Milk diet for weight loss for 5 days

Being delicious and nutritious product, milk has been used successfully as part of a special menu for the attainment of harmony. This effective method of rapidly getting rid of excess weight no contraindications, except individual intolerance of the drink.

Can I lose weight with milk

Can I lose weight with milk

On the one hand, milk is very high in calories, so many hunters harmony to eliminate this drink from the diet. On the other hand, milk is the main supplier of the active calcium is fully absorbed by the human body. The lack of this substance leads to increased levels of the hormone calcitriol that delays the processing and elimination of fat. For this reason, low-calorie milk diet for 5 days effectively eliminates excess weight.

Calcium strengthens bones, supports the musculoskeletal system. This trace element is important not only for the health of children, the elderly, pregnant women and women giving birth. Calcium is needed for those involved in sports that wants to build muscle mass. Weight loss through dairy products, accompanied by reasonable physical exercise, gives a good result. The combination of calcium and vitamin D helps you effectively burn fat produce muscle. If you do not stick to special diet, it is useful to drink milk at night for weight loss.

The most effective milk diet and menu for 5 days

Milk diet vs belly may have a different duration, to include vegetables, fruits, cereal, and broth. Hard power involves the use of only whole milk low-fat. This mode is not recommended more than three days. Menu options include foods of plant origin, more nutritious, is able to provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. In the period of the course should be excluded fatty meats, flour products, chocolate, alcohol.

To dairy diet for 5 days gave the desired result, you need to:

  1. To consult with your nutritionist and physician. Expert will give valuable advice based on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  2. Make the complexes of vitamins and minerals. So you can avoid the weakening of the immune system and further health problems.
  3. To plan a course for the holidays. Comfortable environment, minimizes possible emotional stress. Special diet helpful fresh air, healthy sleep.

Mono-diet for dairy products

Mono-diet for dairy products

Menu dairy diet for weight loss 5 days include dairy products. During the course consumed fermented baked milk, natural yoghurt, low fat cheese, yogurt. The number of protein products can not limit. It is important to remember that the smaller the portions, the more easily the following result. The menu looks like this:

Meal Products
Breakfast Yogurt – 1 tbsp.
Second Breakfast Cheese – 150 g
Lunch Cottage cheese casserole – 200 g

Yogurt – 1 tbsp.

Afternoon tea Milk – 1 tbsp.
Dinner Unsweetened low-fat yogurt – 1 tbsp.

The banana-milk diet

The banana-milk diet

Nutritious and easily digestible, bananas are successfully combined with dairy products. The menu, developed by British nutritionist Jane Griffin, provides the following:

Meal Products
Breakfast Banana, skim milk or low fat natural yogurt – ½ Cup
Second Breakfast Half banana, low fat natural yogurt – ½ Cup
Lunch Banana, low – fat yogurt — ½ Cup
Afternoon tea Cocktail of banana and 2/3 Cup low-fat yogurt
Dinner Banana, low fat milk – ½ Cup
Dinner before sleep no later than 20:00 Half banana, low fat natural yogurt – ½ Cup


Lacto-vegetarian diet

A diet based on the consumption of milk and vegetable food, has no strict rules, transferred relatively easily. There are different versions of this diet. This menu includes cereals, fruits, vegetables:

Meal Products
Breakfast Porridge, boiled in water
Lunch Cheese – 200 g Apple
Afternoon tea Any fruit
Dinner Vegetable salad
Dinner before bed Yogurt – 1 tbsp.

Diet with milk, fruits and vegetables

Diet with milk, fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable, dairy weight loss diet 5 days meet the basic human need for vitamins and minerals. Along with this kind of nutrition allows you to remove up to 3 kg weight:

Meal Products
Breakfast Tea with low-fat milk, white cheese – 30 g
Second Breakfast Fruit
Lunch Vegetable soup with herbs, lettuce
Afternoon tea Fruit salad no dressing
Dinner Cheese – 100-150 grams, yogurt
Dinner before bed Heated skim milk – 1 tbsp.

Video: fermented milk diet on yogurt and milk

Reviews and results thinner

Natalia, 27 years:occasionally use milk for weight loss. This diet helps me to be in good shape. To sit on this menu, you need no more than a week. If you overdo it, you can wash intestinal microflora. Use this diet once in three months. If you use this method within reasonable limits, it is good.

Alina, 23 years:Like many of my friends wanted to lose weight effortlessly. Understand that things are not so simple. Ate 5 days only dairy products, lost weight by 3 kg. Did not expect such a result! Over the next months, the weight came back… I Think fermented beverages are more suitable for carrying out unloading days.

Valentina, 36 years:Milk menu helps to remove excess weight in problem areas, so sometimes I use milk for weight loss. Love this delicious drink. In addition, this method requires no monetary investment. It is important not to overdo it with dairy products, the body need different vitamins. Otherwise I like flaws do not see.

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