Diet for a flat stomach and slender waist

diet of lifeExcess weight in the abdomen is one of the main problems in women. Today girls are able to safely hide their shortcomings and to emphasize only advantages with the help of clothes. But when not far off the beach season, or a favorite dress is not so attractive, and his own reflection does not inspire, it becomes clear — it’s time to lose weight.

The Internet, magazines and television and then are full of reports how to make flat stomach in 2 weeks how to remove the barrel, offer the revolutionary tablets, drinks, and magical exercises. But it should be understood that to fight flabby stomach should be approached systematically. The first and main weapon against fat proper diet for losing weight stomach. Today let’s talk about diets to eliminate fat in the abdomen and Bochkov, which you can use to correctly configure the GASTROINTESTINAL tract and improve the shape in problem areas. How to remove wrinkles on stomach with exercise, click here.

Food for weight loss belly and sides

So physiologically programmed that fat accumulates in the waist and hips, so these zones in women is called «problem». Nature care provides the fact that the woman must cope with reproductive function: to wash, to feed and to give birth to the baby, so the accumulation of fat reserves process is inevitable. But, in addition to physiology, many women are sinning by eating fast food, fatty and junk food, lots of sweets, the result is a slow metabolism and problems with excess weight. What foods promote weight loss learn this article. Therefore, if you are determined, be sure to know how should look a proper diet for a flat stomach. Here are the basic rules:

  • stick to a fractional power, eat little, but regularly 4-5 times a day;
  • try to give up salt;
  • completely eliminate from your life alcohol and Smoking, with addictions to get the metabolism is almost impossible;
  • drink plenty of water, we are talking about plain water without additives or sweeteners, if we are talking about the tea the moment you may prefer fresh green tea without sugar, sometimes allowed the addition of honey;
  • do not snack «muffins» to satisfy hunger better to eat vegetables or fruits;
  • minimize the consumption of cakes, buns, white bread and confectionery products;
  • the maximum in the diet include vegetables, fruits, especially citrus, herbs, salads, dairy products, legumes and cereal grains, protein foods.

Compliance with these rules — this is sort of the right diet for weight loss belly. But, if you get rid of excess stomach you want in the shortest time, you need effective diet for weight loss belly and sides. There are several variants of this diet, however, dramatically relieving a large number of pounds is not recommended because it can harm the health, besides the skin and muscles will not have time to shrink. How to tighten the skin and return its elasticity, see the link /uprugost-kozhi/

So, diet for waist and abdomen is typically be performed in 3 stages:

  • Preparation, lasts for 7 days, at this time you need to abandon high-calorie foods prohibited by the diet, and to Mature mentally to a future fight with the sagging belly and lush drums.
  • I’m dieting for a flat stomach. Depending on the chosen version of the weight loss and outcomes, the program duration can range from 1 to 3 weeks. If weight women over 80 kg, it is better to stick to the diet for 3 weeks, but to be less strict diet, this will help to avoid severe sagging and excess skin laxity after a passed course.
  • The last stage is the final, and few people give him due importance. Its meaning in the maintenance and retention. To maintain the effect, you should choose an individual program or diet for belly slimming and to adhere to it in the future 6 months. During this time, most likely, the habit to eat correctly, will disappear without a trace.

Diet for a flat stomach in a week

To get rid of fat in the abdominal area or «ears» on the sides, it is important to choose the right method for weight loss. Specifically, the established methodology does not exist, if the choice is to start from individual needs and preferences.

Quick weight loss diet in the stomach:

  • Kefir diet for waist. If you on a regular basis to introduce the use of yogurt, it is possible to establish the bowels, lose weight quickly and rejuvenate and strengthen the skin on your abdomen and hips. During the day you need to drink 1.5 liters of kefir, a glass every 3-4 hours. Not necessarily drinking the same fermented milk drink, you can alternate the conventional low-fat yogurt with fruit or bifidokefir. Go to kefir diet should be gradual, it is best to start with the fasting days. And can also try to drink kefir for the night.
  • The fruit and vegetable. The basic rule of this diet is to eat the maximum amount fruits and vegetables in different variations, in addition to fried dishes. Also, you should be wary of «blowing up» products, these include cabbage, potatoes, grapes and bananas. Read more about vegetable diet it is possible to learn the link /ovoshhnaya-dieta-dlya-pohudeniya/ and fruit on this link /fruktovaya-dieta-dlya-pohudeniya/
  • Fat-burning diet from stomach and sides for women is considered the most effective. But, in addition to strict limits in the diet, it provides for some strength exercises aimed at problem areas, such as sessions with a Hoop, bending with dumbbells in hand or a raising of the body, lying on the floor to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

If you need an easy diet for weight loss belly or maintain your figure, then the best option would be drinking diet, the essence of which is to increase daily amount of fluid intake and reduced meals up to several times a day. Also useful for weight loss water with lemon. Some girls are wary of «infusion» of water in large quantities. But these fears are groundless, regular drink helps to wash away from the body garbage-like waste, toxins, and normalizes the metabolism and the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.

Diet for weight loss stomach will be most effective if combined with a complex of regular exercise, contrast shower, treatments and skin care.

Nice and easy you lose weight!

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