Nuclear diet: sample menu for a week and some delicious recipes

Atomic diet for weight loss

Those who find it difficult to limit yourself in food and to comply with strict rules you should choose more gentle ways to lose weight. Often they are based on the separation of proteins and carbohydrates. On the same principle atomic based diet, developed by Swiss specialists. What products and how to take? Read the instructions below to know all about this method of weight loss.

Features and rules of dieting

Kiwi and strawberry for the nuclear diet

In the basis of atomic diet is the alternation of protein and vegetable days. Feature is safety and fast results – you can lose 5-7 kg per week. To the benefits of a diet was the maximum, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Totally abstain from alcohol.
  2. Per day drink about 2 liters of liquid.
  3. Consider the number of meals – they should not be less than 3.
  4. Last time eat 3 hours before bedtime.
  5. Do not starve yourself, because of the slimming effect will be.

A list of permitted and prohibited foods

Products for the nuclear diet

Allowed diet products for protein days Allowed diet products carbohydrate days Banned food diet
Chicken and Turkey without skin and fat

Chicken egg and quail

Of lean fish

Milk and dairy products with low fat content


Cheese varieties


Low-fat sausage












Any berries


Sweets and pastries

Cereals and legumes in the first week of the diet




Sugary drinks

Sample menu and recipes for a week

Fruit salad for the nuclear diet

Protein day diet involves eating exclusively protein products, which are characterized by long digestion that causes the body to use the glycogen stores in the liver. Only this amount is not enough, so energy begins to consume due to the excess fat. Diet menu for each day can be as in the table:

Meal Options that there are in protein per day
Breakfast Cottage cheese, glass of low-fat yogurt

A glass of kefir, 2 eggs

Second Breakfast Yogurt or milk

Cottage cheese with yogurt, tea

Lunch Serving steamed fish, chicken or meat, some cheese, tea with milk
Afternoon tea Yogurt


Dinner With cream cheese, egg

The portion of meat, cheese

Diet dish

Here is a recipe of a tasty meal for the protein day diet is cheese chicken envelopes:

  1. Repel chicken fillet, cut into slices, wrap each little cheese.
  2. Fastened with a toothpick envelopes poweleit in beaten egg and then in the tissue.
  3. First, fry in vegetable oil on both sides, and then simmer for a few minutes, adding a tablespoon of water.

Carbohydrate day diet involves the intake of fruit and vegetables, a little bit will reset the glycogen stores. Currently, the weight loss process does not stop because normal functioning of the body requires more energy than you get. Caloric intake makes to get it from its own reserves. Diet menu for the day and for a month it is possible to make so:

Meal Options that there are in the carbohydrate day
Breakfast Coffee and vegetable salad:
  • cabbage, carrots, apples;
  • cucumbers, peppers, radish;
  • tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • boiled beets.

Fruit salad

Second Breakfast Any fruit
Lunch Borsch with beans without potatoes and vegetable broth, vegetable salad, a glass of fresh juice
Afternoon tea Berries or fruits
Dinner Salad with peas or beans

Stew with braised eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and onions

Vegetable casserole


In carbohydrate a day diet you can treat yourself to this dessert, prepare a fruit-berry jelly:

  1. In a glass or other transparent container put layers of fruits and berries: oranges, kiwi, raspberries, strawberries.
  2. Heat the dissolved gelatin.
  3. Connect the gelatin mixture with orange or Apple juice.
  4. Fruity berry layers, pour the gelatin solution, place in a cooling chamber to solidify.

As enhance the effect by using energy diet

Cocktails Energy Diet

Official website energy diet offers Supplement functional food cocktails with low energy value, but it is nutritious and palatable. As a snack you can use these products in the diet. Shake the jar and shake mix 1 scoop dry mix with low-fat milk. Composition energy diet allows the use of cocktails in protein a day diet. In addition, they are enriched with 12 vitamins, 11 trace minerals and 18 essential amino acids. Cocktails from energy diet NL International is indispensable in improving the figures.

Reviews thinner and the opinion of doctors, nutritionists

Natalia, 35 years: As a nutritionist, cocktails energy diet I can say that without sport they will not lose weight. I have many clients who use the products of «NL international», but each did it only in combination with physical activity. The cocktail has a saturation effect, but by itself is able to reduce the weight to a small degree, so go easy on him, and use with reasonable exercise.

Veronica, 28 years: don’t know about others, but I dropped a atomic diet 7 kg In the photo is even more noticeable. This result in just a week, but I think because of the large initial weight of 93 kg. I Want to note that there was not even the desire to eat something sweet, so the diet seemed very easy. Can recommend this diet, especially those who are difficult to lose weight and can’t wait to see the results.

Hope, 41 years: Your results on this diet boast to everyone: minus 40 pounds in six months. My friends have already followed suit and also moved to a system of power. Weight this reduces differences: first, the pounds go away actively, and then comes a period, when the mass does not change, but then again there is a jump and the numbers on the scale decrease. I recommend the diet to everyone!

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