Orange diet for weight loss menu for 7 days and 4 weeks

Diet oranges

A large number of methods for weight loss, but it is important to choose the one which is not harmful to health, disrupts digestion. Diet oranges is a great option because in addition to fast getting rid of extra pounds ensures the quality of bowel cleansing of toxins and impurities. The result of this technique for weight loss is immense.

Basic principles and benefits of diet on oranges

Girl holds orange diet

Before you choose this method of weight correction, it is necessary to exclude contraindications and side effects in losing weight the body. This is a strict diet, the duration of which is determined by the overweight, wishes on future pieces. The basic principle of orange diet the following:

  1. Weight loss is due to the oranges. Is a natural antioxidants, is an inexhaustible source of vitamins and powerful fat burner.
  2. Oranges dissolve subcutaneous fat, contribute to its inconspicuous excretion from the body. The splitting of fat, the skin becomes taut, elastic.
  3. Citrus fruit control the level of insulin, the enzyme responsible for the appetite, is involved in the processing of carbohydrates into fats.
  4. Oranges speed up the metabolism.
  5. This low-calorie product, where a 100 gram weight has 36 calories.

Effective method for weight loss in a week eliminates up to 2-3 kg weight loss, but it is not all the advantages of the orange diet. Following points:

  • prevention of malignant tumors;
  • stabilization of the rate of cholesterol at an acceptable level;
  • increased tone of the skin;
  • a strengthened immune system;
  • functional food;
  • stabilization increased blood pressure;
  • prevention of gallstones;
  • normalization of stool, the treatment of chronic constipation;
  • the activation of brain activity;
  • improving the quality of sperm;
  • rejuvenation of the skin.

Given all these benefits, it’s time to set a date for weight loss and the end result diet. If you look at the official website Energy Diet, you can learn a lot about the innovative method of correction of excess weight from NL international.

Menus and recipes for weight loss

Orange juice for weight loss

When you select the specified diet you can lose up to 15 pounds overweight, but it is important to adhere to all requirements of the dietitian. Below are a few options, every person selects one that allows you to achieve the desired result. A varied menu provides quick weight loss, disease prevention, not boring and does not inhibit the functioning of the CNS. Speed up the result diet an innovative composition from Energy Diet NL International.

Hard for 3-5 days

Kefir-orange diet offers meals, removes up to 3-4 kg. This method provides a low-calorie, high-efficiency: the citrus gives a feeling of fullness and burns fat, while yogurt regulates the digestive system. Diet diet does not differ a special variety, but 5 days you can work:

  1. For Breakfast you need to eat an orange, drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.
  2. The lunch menu contains a portion of boiled chicken (lean fish), a Cup of yogurt.
  3. In the afternoon again to drink a Cup of yogurt, eat one orange.
  4. Dinner ingredients the same with the afternoon snack.

During weight loss you can not limit yourself to the consumption of drinking water, and on the sixth day should run smoothly out of their diet, not to overload the digestion of heavy food. To adhere to such a system power it is recommended 1 time per 6 months and not more often, but to consult with your doctor about possible problems with digestion.

Express diet for 7 days

If you don’t need extra weight loss, it is recommended to choose a seven-day course with a more lenient regime. If you stick to the suggested diet menu for a week can get rid of 3 kg without additional exercise. Diet first day of the following:

  1. Breakfast – orange and biscuit.
  2. Lunch – a Cup of yogurt, an orange, boiled egg, crackers.
  3. Dinner – a glass of tomato juice, toast, 2 boiled eggs.

The diet of the second day:

  1. Breakfast – orange and biscuit.
  2. Lunch – boiled egg, toast, a Cup of yogurt, an orange.
  3. Dinner – portion of boiled beef 200 g, croutons, tomato, an orange, a Cup of yogurt.

Oranges and juice for diet

The diet of the third day:

  1. Breakfast and dinner the previous days again.
  2. Dinner – a piece of steak with some bread, a glass of nonfat yogurt and an orange.

Diet fourth day:

  1. Breakfast is repeated.
  2. Lunch – a serving of nonfat cottage cheese, cucumber and tomato, croutons.
  3. Dinner – portion of boiled beef 200 g, croutons, tomato, Apple.

Diet the fifth day:

  1. A traditional Breakfast.
  2. Lunch – boiled fish, 200 g, vegetable salad, a glass of kefir.
  3. For dinner, boil an egg, eat 2 tomatoes and lettuce.

Meals in a week you need to degrease, not to forget the oranges, without which it should not do any one meal. Out of the diet gradual, it is recommended to continue to monitor the calorie ingredients of the daily menu, otherwise the excess weight will return. Increase the dietary effect cocktails energy Diet that continue intense fat burning without enhanced physical activity.

Egg-orange for 2 weeks

Products for egg-orange diet

Known longer diets that provide quick weight reduction, stability of the result. Breakfast during that same time includes half an orange and a boiled egg, but the other options for meals are somewhat different. The ingredients of the two-week diet low in calories, and nutritionists are allowed to choose only two out of all the announced courses:

  1. Lunch – boiled chicken or fish, 200 grams, 1 citrus, vegetable or fruit salad, low-fat cottage cheese 100 grams, boiled or roasted vegetables in the amount of 200 grams.
  2. Dinner – crackers, boiled chicken or beef 200 g, a salad of raw or roasted vegetables, citrus, Apple juice, low-fat fish or a small serving of cottage cheese.

Sparing at 4 weeks

If weight loss does not need to rush, you can choose a four-week course, which guarantees a gradual weight loss is 2-3 kg per week. This method for weight correction involves three steps: fat burning, weight retention and enrich the body with vitamins. The duration of each diet period is 10 days, but the greatest effect of losing weight falls on the first stage. Varied diet restrictions apply only to simple carbohydrates, fats, crude fiber. It is allowed to drink cocktails Energy Diet to speed up the desired result.

Diet in diet

After methods for weight loss should not hurry with the use of hearty dishes, the introduction of high-calorie ingredients should be gradual. It is recommended in the course of a week alternate protein and kefir days, to add vitamins, natural antioxidants. The calorie content of foods is best to control the table to drink plenty of fluids, avoid overeating, avoid visiting fast food restaurants.

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Feedback about the results of weight loss

Irina, 25 years: instead of yogurt, I was on duty, orange and Apple juice, the result after a week pleasantly pleased. Lost 3 kg, but I’m going to continue the diet further. The most important thing after eating oranges do not want to, but you need to check for allergies. For example, my friend this power system does not fit, and I absolutely loved it. Another effective diet for orange juice.

Svetlana, 28 years: Apple-orange method is my salvation, as for a week managed to lose 5 kg In diet was not the only fruit, and I drank chicken broth, ate boiled fish and beef. Never used only fats, simple carbohydrates. I recommend to all this useful diet, as it is a delicious and hearty way to lose weight quickly without harm to health.

Marina, 22 years: If you look at my school photo, now I look much slimmer, because with citrus diet lost 17 lbs. I chose the methodology for 4 weeks, and already after the first course – 10 kg down. A few months later repeated the feat but this time the result was minus 7 kg. I am very happy with these external transformations, became even more confident.

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