The beer diet

There is a belief that spirits in the full range promote healthy weight gain. It is not so, because nutritionists are a special technique for losing weight, the main component of which is beer. If you don’t know how to get rid of belly diet on the beer will help you cope with this problem.

The benefits of beer for the figure

Drink made from hops

If you add this beer into the diet menu for every day, for a week already 10 pounds overweight if will dissolve without starvation and intense physical stress, while improving overall health and mood. When choosing a beer diet it is important to know about its beneficial properties for health. This:

  • diuretic effect for the withdrawal of fluids from the body;
  • normalization of the kidneys;
  • a fast metabolism;
  • normalization of blood cholesterol;
  • improvement of the process of digestion;
  • stabilization of the nervous system in effective weight loss;
  • enrichment of the organism with trace elements, vitamins, minerals from the beer.

Beer acts as a powerful fat burner: eliminates clusters of fat, helps to remove the stomach and hips, shape your muscle mass to tighten loose skin. To accelerate obtaining the desired result it is recommended to eat low-calorie food, not to forget about adequate fluid intake. A prerequisite is a complete rejection of salt, spices.

Sample menu beer diet for a week

Glasses of beer

To lose weight at home, not necessarily to train hard, to starve, to constantly overload your body. Burn extra calories with the help of beer. The duration of this diet is one week. Before you remove a beer belly, consult your nutritionist and physician to prevent complications weight. To implement use the following diet menu for 7 days:

  • Monday. In the daily diet is dominated by a liter of beer, also used 100 g of buckwheat groats, cooked with water, without butter, spices, salt.
  • Tuesday. Throughout the day, allowed to drink 1 liter of beer and eat 100 g of boiled chicken fillet.
  • Environment. All day to drink 1 liter of beer, a portion of which recommended to choose lean meat in the amount of 100 g.
  • Thursday. The beer stays in the same quantity but instead of meat, it is recommended to prepare a similar portion of boiled fish without added salt, spices.
  • Friday. Menu of the day – fruit and vegetable, and these foods are allowed to eat in unlimited quantities. The beer is stored in the same volume.
  • Saturday. The daily menu offers only 1 liter of beer a day.
  • Sunday. This is the last day of the diet when you can abandon the use of beer, and replace it with mineral water without the addition of gas in unlimited quantity.

Suggested beer diet for weight loss is ideal for men who can not imagine their life without this intoxicating drink. For women it is also an effective method. To speed up getting desired result you can with the additional inclusion in the diet diet low-calorie cocktails energy Diet.

Diet in diet

Beer in the diet for weight loss

The answer to the question, can I lose weight on the beer, obviously, but it is important to keep in new weight. Not to get back to kilograms, you need to control the menu for the next week after this loss. It is prohibited to increase servings of beer, to increase the caloric intake. Food should be light and fortified, do not overeat. Water drink 2 liters per day, control the intake of vitamins and minerals.


Before to lose weight so progressive and affordable method, be sure to consult with experts about potential health threats. Among the existing contraindications, which includes diet beer, modern doctors and nutritionists such anomalies and pathological processes of the body:

  • intolerance of hops;
  • a tendency to alcoholism;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • renal and liver failure;
  • vascular disease;
  • chronic diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.

Diet for men and women on beer are especially effective during the holiday season, because this beverage is absolutely contraindicated when performing work with increased concentration, management of personal or public vehicle. Otherwise contraindications are completely absent, and a week without much difficulty to become easier to 7-10 kg

Reviews and results thinner

Ivan, 31 years: I was all happy on such a diet, but you have a week to starve. One liter of beer is not enough to eat, and the portion of meat does not help. If you stock up on will power and patience, there are chances to lose 5-7 kg per week. Somehow I did it, but it is important not to break during the release of the chosen method for weight loss. If you eat as before, just returned 3 kg.

Ilona, 35 years: her Husband once sat on a diet. I believe that people who love beer, this system of weight loss is not suitable. They are not able to stretch during the day, only one liter of beer, and consumed it in one sitting. Then very quickly a strong sense of hunger, people lose weight breaks down – especially towards the late evening.

Anna, 31 years: I sat on this diet and lost weight 7 days 7 kg. the First days it was difficult to hold and not break, but it is to the environment used to a limited diet and drinking beer. By itself, alcoholic drinks do not drink, but he really does not want to eat. I was able to lose weight and stay in new weight without any restrictions in food and beer.

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