Sample menu diet no carbs for 7 days and the products table

The extra weight of a large number of people in recent years has become a real problem. Smart approach to diet helps to reduce body weight, without exhausting himself to death, endless workouts and excessive exercise. Become familiar with no carb diet list of allowed foods, one of the options of the menu.

Features and rules of dieting

Products for compliance with the no carb diet

Despite the name, carbohydrate-free diet for weight loss this is not a complete absence of carbohydrates and reducing their number to a minimum. The human body, needing energy and not receiving it from the outside, begins to rebuild and spend the accumulated reserves of fat. Simple rules that must be followed, will make it easier to move the period of weight loss.

Subject to no carb diet menu for the week includes:

  • the rejection of any alcohol;
  • limiting consumption of sweets, fatty, smoked, and canned products;
  • salad dressings are replaced by lemon juice;
  • fractional power in small portions, divided by 5 times;
  • drink plenty of fluids, but not earlier than half an hour after eating; eliminating carbonated beverages;
  • the interval between dinner and sleep at least four hours;
  • before starting a diet should consult a doctor.

What you can eat and cannot eat

Fruits and vegetables for no carb diet

There are a number of products, the use of which should limit or completely eliminate from the diet during a fasting diet. These include all flour products, cereal products, containing fat, glucose, flavours. The focus on diet is given to dishes made from fresh plant foods, lean meat, fish and seafood.

Table of permitted and prohibited foods

The list of products in the table will help to draw up the detailed menu before the start of the entrance to no carb diet.

Products V. E. /100 g (1.e.= 5 grams of carbs)
Lamb 0
Pork 0
Beef, veal 0
Chicken, duck, goose 0
Fat 0
Beef liver 0
Cooked sausage/ 0
Chicken eggs (pieces) 0,4
Chicken liver 1,6
Cheese 1,1
Low-fat cottage cheese 1,1
Butter 1,4
Vegetable oil 0
Sour cream 3,1
Milk average fat content 4,8
Mayonnaise 2,6
Curd 17,9
Yogurt 3,1
Mushrooms 0,1
White mushrooms, dried 7,8
Rice (cereal) 72,4
Semolina 70,6
Buckwheat 61,6
Oatmeal 47,3
Tea, coffee (without sugar) 0
Fruit vegetable juice 2,7-6,2
Fruit juice Of 7.4 and 16.2
Salad leaves, celery, spinach 1,9
Cucumber, sorrel, green onion 3,1
Tomato, zucchini, eggplant 3,8
Cabbage, pepper, garlic 5,1
Potatoes, green peas 15,7
Sunflower seeds 18,1
Pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts 14,8
The fish is fresh, cooked, smoked 0
Black caviar, salmon caviar, shrimp 0
Squid 4,1
Ice cream 20,1-25,1
Chocolate 49,8-55-4
Jam, honey 65,3-75,6
Sugar 99,6
Lemon 2,94
Orange, apricot, pear, Apple 7,8-9,6
Persimmon 13,3
Banana 21,6
Grapes 15,4
Strawberry 6,6
Currants, raspberries 7,3-8,1
Bread 33,9-66,7

How to make a menu for men and women

Meat, dairy and marine products

No carb diet will be a good helper in the fight against obesity. Reduced intake of carbohydrates from food, the body gradually burn excess fat. The result will be a smooth departure unnecessary pounds. In a month with diet you can lose up to 15 kg.

Applied carbohydrate-free diet not just for weight loss. Athletes and those who engage in bodybuilding, know another plus of the supply system. When it disappears subcutaneous fat, muscles become more visible and attractive, which is clearly seen in the photo taken at the beginning of the diet and through time. Professionals use for this phenomenon the term «drying».

Men need to pay attention that during the diet, aimed at «drying», it is necessary not only to minimize the consumption of foods with carbohydrates, but also proportionally increase the amount of protein in food. During this period you have functional nutrition.

