Minus 60 (slimming system): menu for the week, motivation, principles, recipes, secrets, reviews

Today the world is literally «sick» weight loss, despite the fact that overweight women, as before, «in the price». In addition, simple starvation is already «out of fashion», much better losing weight women and men are taken diet simple, light, based on which «life doesn’t seem bleak». One such diet is a weight loss system «minus 60» and menu features which we invite you to try it for yourself. What we will tell:

  • About the pros and cons of this diet
  • How to eat according to the system «minus 60»?
  • On the diet for a week — an example
  • How to motivate yourself
  • How to behave and what to do to lose weight «it was» much easier?
  • Several types of tables products. Facilitate the task for themselves
  • About exercise, which can not be forgotten. And:
  • How to care for your skin with this method of weight loss?
  • Can men do to lose weight? What are the characteristics?
  • Can I lose weight fast on this system?
  • What not to eat?
  • The list of allowed foods
  • Recipes diet «minus 60»
  • Little tricks that can help to lose weight
  • What do the doctors say? Reviews thinner women

«Minus sixty» is not just a diet and food system, invented by a housewife by Catherine Mirimanova, which recovered after birth to 120 pounds. After she began to eat on its own system, the woman managed for half a year to lose sixty pounds. This figure has become a hallmark of the system.

The main advantage of power system «Minus 60» is the lack of restrictions on favourite foods.

The pros and cons of the diet «minus 60»

The main advantage of power system «Minus 60» is the lack of restrictions on favourite foods. Any diet sooner or later ends in failure. And if the system power does not need to deny myself the sweets and buns, the main thing is to eat before 12: 00, to body time to digest and lay on the thighs and belly extra calories. One of the advantages of the diet is that the person gets all the basic elements, together with a variety of products.

There are many dishes that can be prepared from allowed foods, so you can eat quite diverse. Pounds dropped by diet Minus 60″ is not returned.

On the downside, the diet is sufficiently long process of weight loss. You need a certain period in order for the body to adjust to the new system. Many people before lunch can’t swallow a crumb, and after 12-00 use of products is limited, so follow this principle supply would be difficult.

How to eat? The principles of the system

The principle of this diet is eating certain foods on the clock. 12.00 allowed to eat anything in any quantity, the main thing that the Breakfast was hearty. But after 12-00 come into force restrictions. Dinner not earlier and not later than 17-00 18-00. For dinner, impose strict limitations.

Principles of power system:

«Minus 60» — not to starve. Should:

  • be sure to eat Breakfast. Those who are not accustomed to eating in the morning, will have to change their habits. Up to twelve hours of the day have a good Breakfast. At this time, food is digested better, and the extra pounds are not added.
  • making dinner very easy. Dinner to do before six in the evening. People who go to bed after midnight, the dinner can be moved to 20-00.
  • to use the liquid you need in sufficient quantity, for this you need to put a water bottle in a visible place. Force yourself to drink water is not need.
  • between meals you can have a little snack. But to settle for a small amount of fruit, as they are in large quantities can slow down your metabolism.
  • to 14-00, you can use mayonnaise and sour cream, but not more than a teaspoon.
  • if the soup is cooked on the water, you can add the potatoes. The soup broth to add it should not. Soups it is better not to get involved, since they saturate for a short period, and very soon you feel hungry again. Here are delicious meals allowing you to have in your diet weight loss system «minus 60».

Menu for the week: sample diet

Breakfast can be anything, the important thing is to start the metabolism. Between Breakfast and lunch you can eat one Apple or a Cup of tea or coffee. If to twelve hours, then add milk and sugar, after twelve no. So now we know what «minus 60». This is a system of weight loss, separate eat out in the morning and in the evening to go hungry. We offer you to master menu for a week, then you can adjust. The main thing — to survive these 7 days).

1 day

Lunch. 200 g of boiled chicken breast. 100 g of stewed vegetables. 50 g of rye crackers.

Dinner. 300 g cucumber salad with sesame seeds.

Day 2

Lunch. 200 g of boiled liver 100 g rice, 50 grams of salad from boiled beets with olive oil.

Dinner. 200 g low-fat cottage cheese, one Apple.

3rd day

Lunch. 200 g trout oven baked, 100 g of stewed mushrooms, 50 g of yogurt.

Dinner. 300 grams of salad of peppers, tomatoes, and onions, dressed with yoghurt.

4th day

Lunch. 200 g of pasta with a small amount of hard cheese and a teaspoon of sour cream. 150 g of Turkey steak baked in the oven.

