Oatmeal for weight loss

Oatmeal has long been known for its beneficial properties. Nutrients and vitamins will not only help to fill the energy supply, but also lose weight. For this you need to learn how to cook oatmeal pudding, which is not only very nutritious – dish removes toxins and harmful substances from the body, contributing to weight loss.

How useful oatmeal for the figure

A dish for cleansing the body

Thanks to the research scientists know that oatmeal for weight loss is not the best way without harm to the body to lose weight. The product helps to cleanse the bowel from food, stool, improves the digestive system, which ultimately provides an unbeatable slimming effect. After a few weeks of oatmeal jelly for weight loss every day you will feel lightness in the whole body, and with it a surge of energy and strength.

In addition, the jelly of oatmeal for weight loss to a significant degree reduces the level of cholesterol, and this affects the cardiovascular system. Regular consumption of this product helps to prevent stroke, hypertension, diabetes. Such a simple and healthy dish must be able to cook every woman, to take care of yourself and all members of her family.

How to cook miracle jelly at home

There are several recipes for oatmeal jelly for weight loss at home. All the methods do not require any special culinary training, and the result will be beautiful, slim body and good mood. To prepare the product for weight loss it is better to buy whole grain oats, because it contains the greatest quantity of useful substances to the body. However, the product can be prepared using oatmeal, which is almost always in every home. Any starch, flour and other thickeners you will not need.

A classic recipe

Cup with a drink made according to the classic recipe

You will need:

  • oats – 500 g;
  • kefir 1% fat – 100 ml;
  • low-fat sour cream – 1 tbsp;
  • the crust of rye bread – 50-60 g;
  • water – 3.5 liters.

Be patient and start the cooking process:

  1. Grind the barley, boil water, let cool.
  2. In an enamel bowl pour oats and cover with water. There also add all the other ingredients.
  3. Close the pan with a lid, wrap up in a blanket, and send for a couple of days in a dark place. So you’ve started the fermentation process.
  4. After two days, strain the mixture.
  5. From the resulting liquid you cook a thick jelly: put on medium heat the required amount of jelly and cook until thick.

Jelly of oatmeal


  • white bread – 50-60 g;
  • rolled oats – 3 tbsp.;
  • water – 3 tbsp.

Healthy beverage cereal

The process of preparing a product of oatmeal also takes two days:

  1. Pour cereal for weight loss hot water, add a slice of bread.
  2. Wrap the dishes in a warm blanket and get two days in a dark place.
  3. After this time strain the broth through cheesecloth.
  4. Liquid dilute two cups of warm water and put on fire. Season with a little salt.
  5. Once the liquid mixture has thickened, remove the pan from the stove. Jelly for effective weight loss is ready!

Recipe oatmeal-flax pudding

Although oatmeal for weight loss gives positive results, flax, too, has always been the main source of health. Its seeds are used for cooking and medicinal foods rich in fiber and other nutrients. In addition, they help to significantly reduce appetite. This means that the person drinking the oats, Flaxseed jelly, will not want to eat, or eat less than usual.

To prepare this jelly does not need to invent anything: choose any product recipe and at the last stage add the liquid ground flax seeds (1 tbsp). While you cook a wonderful tool, the grain will have time to swell, while its beneficial qualities will not lose. So you not only lose weight with the help of the jelly, but also saturate your body with the most nutrients, which can give the seeds of flax.

How to take for weight loss

Cocktail energy diet

The result was not long in coming, it is important to use the correct pudding for weight loss. First, the course should last no more than 30 days, then you should take a break. Second, the product should drink warm for half an hour before each meal, in addition to light snacks. If you follow these rules, then after two weeks you will notice changes in your body.

Another addition in the process of losing weight can be a cocktail Energy Diet. Their unique composition helps to satisfy hunger while giving the body all the necessary nutrients and energy. In combination with the consumption of oatmeal jelly cocktails will speed up the process of metabolism in the body, which can not impact on the effectiveness of weight loss.

Video: how to cook oatmeal pudding from Hercules

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Maria, 44 years: I always felt heaviness in the stomach after eating, did not drink oatmeal Izotova. In the past month I managed to get rid of 5 kg, however, I didn’t do anything, just drink the jelly and all! Cook it myself on the classic recipe, although I know that the mix you can buy at the pharmacy. Results and feelings are similar to a rice diet, only it is easier.

Svetlana, 35 years: With the help of oatmeal jelly I lost 7 kilograms in one course! Turned out to be very important in the process of losing weight to normalize your diet and accelerate metabolism. Jelly with it. Prior to that, what methods are tried. Diets in General are hard to tolerate, and then just have to drink the sour taste of the product and to develop a healthy menu for each day.

Olga, 33 years: For those who loves himself and wants to rapidly lose weight, the jelly of oatmeal for weight loss will be indispensable. Drink a glass before eating and they are not such large portions. Lose weight without feelings of hunger. For the calories are not being watched. I spend already the third year. The best result was 8 kg over 1 month. No longer ashamed to show their photos in a swimsuit!

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