Pilates for weight loss at home: video lessons for beginners

Pilates for weight loss

Nowadays not only want to lose weight, but to achieve the perfect figure, tone the muscles of the whole body to be healthy. Will it be Pilates. The exercises of this program revitalizes the entire body. Find out what is the feature of the exercises, chosen by many women is fitness, gymnastics, aerobics.

What is Pilates

Girl does Pilates

Pilates is a form of group classes. They perform a set of exercises aimed at maintaining muscle tone entire body, their processing, but without increasing their weight and volume. These exercises developed in the twentieth century Joseph Pilates. His goal was to own the physical development and rehabilitation. After got a positive result, he decided to share the secret with the masses. About this form of exercise Europe learned only in the late twentieth century and post-Soviet countries – the beginning of the twenty-first.

The basic principles and rules of the classroom

What is so special about Pilates for weight loss? The main and most difficult principle is breath. Difficult to achieve correct application of breath on physical activity. The right is a combination of the beginning of the exhalation with the beginning of the movement of the body. In total, the programme is based on 5 principles which are the physical exercises that help to lose weight:

  1. Work on the breath. All the movements performed by the body must be accompanied by an even inhales and exhales.
  2. Smooth movements. All the exercises are done without tears and sudden movements.
  3. Concentration. In the course of performing the movements you need to consider every move and to understand, on what body part you are working on at the moment.
  4. Gradualism. As in any sport or programs of exercises should be increased gradually, so as not to injure the body.
  5. Frequency. Only a regular schedule of exercise can achieve tangible results.

Effective exercises for weight loss

Pilates for weight loss

To start working with warm up the entire body to avoid discomfort and injuries. Warm-up, starting with the head and neck, slowly run over the body:

  • slow turns, the circular movement of the neck;
  • then warm up the shoulders and back exercises – progressive relaxation of shoulders by lowering hands down, the smooth rounding of the back from the waist and reverse wave movement before bending back in the opposite direction;
  • stretching hands – fixation horizontally outstretched right hand left, and Vice versa, the fixation must be accompanied by a feeling of stretching the muscles of the hand;
  • stretching the legs in a standing position put your right foot on a step forward and slowly bend to an angle of 90 with a flat back, repeat with the left foot.

During the warm-up process to monitor the breath: it should be smooth. Exhale starts with movement. Hereinafter, the basic exercises. Most importantly, what they want to achieve women’s beautiful abs, toned hips, legs, flexibility. Consider effective exercises for weight loss:

  1. For the press. Popular exercise, very effective. It beginners perform 30 seconds on two approaches. The position of the body in the form of bars, emphasis on the toes, straight legs, back, arms in the elbow stop. Body line must be straight and without bending up go down. In the process you need to follow uniformity of breath.
  2. For the legs and hips. Exercise with raised legs, the knee of the foot horizontal to the body. On the inhale stomach in, exhale to start the rotation of the feet. In the first hand, then to the mountain and themselves. The deployment of the legs comes from the hips. Slowly lower straight legs. Repeat at least five times.
  3. Pilates for belly and sides. Exercise in which while lying on the back to raise the body and straight legs up, holding the balance. Leg raise to 45, and stretched horizontally to the floor doing short swings several times on the inhale and exhale. Legs gently lower and repeat the exercise at least seven times.

Girl performs Pilates exercises

Diet before and after workout

It is necessary to eat within 40 minutes after complex. During this period, the body needs recuperation, which he spent. If you don’t eat restores a dose of glycogen, during subsequent loads, the body will spend less energy. It is helpful to drink cocoa with milk, or make with this protein product shake. Foods from Energy Diet specially designed for a healthy diet all day and after training. With their help, with the tailored workouts, you can plan menus for each day and the amount of calories.

Which is better for weight loss yoga or Pilates

These two types of practices at first glance very similar to each other:

  • smooth movements, low intensity;
  • concentration on breathing, a slow pace;
  • emphasis on technique and not on the number of performances.

Group lessons in the hall

Yoga and Pilates make the body fit, improve posture, strengthen the spine, improve coordination of movements. The difference is the absence of the Pilates philosophy on which yoga is built. Pilates for weight loss uses some of the asanas of Indian traditions, can also be used balls, bands, dumbbells. What is more useful when losing weight? All depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. However, Pilates has more exercises to strengthen muscles, burning more number of calories, as a result, promotes more rapid weight loss.

Are there any contraindications for training

At first Pilates was created as exercises for rehabilitation. Therefore, if there are injuries or damage that is often prescribed Pilates for recovery. Pilates can do to prevent the development of diseases such as osteoporosis, arthrosis. By all indications, you must first pass the examination and to understand work to do, what to heal or fix. If the goal is weight loss, then visit the doctor remains important that the process not harm your body. Among the contraindications:

  • scoliosis, spinal injuries, joints;
  • flat feet in the third degree;
  • mental illness;
  • non-accrete fractures;
  • tumor;
  • viral colds.

Hand injury

Training video tutorials for beginners

To start training better with the advice of a teacher: knowledgeable person will explain all the nuances of the performance. Is to buy a ticket at least a month. Exercises can be divided according to the complexity on multiple levels that will need to go gradually. Video tutorials will help you to complete the course from beginning to end, lose weight at home.

The initial course

The average level

Advanced level

Recommendations for exercises at home


Lolita, 42 years: the Weight loss started dieting, and did not take into account your age. It is very exhausting, not yielded the desired result. To help beginning gymnastics for weight loss, which I really loved. Posture was better, the figure came back to normal. Want to do Pilates for weight loss. Many friends are doing, only positive reviews.

Eugene, 25 years: Home is a simulator, but no benefit from it. Want to try Pilates at home. Found many sites with techniques of exercise at each level. It is very good that there are photos and videos. A big plus is that classes will only need a Mat and other accessories – as desired.

March, 28 years: was Engaged in Pilates for rehabilitation after a fracture. Now I feel great, like that put in order the body burned the extra fat. Health has improved significantly. I advise you to try, in this system, everyone will find exercises for yourself.

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