Potato diet for weight loss

To achieve the goal and to lose weight, perhaps in different ways, and using products that are often excluded from the diet. These include potatoes. How to lose a few pounds? The following to lose weight at home.

Features and rules of diet on potatoes

Boiled potatoes with greens

Condition weight loss using potatoes is the correct storage and cooking of the product. Fresh it contains few calories, and over time accumulates starch and becomes quite non-dietary. Processing methods also affect the process of weight loss – they should be gentle, i.e. in the form of boiling, braising, or steaming. So starch is quickly broken down into simple sugars that the body quickly assimilates. In addition, you cannot add to potato dishes mayonnaise, oil, spices and different sauces.

Options potato diet and menu for weight loss

There are several types of potato diets for weight loss. They all have common advantages:

  1. Diet nutritious and satisfying, so do not feel hunger.
  2. Potato is useful for the body, because contains nutrients such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, amino acids, potassium and vitamins C and St.
  3. Potato dishes for the diet easy to prepare.
  4. The final cost of the diet is low, because the potato is an affordable product.
  5. Any diet does not reduce the performance of, or apathetic States.

Potato diet for weight loss has variants with different duration and list of products. First on the list is mono-diet for 3 days, which is fast results and a limited number of products, so it can be used for handling days. Other food include yogurt, cabbage, eggs or soups. To lose weight on potatoes will help and diet of Julia Roberts, which is also based on this product.

A quick mono-diet for 3 days

Baked potatoes for diet

If you’re about to Shine on the ceremony and your dress not worn, use extra fasting on potatoes, which will take only 3 days. Only it is hard, therefore it is not recommended to increase the period of compliance. To reset you will be able to about 2-3 extra pounds. Menu every day potato diet for weight loss presented in the table.

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
A glass of skim milk Fat-free yogurt Unsalted mashed potatoes on the water – 250 g Fat-free yogurt Lettuce, 200 g of boiled potatoes, egg, herbs, a little vegetable oil

Kefir potato for 7 days

Kartoplyana puree

A more gentle version of the potato diet is designed for 7 days. Its content is not more complicated than the previous menu is complemented by yogurt, meat broths, mineral water and several other useful products. The diet is more varied, and therefore stick with it longer permissible. The plumb line is slightly greater than on the mono-diet, and is about 4-5 kg. For dinner, you should drink only kefir, and other daily products are presented in the table.

Day Breakfast Lunch
First Unsalted mashed potatoes with butter

A glass of mineral water

Beef broth with potato dumplings

A glass of mineral water

Second Baked potatoes with vegetables

Mineral water

Jacket potatoes

Chicken broth

Mineral water

Third Vareniki with potato and sour cream

Clean water

Soup based on rice with potatoes


Fourth Baked potatoes

Mineral water

Soup with pasta and potatoes

Cucumber salad

Fifth Potato pancakes


Chicken soup with potatoes

Vegetable side dish

Sixth Potatoes and vegetables, baked with cheese


Soup vegetarian

Mineral water

Seventh Boiled potatoes with green beans on the side Soup with mushrooms and potatoes

Vegetable side dish

Potato and cabbage for 10 days

A dish of roasted vegetables

To Supplement diet can be another useful product which is characterized by negative calorie. We are talking about cabbage. The duration of this diet is increased to 10 days, as the diet becomes more nutritious. You are allowed to use any kind of cabbage – white, red, broccoli or Chinese. The basis of the diet is soup. The use of cooking cabbage, potatoes and some onions with the carrots. In addition, during the day allowed to eat the main ingredients separately. Menu for 1 day may be as in the table.

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Baked potato


Cup of tea

Coleslaw Cabbage-potato soup

Baked potatoes

Coleslaw Potato gratin

Braised cabbage on the side


Potato and egg

Cooking with boiled potatoes

Diets are often bad because they contain little protein. Potato the power supply system can be extended to a week, but at the same time to diversify the eggs. So the body will get a lot of protein. If the quality of the snacks to use cocktails energy diet, the effectiveness of the diet will be even higher. In addition, you don’t want sweet, they have different flavors – cappuccino, vanilla, banana or strawberry. As the main meals should be dishes presented in the table:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Tea or coffee

The soft-boiled egg

Jacket potatoes with olive oil

Boiled egg

Jacket potatoes with olive oil

Boiled egg

The potato soup

Diet soup

Diet is very important to keep drinking regime. If we add to the diet of soups, then this problem would not be so acute. The recipe of this diet meals, the following:

  1. Peel and dice 2 potatoes.
  2. In a saucepan, pour 1.5 liters of cold water and throw in 3 tbsp rice, 1 peeled and chopped onion, 1 grated carrot, a few broccoli inflorescences.
  3. Put the saucepan on the fire. Bring to a boil.
  4. After boiling, remove the foam, cook on low heat until tender.
  5. At the end add salt, and season with fresh herbs.
  6. Eat about 10 days as lunch and dinner, supplementing diet with fresh vegetables and dairy products.

How to get out of the diet

Of any diet need to go gradually, so dropped weight is not returned. To potato is also true, and the principles for each version are the same. The only difference is that with a longer duration of the diet exit should not have a corresponding term. Here are the rules, which should adhere to:

  1. On the first day after the diet, add a little seasoning and oil.
  2. The following 4-5 days eat only in small portions, distributed them 5-6 times.
  3. Enter high-calorie foods gradually and in small quantities.
  4. Do not snack sandwiches – replace them with vegetable salads with a dressing of linseed oil or cocktails energy diet.
  5. Try not to return to the usual diet, and it is better to go to the right.

Video: how to lose 10 pounds in a week

Reviews and results thinner

Julius, 32 years: Tried this for weight loss system on the advice of a friend. She stuck to her for the second time and I decided, together with her company. As a result she has for the week with baked potatoes and buttermilk left 5 kg, and I – 6. To stick hard, but it’s worth it, because the belly is decreased, and the body, you will feel such ease. The weight did not return, so I advise to all women.

Catherine, 42 years: Eat a diet soups with potatoes in a month. Soup cooked in chicken or lean beef. The result of this long diet was minus 8 kg, and of sweet I wanted, I combined it with a delicious cocktail energy diet. I liked the banana one bite and hunger does not bother. I recommend to try.

Natalia, 21 years: No diet was bad for me, because in almost every you need to eliminate the potatoes, and I love him very much. Then I stumbled upon the ideal power supply system in which this product should be used a lot, but only in boiled or baked form. The result pleased for a week with the cabbage and potatoes I lost 4 kg. Suggest.

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