Oatmeal diet

The benefits of oatmeal is evident not only in the saturation of the organism with necessary microelements, but also slimming effect. For this reason cereals are used as staple diet. Don’t know how to lose weight on the oatmeal? Use the recommendations below to lose weight.

Features and rules of diet on oatmeal

A low-calorie dish

The rules of the oatmeal diet is very simple – you need for all the meals you can use the same grits, and the portion sizes are not strictly limited. Losing weight chooses for himself how he will eat once a day, to come to his way of life and peculiarities of metabolism. The recommended volume is 5 small meals or 3 more dense. The important thing is to follow roughly the same intervals between them. As snacks you can use cocktails energy Diet, which saturate the body with protein and eliminate the feeling of hunger.

The entrance to such a supply system should not be sharp, so you need to gradually remove from the diet of harmful products. The same applies to the outlet – first introduced vegetables, then fish, poultry, fruit, milk. With regard to the use of the liquid, then allowed to drink only pure water and 4 cups of green tea. If the duration of the diet for more than 3 days to the diet, you need to add a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Menu options and recipes for weight loss

Options oatmeal diet a lot, so tuned to the weight loss, you can choose any of them and use the menu every day according to any method. The benefits of this cereal will manifest as a short term supply and longer. Oatmeal for weight loss used as a remedy, clears toxins, removes radicals, lowers cholesterol. Krupa accelerates the absorption of nutrients. The main thing is to make oatmeal for weight loss. First it is soaked, then cooked on a slow fire.

Mono-diet on oatmeal or minus 10 pounds in a week

Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Dinner
PN Oatmeal on the water — 200-250 g


Oatmeal on the water

Natural yogurt with bifidus bacteria

Oatmeal on the water
W Cooked with water oatmeal

Half an Apple


Portion of oatmeal on the water

Cabbage-carrot salad


Clean water

MS Oatmeal in low-fat milk

Green tea

A portion of oatmeal with milk



A Cup of yogurt

THU Oatmeal on the water Oat flakes

Salad with radishes and cucumber


Low-fat yogurt

PT Oatmeal

Half of an orange

Carrot-cabbage salad




A little bit of prunes

SB Oatmeal




Cucumber-cabbage salad



A Cup of yogurt

Sun Portion of porridge


Oatmeal with milk

Cucumber salad



For oat bran on Dukan diet

Oat bran for weight loss

The use of bran is to saturate the body with that person eats them a couple of spoons. Once in the stomach, they cease to absorb the liquid and fill the entire volume. Thus the brain gets the signal of satiety, and the person ceases to feel hunger. For this reason, they included in his system is quite complicated. Developed menu may look like in the table.

Day Attack Cruise Consolidation Stabilization
1 Cheesecakes


Baked meat

Boiled egg

Soup vegetarian

Meat with vegetable garnish

Cottage cheese with fruit

Soup, Apple

Meat with vegetables

Normal diet
2 Cottage cheese with yogurt

Soup, egg

Fish for a couple


Soup from mushrooms

Baked trout

Cottage cheese casserole

Soup in meat broth

Chicken fillet with vegetables

Normal diet
3 Omelette

Burgers for a couple

Shrimp salad

Cottage cheese with sour cream

Vegetable soup

Low-fat burgers


Soup, Apple

Stews, yogurt

Menu of the day «attack»
4 Yogurt, egg

The portion of soup

Baked meat

Cheese, egg


Fish for a couple

Menu of the day «attack» Normal diet
5 Yogurt

Steamed meatballs

Boiled chicken


Cutlets with vegetable garnish

Fish stew

Egg, cheese

The meat on the grill

Fish with vegetables

Normal diet
6 Cheesecakes



Egg, kefir


Braised mushrooms


Cheese, fruit


Normal diet
7 Yogurt

The portion of soup



Steam chicken

Baked trout



Steam salmon

Menu of the day «attack»
How to make V. L. bran for the day 1,5 2 2,5 3

On oatmeal cereal and yogurt


Meal Products How to use
Breakfast Cereal «Hercules» — 100 g

Fat-free yogurt – 100 ml

Apple green – 1 PC.

Green tea

Pour yogurt cereal, crumble green Apple
Snack Low-fat kefir Drink 0.5 cups
Lunch Oatmeal – 200 g

Water – 1 tbsp.

Honey – 1 tbsp

Tea or water

The flakes need to brew boiled water, and later add the honey
Afternoon tea Low-fat kefir Drink 0.5 cups
Dinner Kefir – 0,5 tbsp.

Flakes – 100 g

Half Apple

To cereal and yogurt
Before going to sleep Low-fat kefir Drink 0.5 cups

Can you eat cookies on a diet

Cookies made from this cereal is allowed for the diet, but in small quantities, because store-bought is it includes ingredients such as margarine, eggs, starch and sugar. Better in this case to prepare the Goodies home, replacing all the harmful to the dried fruit, cocoa and nuts. If you bought cookies at the store, then eat no more than 2 pieces a day.

Video about the benefits of oatmeal for Breakfast

Reviews and results thinner

Alexander, 25 years: I Use this diet often for a short period of time, that is just a week impossible to lose 5 kg Then do not rule out the gruel, and be sure to use it in the morning. Get a charge of vivacity for the whole day, and hunger generally comes at 4-5 PM. Often cook porridge with milk, because the dish with water gives a deflating, but even so the weight is gradually reduced, as evidenced by the figure in the photo after.

Julius, 32 years: On the advice of a doctor periodically to comply with a diet with this cereal. So the easier it is in the acute stage of gastritis and the weight keeps OK, I really like it when my stomach problems. If you want something sweeter, add dried fruit or honey. In General, the diet of light and food. I advise you to try helps.

Anastasia, 40 years: Oatmeal diet always brings results. Just stick with one mess it’s hard for me, so I add to dishes the fruit. Cleansing the body is felt in the first day – as if sweet had not eaten, and the stomach such ease. As a result, for 2 weeks I managed to get rid of 5-6 kg, which can not but rejoice. Recommend – oat diet for weight loss is very effective.

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