seventh – fruits, in the eighth, the chicken, the ninth – beef, on the tenth – rice. Next, you should adhere to the principles of protein-carbohydrate separation diet.

Potato slimming abdomen and sides

Potatoes for weight loss

The essence of this fast diet is simple: for 5-6 daily meals, you can eat about 2 kg oven baked with peel potatoes. Of spices shall be permitted only fresh herbs. Food one potatoes will help you just a week to lose up to eight pounds. Especially effective diet will be for the abdomen and waist: baked this vegetable helps cleanse the intestines to eliminate toxins.

Diet in diet

Whatever miracle was chosen easy diet for quick weight loss, no diet in the world can guarantee a stable result, if after that, you immediately pounce on desserts, prepared foods and baking. Remove dietary restrictions also must be careful. Rules are few but they must comply with strict:

  • enter in the diet on one product, start with fruits and vegetables;
  • expose the fruits of rapid thermal processing;
  • exclude from the menu of preserves, pickles, processed foods.

Helpful and functional nutrition, which not only helps to saturate the body with essential elements, but also to strengthen the immune system, improve the internal organs, weight control. Among these products include cocktail energy Diet. Produce them in France, and in our country is the «NL international (NL). One has only to look at the official website Energy Diet to make sure: these cocktails perfectly complement the diet of diet.

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Tatyana, 26 years: Sitting on kefir fast diet, survived 7 days. The result is stunning: minus 9 pounds! I haven’t looked so slender! In the first 10 days after the diet to consolidate the results, to replenish the supply of nutrients in the body, additionally drank cocktails Energy Diet. Almost a year has passed and I’m still in perfect shape!

Svetlana, 36 years: After the second birth saved protein-low carbohydrate diet: minus 12 pounds! Daughter three years, and the result is visible to the naked eye. Do not trust Badam: would be free, and then would not drink. But Energy Diet love the shape and health is excellent! The composition of Energy rich Diet, one serving contains 200 calories. Superfood for those who are watching them!

Love, 31 years: fell in Love with the buckwheat diet: goodbye to the 4 pounds in 3 days! Feel so much lighter, I see that the portions were smaller, for dessert, as before, does not pull. Stick to a strict meal plan it was easy for me: buckwheat always loved it, but cook it with meat, plenty of butter, vegetables. For me, the quick version is no less delicious!

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