Nordic walking: a technique walk for weight loss, features, bugs

Trendy Nordic walking — a low-intensity non-impact loading aerobic format. This technique of walking for weight loss do not overload the joints and cause overtraining of the heart. Security and social character and are the main reasons for the popularity of walking with sticks. Frankly, Nordic walking is no better than, for example, swimming, attending group aerobics or workouts on the elliptical machine to improve aerobic fitness. And weight loss you will only a combination of rationally chosen diet and regular exercise. Especially this kind of motor activity suited to women over 40 who want to lose weight without harm to health.

Where to Nordic walk?

Technique walking for weight loss with sticks requires compliance with the following conditions:

  • the regularity of workouts. If you are doing strength exercises and other aerobic workouts, you have to go at least 4 times a week to create a substantial calorie deficit and overcome the effects of inactivity;
  • the quality of the lessons. You have to stay, at least in the heart rate zone fat loss, but better — in the aerobic zone.

Tentative name — technically, you spend more calories if the heart rate will be higher. In fact, there is no point to train with a heart rate above 160 beats per minute, it can lead to overload of the heart muscle. Take conditional indicator 220 and subtract from it your age. Numbers lying between 60 and 75% of this number is optimal for a workout aimed at weight loss

In reality, not every newbie can achieve such results. So you should look for a group of Nordic walking and to go into health groups for rehabilitation, namely to goes for weight loss. Be sure to ask the organizers of the «walks» about the goals and select the appropriate option.

Perhaps some training sessions will have to conduct yourself. For such cases you need to have a complete outfit — or specialized trekking poles, and comfortable athletic clothes and shoes. True fans of this activity involved all year round, winter too.

Technical features of training

The Internet has a lot of things written about how to walk and push sticks. But you have to start from their own goals. It is how to get a more intense workout with Nordic walking. Technique walking for weight loss different from what we are used to trekking and Hiking.

For example, when we go to the mountain with sticks, beat a stick in the ground and literally pulled on the hand, moving «amble». In Nordic walking is similar reception («Pacer»), but you should ensure ease of movement.

To learn the technique independently, or with leading groups. Will allow you to figure out how to walk, simple exercise:

  1. find the surface soft soil, where the repulsion of the stick will be readily available;
  2. at first, like with raised sticks, accentuating each step. Make the steps a little longer than usual to get used to the fact that you have to actively push off with your legs, when moving a weight;
  3. now turn the stick. Pushing the «Christmas tree» — step right foot forward, push the left hand ahead. This provides greater stability and helps to involve not only the arms and shoulders near the feet but also the muscles of the center of the body;
  4. while walking try to push sticks, shortening the back muscles. Imagine as if you pull the belt lever.

Technical errors that must be avoided

the main mistake is too slow pace and lack of emphasis. Don’t go like walking to the shops. The foot should be fully off, stick — pushing, arm and back strain. Your breathing should not be delayed, try to do 1 breath in for 2 steps and stick to that rhythm. Let the air enters the chest, lifting the chest, avoid superficial and too frequent breathing.

Always do a warm-up, walk at least 5 minutes at a leisurely pace. In some sections Nordic walking practice conversations during the workout. This is called the «talk test». It is believed that if you can hold a conversation, this technique of walking for weight loss is at normal intensity. In fact, to effectively enhance calorie consumption need more pace classes. Better to focus on the pulse and not on speaking tests. Moreover, many people are breathing well enough to communicate at a high pulse. It depends on fitness.

A technical error is «preprecevanje» sticks and unnatural (positive) leg extension in knee joints («March of a soldier»). Should not do a high attack with sticks («sticking» in the ground or snow).

With sticks and you can walk on asphalt, then more gently to perform the movement with your hands to avoid recoil in the elbow. To prevent errors, we recommend you to view the video:

Why many can’t lose weight with it?

If you read the reviews about Nordic walking, unequivocal opinion be difficult. Some write, that is literally born again and dumped more than 10 kg Other — that walking are generally not effective for weight loss or reducing weight, but the figure still was perfect.

In fairness, neither aerobic exercise can «sculpt» the figure of dreams. These classes relieve depression, improve circulation and increase consumption of calories, making weight loss comfortable. They strengthen the heart and improve coordination of movements, slow down aging and improve the «opinion» of the nervous system. To shape the muscles need to execute weight training — those that cause «failure» of the muscles after about 15-30 seconds of work. Effective and exercise on power, but not long aerobic work.

And the lack of progress on the scales is not an indication that you are poorly trained. Probably works «trap sport in the fresh air.» Such activities greatly increase the appetite. If one constantly overeats, walking will not help him to get rid of «naidennogo».

Usually in sections Nordic walking suggest a balanced diet — eat protein foods with each main meal, don’t forget about fibrous vegetables, and to pay enough attention to fresh fruit.

The technique of walking for weight loss this format can and should be combined with strength training in the gym or any exercises aimed at maintaining muscle (callanetics, Pilates, body ballet, etc.)

To walk with poles in order to lose weight, you need something like this:

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