Women’s «drying» when diet is different from men’s. For the beautiful half, it is important that the number of products with the carbohydrates in the diet gradually decreased. This prevents hormonal failure. When no carb diet menu for a week suggests that the diet removes foods, fast food, flour products, confectionery. Then reduced to the maximum consumption of cereals, breads. Needed minerals during the period of dieting you can get, taking special cocktails energy Diet from the company NL international.

Diet and nutrition Dukane also related to carbohydrate-free software. They are based on the principle of replacing the main products of analogues with a lower carb diet, Adhering to such diets, without prejudice to the stomach and body in General to lose weight. Doctors even recommend a program for pregnant Dukan, who scored the extra weight when a strict diet is prohibited, a simple transition to a wheat-free products helps stabilize processes in the body.

Detailed menu for a week

When starting a no carb diet menu for a week need to be taking into account that the food will not be scarce. In the above diagram the range of products will allow you to prepare tasty and varied, with the necessary calories. An additional source of nutrients during the period of diet can be smoothies Diet a special Energy development company NL International. Composition Energy Diet allows you to consume them in the diet by replacing snack, second Breakfast or lunch. A detailed description of the cocktails provides the official website Energy Diet.

Cocktails Energy Diet

Monday (first day of the diet)

  • Morning (split into 2 Breakfast): egg, steamed vegetables, diet bread, coffee without sugar.
  • Day: vegetable soup with chicken broth, chicken, rice, yogurt.
  • Night (split into 2 dinner): vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon, curd, fruits.


  • Morning: low-fat yogurt, hard cheese, apples.
  • Day: soup with beef broth, boiled beef, cabbage salad, green tea.
  • Evening: boiled egg, grilled vegetables with mushrooms, yogurt.


  • Morning: oatmeal on the water with pieces of fresh fruit, a boiled egg, herbal tea, orange for dessert.
  • Day: fish soup, fish boiled celery salad, coffee.
  • Evening: roast Turkey, Greek salad, yogurt.

Diet dish


  • Morning: scrambled eggs on water, cheese, coffee, apples.
  • Day: vegetable chicken soup, vegetable stew with mushrooms, low-fat yogurt.
  • Evening: boiled beef, buckwheat porridge, zucchini stuffed with vegetables, herbal tea.


  • Morning: cottage cheese pancakes cottage cheese, boiled egg, coffee, citrus.
  • Day: green soup with sorrel, boiled pork, salad with peppers, tomatoes, cheese, green tea.
  • Evening: beetroot boiled, fish stew, fruit salad, seasoned yogurt.


  • Morning: oatmeal, bread diet, boiled egg, yogurt, fruit.
  • Day: fish soup, millet porridge, lettuce in olive oil with tomatoes and cucumbers, coffee.
  • Evening: boiled pork, coleslaw, baked pumpkin, yoghurt.


  • Morning: omelet with cheese and tomatoes, coffee, baked apples.
  • Day: soup broth, boiled meat poultry, salad with bell peppers, asparagus, fruits.
  • Evening: beef liver stewed with onions, salad, herbal tea.

Recipes of dietary dishes

Seafood for no carb diet

  1. Omelet with vegetables for no carb diet. A frying pan, add vegetable oil, fry the pieces of onion, pieces of tomato and bell pepper. Beat eggs with milk, adding flour. Pour the vegetables, laying on top thin slices of cheese and greens. Cover with a lid.
  2. Braised fish fillet for carbohydrate-free diet. On a baking pour a little water, put pieces of fish fillet. Sprinkle chopped onion, put a layer of zucchini slices. Proving in the oven until soft, pour the mixture of eggs, tomato paste and water. Annoy.
  3. Cottage cheese pancakes with oatmeal for a wheat-free diet. Oat flakes pour hot water, stand for swelling. Curd grind with egg, add oats. Fry like regular pancakes, forming a pellet.

Video about carbohydrate-free diet for drying the body and weight loss

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