Pilates for beginners at home

Say, Pilates for novice at home perfect. It helps to strengthen the body’s center that teaches to keep a stable posture under load, and produces the correct posture. Due to this only a few weeks you will look slimmer. And if diet connect will reveal the secret of losing weight with this exercise. However, it is not so simple. Pilates as copying movements with the next video not so effective. You need a sense of the body, and will require some preparatory exercises.

Suitable for this method of training?

Some coaches love this gym, and start the OPP to put the newcomer with her. The reason is the availability of biomechanical movements for all skill levels. And if simple, then these exercises do not require special flexibility and strength, so they can be run directly after a long period of inactivity. However, this argument is valid only for Pilates initial level. Advanced demand control center of the body, but it comes after a couple months of regular classes.

The second reason is that with the help of this type of exercise, sorry, it is impossible to pump. But not all customers share the modern sport ideals of beauty. So if you are afoot Pilates for relief, use it only as a first step, and don’t forget about the need to move on. For example, proper strength training.

Talk about any level of articles about Pilates for beginners at home — it’s great. But they do not reflect reality. If the person is a complete beginner, it can be difficult to begin to train yourself. Fortunately, a group of Pilates in every fitness club. And if you want to start your own at home, go for 10-12 sessions, first in the club. Or to the coach. Desperate groupies home will fit and such service as a coach at home or via Skype. Look on city Bulletin boards. Money is a pity? And time, which you will lose, doing exercises wrong, no?

why the complexity of the Pilates for beginners?

The biggest problem with this seemingly simple exercises is that it uses unfamiliar motor pattern. Stand up right now from your chair, straighten up and lift your leg to waist level. Thigh parallel to the floor. What works? If you are moving like normal people, you will feel the tone of reference eggs, and work the anterior surface of the legs raised. But if you did it in the style of Pilates, you would have felt the tie of the blades to the spine, retraction of the abdomen, and direct the work of the abdominal muscles. Plus prosohnut own leg weights. It is the understanding of this difference and will help to learn gymnastics.


How to teach first position Pilates?

If no options with the club all not, and you want to study at home themselves, is to use a simple algorithm:

  • teach first position Pilates to perfection, learn to live with it, to get out of the chair and the bed and raise his legs in different directions;
  • choose 2-4 video tutorial for beginners who start with the first position Pilates, and work on one of them in a day. It’s been a couple of weeks? Change the lesson.
  • do not take those video tutorials where the model gantelkami waving, stretching the rubber bands and torturing other small equipment. Our goal at the first stage is to learn to feel the center of your body, performing a movement of the hands, feet and body;
  • after a month of looking for a more dynamic workout, such as winsor pilates, pop pilates, or a hybrid of yoga and Pilates, and work with it. It is necessary to increase aerobic endurance, improve heart function;
  • we turn finally to lessons for advanced level, if we don’t need no more progress in appearance or in power, away from Pilates if needed.

The first position Pilates for beginners at home

Stand up straight, shoulders on the same level. First easily tighten the stomach so that he «went» inside of 30 percent of maximum retraction. Look at yourself in the mirror from the side. Now you have to straighten up, that is, to scroll shoulders back, shoulder blades and lowered them to the pelvis. This should not be a chest like a gymnast or a soldier. The retraction of the abdomen is compensated by the lift of the chest and we get such a plane is found. Then «soften» your knees (just slightly bend them) and work with the pelvis. Twist pelvic bone forward until then, until the natural lumbar lordosis. Now we have to see the plane and back. And now is heavily involved the stomach and «hold» it in. The first workout could be just hold this position and breath into it. You must learn to breathe only light, not relaxing the press and removing the rotation of the pelvis. All the bending, twisting and leg swings performed in this position.

the easiest complex Pilates for the beginner

  1. Stand up straight. Adopt the first position and slowly lower your chest down, twisting one vertebrae while the palm does not touch the floor. Go back to the counter slowly, 5-10 reps;
  2. From straight stand allow the right hip to the side and up, run for 20 rounds toe clockwise and counterclockwise, and repeat with the other leg;
  3. Lie on the floor, take the first position, and bring the lower ribs to the pelvis, thinking more about the first position than twisting. Do not grip the neck, 5-10 reps;
  4. Turn over on your stomach, take the first position and slowly lift your chest off the floor, trying to resist myself the movement of retraction of the abdomen. 5-10 repetitions;
  5. Get out of this position in the bar, take the first position and perform 5-10 slow push-UPS;
  6. Sit on the floor, legs pull ahead, take the first position, arms in T-pose. Watch axis of the spine so that the whole T-design unfolded in the direction in the same plane. 5-10 repetitions in each direction;
  7. Get on all fours, take first position and do alternating swings up straight outstretched leg. Must work the buttock and hamstring. Sensations in the lower back retractable by retraction of the abdomen.

Most people find it hard to lose weight only Pilates classes, especially to beginners at home. Yet, we sit all day at a Desk, and a little move in everyday life, for the most part. Therefore, the experts of fitness advise us at least 30 minutes of light exercise e.g. walking or swimming per day in addition to gymnastics.

Pilates for beginners: video

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