Dinner. 200 g stewed vegetables and two boiled chicken hearts.

5th day

Lunch. 300 g vegetarian stuffed cabbage, which cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, onions and olive oil. 50 g plums.

Dinner. 200 g casseroles of broccoli with mushrooms. 100 g of yogurt.

6th day

Lunch. 150 g of boiled potatoes, 150 grams of salad from cabbage with onions and olive oil. Single orange.

Dinner. 300 g of jelly.

7th day

Lunch. 200 grams of buckwheat, 100 g boiled tongue, 50 grams of tomatoes.

Dinner. One egg, 100 g sausage, 50 g of rye crackers and a grapefruit.

— system of weight loss, separate eat out in the morning and in the evening to go hungry.

Psychology and motivation weight loss

Many people abandon diets, arguing that they will not be able to survive a long time without your favorite products. You need to believe in themselves and not to postpone the diet until next Monday, month or year.

Start now and in six months you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror. You need to love yourself despite the extra pounds and disadvantages.

If, however, there was a failure, don’t beat yourself up, to enhance the stress and give up. After realizing what happened you just need to return to the supply system «Minus 60». Interesting tips in the video:

Tips for easy weight loss on this system

The diet was easier to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • train yourself in the morning is tight, and in the evening do not eat at all. To a body accustomed only need a few days;
  • at the beginning of the weight loss come up with a plan: for example, in the first week I will lose 1 kg a second or two. Weigh yourself, write down the results — it will be easier to move to the target;
  • constantly think about how hard, and how you then will look — you can wear your favorite dress, leggings, high heels and a mini skirt. The constant «whipping» is very helpful;
  • find the reason that caused you to go on a diet that does not tolerate excuses. It may be the desire to conquer a loved one, to get my husband back, get jealous foe)). The reasons is very much important that it stimulates you for a long time;
  • not to count the calories. It was useless — the system is not built on this;
  • do not overdo it with fruit, especially sweet. If you eat a lot of fruit, the metabolism slows down;
  • If you want sweet, use sweetener, but not «chemistry», and, say, brown sugar;
  • take vitamins. With the diet entering them in the body is significantly reduced, and where today you can find enough vitamins? For example, to get a daily dose of iron you need eat at least 5 apples per day. But what about the other vitamins? Vooot…;
  • want to eat? Select a green Apple instead of bread;
  • going to visit, bring your wine and healthy snack. So you will not swallow saliva, looking at lucky, and will not be hungry;
  • drink when you want — do not force yourself to drink water systematically;
  • replace salt with spices, but do not overdo it;
  • sweet, including honey — up to 12 hours! The same goes for sour cream or butter.

Such a diet «minus 60″/weight-loss.

Table products: a few options

We offer multiple tables of products that will help you adjust your menu for weight loss. Choose the best and use! Click on any of them, and it will open in a new window.

minus-60-2 minus-60-3 minus-60-4

Exercise. What exercises to focus?

Physical education is an important aspect in any diet. System «Minus 60» is no exception. Do not have to perform complex exercises or run five kilometres every morning. Fairly common charge, for which you need to devote twenty minutes daily.

You can do without physical education, but in this case, the weight will go much slower. Performing exercises the main emphasis should be on problem areas. You need to carefully examine herself in the mirror and identify what deficiencies need to be corrected exercise.

Do not have to perform complex exercises or run five kilometres every morning. Fairly common charge, for which you need to devote twenty minutes daily.

Skin care during diet

Changing nutritional guidelines is very important not to forget to care for themselves. Weight loss occurs gradually, the skin has time to catch up, but she needs help in this, using special lotions, oils, stretch mark and body cream.

Definitely need to take care of your face, order after weight loss appeared wrinkles. Now have a large selection of cosmetics, they can choose for any skin type. The important thing is not the price of cosmetics, and its quality and regularity of use.

In addition, it is great when losing weight, the diet «minus 60» to help the following recipes:

Recipe 1. Scrub with sea salt

The skin becomes smooth, supple and toned, «erased» defects and destroys the cellulite.

  • Take 50g coarse sea salt in a jar with a lid
  • Squeeze it 5капель any conifer or citrus essential oil (or rosemary)
  • Close the lid, shake and wait 15 minutes
  • Now add salt Jojoba oil to a thick slurry
  • Mix well
  • This scrub is good to put on a steamed skin after a bath and massage for 1 minute problem areas. Then rinse with warm water.

