Qigong for weight loss

This method of weight loss for those who have tried various diet and exercise, in sports, and the result is not achieved. To help solve the problem of the Qigong. Simple breathing exercises promote not only weight loss but also strengthen muscles, regulate metabolism, and improve overall health.

What is Qigong

The guy is Qigong

The history of the health system of Qigong comes from the ancient China. The main task is to regulate the correct flow of energy inside the human body. Some believe that Qigong is an easy method of weight loss, which includes respiratory, therapeutic exercises, self-massage. For others it’s a path of spiritual self – development, challenging meditation practices. The word Qigong translates as the ability to control the body’s Qi energy, the opportunity to get it outside and give.

For centuries developed principles of teaching Qigong that allow you to restore the imbalance in the circulation of energy in the body to provide a therapeutic effect, to promote weight loss. The philosophy of Qigong:

  • relaxation, naturalness and tranquillity;
  • coordination of thought and energy is mental in the direction of its desired location of the body;
  • the combination of rest with motion;
  • «the devastation of the top and content bottom»;
  • continuity of practice with gradual progress.

Performing Qigong exercises for weight loss, you direct the energy to where its deficit. The process of recovery, and then the accumulation of Qi. In addition, there is an energy effect on the body like therapy – medical treatment process. Removed the symptoms of the disease and eliminates the causes. In your desire to lose weight along the way, you can get rid of the diseases that haunted you for years. It is important to note that the effect of the training will be only in case of their regularity. After a couple of months you will notice a big difference in the photo.

The benefits of breathing exercises for weight loss

The girl is engaged in respiratory gymnastics

Popular Qigong for effective weight loss has no age limit. You will not experience hunger, as it happens with many diets. For classes need 15 minutes in the morning and evening. Thanks to this technique:

  • improves blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism;
  • deep breathing makes the massage of the internal organs;
  • evening classes relax the body for rest;
  • decreases or disappears the feeling of hunger;
  • include mechanisms fat burning;
  • increases immunity;
  • felt a surge of energy.

How to do breathing exercises Qigong

Group sessions for weight loss

Who feels a slight indisposition, has cardiovascular disease or gastrointestinal disease, you need to reduce the classes to 2 minutes instead of fifteen. When deterioration should stop exercise. Doing the job on the system Qigong for successful weight loss, you must abide by the rules. Important points:

  • you have loose clothes;
  • ventilated room;
  • nobody prevents occupation;
  • you save a relaxed state;
  • full concentration on the process;
  • breathe freely and slowly;
  • eyes during activities covered;
  • to properly complete the process.

Breathing exercises for weight loss, tsangpa is translated – to lose fat. Complex Qigong consists of three main exercises – the «frog», «Lotus», «wave». All they mobilize hidden until the time reserves of the body. Doing exercise «frog»:

  • to sit cross-legged;
  • put the elbows on the knees;
  • squeeze your hand into a fist, men right, women left;
  • to clasp with the other hand;
  • rest your forehead on his fist;
  • make a slow breath through the nose, expanding the abdomen;
  • withstand for 2 seconds and breathe briefly;
  • slowly exhale.

Girl doing exercise Qigong

Exercise «Lotus» in the set for weight loss Qigong consists of 3 stages. The first two for 5 minutes, and the third ten. To perform in the following sequence:

  • sit down, spine straight, legs to cross;
  • to fold the hands in the lower abdomen in men on top of the right hand, women – left;
  • push a language in the sky;
  • the first step is to breathe deeply, naturally;
  • second – breath, as in the first case, the exhalation is long, thin, quiet;
  • third – focus on inhalation and exhalation, breath, as in ordinary life.

After completing these two exercises the correct way. Pull your palm in front of chest, not opening his eyes, RUB them together ten times. You brush 3 times a hair. Open your eyes, clenching his hands into fists, stretch up. Take a deep breath and exhale. When you exercise, «wave», you use breathing for weight loss abdominal. It is the task of Qigong should be performed:

  • lie on your back, bending them at the knees;
  • one hand put on his chest and the other on your stomach;
  • on the inhale lift the chest, pull the abdomen;
  • on the exhale – on the contrary.


Lessons breathing exercises Qigong

Using breathing exercises for weight loss, it is worth remembering that the technique of Qigong has a strong influence on the body. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Completely excluded classes of Qigong with internal bleeding, recent surgery on internal organs – it should take 3 months. Contraindications to the use of:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • the period of menstruation in women – a possible failure of the cycle, the increased blood loss;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver.

Diet before and after class

Technique Qigong includes not only breathing exercises for weight loss, and diet changes. Implementation of gymnastics contributes to the reduction of appetite, reduction of volume portions. This does not mean the rejection of food. System weight loss require to make sure it’s Breakfast, lunch, and light dinner. This is important in order not to experience dizziness, lack of blood sugar, fatigue.

Qigong for weight loss addresses the harmful consequences of restricted eating. To get the effect of gymnastic training on the system, you must follow the rules of nutrition:

  • to replace meat with legumes and soy products;
  • to remove from the menu fatty, fried foods;
  • eliminate flour products;
  • to reduce the calorie content of food;
  • eat more vegetables and fruits;
  • to eat dairy foods;
  • to include in the diet fish, nuts.

Training video tutorials for beginners

Chinese medicine for weight loss recommends to strictly observe not only the sequence of exercises, but also their execution time. In order not to harm the health, performing breathing exercises Qigong, first carefully view all the video tutorials. Only then start classes. It will be For you a tutorial and school for weight loss. This is important:

  • the sequence of execution;
  • the pose, which is charging;
  • the position of the body and the hands;
  • the correct execution of breathing methods;
  • the completion of the exercise.

Chinese Qigong for beginners — 15 minute

Breathing technique for weight loss with Lana Antol

Effective exercise frog

Exercise Lotus

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