Losing weight on protein shakes

Many men and women dream of a perfect body. Today there is a huge range of tools that allow you to achieve fat burning effect and keep a desired weight. Among them special place is occupied by protein shakes for weight loss. The protein drink helps to get rid of excess weight and has a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole.

Composition and useful properties of the fat-burning cocktails

Girl drinking protein shake for weight loss

Protein shakes for effective weight loss appeared relatively recently, but quickly gained popularity among athletes and people who just want to look good. Protein drinks constitute a balanced functional food, which is a Supplement to the standard daily diet. This product is ideal for those cases when a person wants to overcome excess weight, but do not want to torture your body with diets.

Calorie protein cocktail is low – a maximum of 200 calories per 250 grams. But in one of the portions contains many useful substances. Each protein drink is a water soluble protein that is obtained from foods of plant origin, egg protein or whey. Cocktails for the professional athletes plus contain multivitamins, mineral supplements, carbohydrates.

Energy protein remedies for weight loss sometimes supplemented with sucrose, fructose or fats. Vegetable drinks with protein prefer primarily vegetarians, because vegetable protein is absorbed in the body worse and slower. In some drinking fat burning means of well-known companies add special ingredients: L-carnitine (stimulates the consumption of fat) and chromium picolinate (appetite suppressant).

The main advantages of protein shakes for weight loss are:

  • help to lose weight;
  • establish the metabolic processes in the body, thus speeding up the slimming effect;
  • dull the sense of hunger;
  • improve the condition and color of the skin;
  • have a mild laxative effect.

Review of the best protein shake for weight loss

Protein shakes for weight loss

There are many modern protein shakes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and creating beautiful pieces: «energy Diet», «Pills», «Manager», etc. Often, these funds comprise a dry mixture with vitamins and other useful components. Buy a protein drink at the pharmacy, specialized stores or ordered online. Don’t know how to choose the right drug? Here are some of the most popular proteinaceous smoothies for weight loss:

  1. Many have heard about products for losing weight Energy Diet, which is part of NL. Drinks this company is saturate the body with various nutrients. Plus, normalizes digestion, accelerate metabolic processes, which contributes to the active loss of overweight. Part from Energy Diet NL international include plant and animal proteins, amino acids, enzymes for fast breakdown of food, fibre, vitamins, minerals (iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium).
  2. Drinks with protein Herbalife – products, which can be a substitute for a full meal. With such a cocktail for weight loss you can control your weight, to maintain the body in great shape. Drinking remedy for weight loss «Herbalife» includes soy protein, fiber, and 20 of the most essential vitamins, herbs, minerals. Protein drink this brand need to add another meal and regular physical exercise.
  3. Protein fat burning drink, which is produced by the firm «Faberlic», ideal to prevent disorders of metabolism, gives the body all the necessary nutrients in terms of power loads-helps efficiently to get rid of extra pounds. The drink contains trace elements, vitamins, fructose, protein (pea), fiber, enzymes to digest protein.
  4. The cocktail for weight loss Natural Balance from Oriflame – it is a completely harmless, natural product that actively fights fat deposits. To lose weight at home simply, if you properly use protein remedy. With it increases efficiency, there is a surge of energy, getting better balanced functional food, goes overweight.

How to take for weight loss

Strawberry protein shake for weight loss

Fat burning protein drink is recommended to drink half an hour before a workout or physical activity. Alternative 40 minutes after workout. The balanced diet can not replace the protein shake, because this will negatively affect the digestive system. Experts advise to drink a Cup of protein drink instead of snacks or one meal. Weight loss smoothies should be consumed in the morning (during the break between the first and second Breakfast), evening (e.g., at dinner) 2-3 hours before bedtime.

How to prepare at home – recipes

A woman prepares a protein shake

Protein drink, helps to fight overweight, you can quickly prepare at home. You just need to take the right ingredients, mix them with a blender and the delicious fat burner ready. This process will not take much time but will turn out natural and delicious cocktail for weight loss and good health. Here are some recipes protein drink:

  1. For the first cocktail you will need kiwi, a few slices of lemon, some big branches of parsley, mint leaves and chilled water (100 ml). Products peel, wash and chop in a food processor.
  2. Delicious and healthy drink with protein – egg-milkshake. It is necessary to mix into a homogeneous mass of cottage cheese (fat free), nonfat milk, seven protein quail eggs and a banana.
  3. Grind using a blender the following ingredients: two tablespoons of oatmeal, a little honey, banana, skim milk, yoghurt (5 teaspoons), vanilla ice-cream. Bon appetit!
  4. Protein drink for weight loss with strawberries and nuts. Add to blender and mix 200 ml of buttermilk, half a kiwi, a banana, half Cup strawberries, handful of walnuts, chicken egg, honey.

Video about protein shake in sports nutrition

Reviews about the outcome after applying

Marina, 25 years: Some years I was drinking protein shakes «Manager». A couple of months lost 5 pounds. Recently, a friend advised how you can save money, but continue to use the protein tools. I began to prepare drinks for weight loss at home. Almost no difference, and a positive effect.

Natalia, 38 years: I do sports for about 5 years. All this time, on the advice of a coach, take to the gym protein shake. Drink it after your workout. Dietary protein Supplement replaces the meal, well normalizes metabolism. Thanks to the protein in a liquid form and exercise I managed to lose 15 kg in a year.

Olga, 28 years: the Coach advised me to buy protein shakes energy Diet. Combining them with training, already lost 8 pounds. Drink one drink before class, and the second instead of dinner. Cocktails Energy Diet is a great feeling, moderate appetite and a feeling of saturation, a marked improvement in the figure. A cocktail of protein bars I bought through the official website Energy Diet.

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