Recipe 2. Scrub of coffee

Will help get rid of subcutaneous fat and make the skin more elastic. The secret is that coffee activates metabolic processes under the skin, causes the blood to move faster and update cells.

Take regular brewed coffee, but not asleep, and dry. Apply on a steamed skin after a shower a little cosmetic Jojoba oil, and the top — coffee. Massage in for 1 minute, then rinse.

Recipe 3. Cream with mumie

Perhaps the most fast and simple way to make the skin taut. Operates twice as efficient together with one of the previous recipes.

Granulate table Shilajit in powder, mix with a spoonful of cream. Apply to skin and RUB in until completely absorbed.

Weight loss for men – what are the characteristics?

Men should adjust the diet, taking into account characteristics of the organism. They need to get more calories than women, and have meals at least three times a day.

Do not limit the man in the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. The main thing to eliminate from the diet fats. System «Minus 60» is designed taking into account these features. The man will feel full but lose weight.

Rules of easy weight loss possible to lose weight quickly?

With the help of the power system «Minus 60» you can easily lose weight in a short period of time. It all depends on the characteristics of the organism. Also for quick weight loss you should increase physical activity. For those who want to lose weight very quickly need a hearty Breakfast to replace the dishes that you can after 12-00.

But not worth all the time to follow this diet. After two weeks you need to return to the normal principles of power system «Minus 60».

What foods to eliminate to lose weight on this system?

Special prohibitions this power has not. You can use any products, including flour and sweet, but only until lunch. After dinner, you need to adhere to the principles of nutrition. But from the menu should be deleted:

  • Sodas
  • Fatty meat with skin. Before cooking the fat and skin need to trim
  • Any alcohol except red wine. As it stimulates the appetite and causes the desire to eat unnecessarily.

The list of allowed foods

  • Rye bread or crackers
  • Soy sauce
  • Apples
  • Plum
  • Kiwi
  • Tangerines and oranges
  • Watermelon in small quantities
  • Pineapple
  • Avocado
  • Offal
  • Meat without fat and skin, boiled or steamed. You can barbecue, but not too crispy
  • Cooked sausage
  • Seafood
  • Fish
  • All of the vegetables. The potato is also possible, but rare
  • Beans or peas as a main dish without meat
  • Mushrooms, steamed
  • Potatoes (rarely) and as a separate dish
  • Pickles and marinades in small quantities
  • Eggs
  • Figure
  • Pasta, and a little durum wheat
  • Buckwheat
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Dry red wine.

And offer to try to cook tasty dishes, which are allowed weight loss system «minus 60»

Recipes for those who want to lose weight

Cucumber salad with sesame seeds

Ingredients: 2 cucumbers, a bunch of dill, a tablespoon of olive oil, tablespoon of sesame seeds, clove of garlic, salt.

Preparation: Cucumbers cut into strips, dill finely chop. Sesame seeds lightly fry in a skillet. Mix everything and pour oil.

Rice with vegetables

Products: 150 g of rice, one bell pepper, seasoning, one tomato, small onion, clove of garlic, a small carrot, seasonings, salt, herbs.

Cooking: Vegetables mode small cubes and simmer on low heat for ten minutes until it let the juice. Add washed rice, two cups water, salt and spices. When the rice will absorb water, a clove of garlic cut into plates and stick them in the dish.

Cream soup of zucchini

Products: a Cup of chicken broth, young courgette, small onion, half Cup milk, teaspoon sour cream, salt, parsley.

Preparation: cut the Vegetables into small cubes and boil in broth until soft. Beat with a blender, add milk, salt, sour cream and bring to a boil. When serving sprinkle with herbs.

Little secrets of the system

In the power system «Minus 60» the main thing is a positive attitude and a good mood. The main thing is to believe in yourself and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.

If after dinner you want to eat you need to remember that the body does not need much energy at night, and tomorrow will be the Breakfast of my favorite foods.

«Minus 60» — system weight loss: doctors and thinner

Alevtina Matvienko (nutritionist)

This is one of the best systems of power in our time. You can easily lose weight without earning the gastritis. The main thing is to have Breakfast without bigotry.

Ruslan Gordeev (endocrinologist)

The cause of excess weight is not always endocrine disorders, most often it is banal overeating. System «Minus 60» is a great way to lose weight.

And personal opinion girls who have lost weight on this system:

How to lose weight on a diet «minus 60» after childbirth. Story:

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