Menu for gastritis with high acidity; diet, description

This will prevent new attacks and will not allow disease to become chronic.

The basic rules of nutrition for gastritis

This diet for acute gastritis with high acidity can stick to even perfectly healthy people. They are intended to stomach worked balanced, without overloading. That’s why the advice of nutritionists to be based on the power to all without exception.

  • Consume food and drinks warm (not hot nor too cold). The moderate temperature of the product does not irritate the stomach.
  • Use the principle of fractional power. It is necessary to eat several times a day (at least five) small meals. After all, a rare admission of a large amount excessive food load the stomach.
  • Stick to the same regime every day. Schedule of breakfasts, Lunches, dinners and snacks in between will allow your digestive system work more stable.
  • Eat slowly, chew your food well. Well crushed product the stomach will process much easier.

How to choose diet menu for gastritis with high acidity

To these simple rules is to listen to everyone. But healthy people can to recede, and patients with chronic gastritis, especially chronic, you need to adhere to them constantly.

can not be used at high pH?

What you need a diet with high acidity of the stomach. Menu for this disease is special. Its main task is to eliminate the foods and dishes that stimulate the production of gastric juice. That is why it is necessary to abandon:

    • salty and spicy food (with spices),

Diet during exacerbation of gastritis with high acidity

  • fried foods,
  • pickled and canned products,
  • alcohol
  • carbonated drinks (including mineral water),
  • coffee
  • mushrooms
  • smoked meat and sausage products,
  • raw vegetables (especially onions),
  • acidic fruits (e.g., citrus),
  • confectionery (sweets, cakes),
  • fast food.

Also you should not eat yogurt, replacing it with other dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat cheese. And do not forget about the basic principles of nutrition, eating warm food several times a day and gradually.

Also recommended diet for atrophic gastritis with high acidity, when there are focal lesions of the gastric mucosa. Refusing to irritate the mucous membranes of the food products that stimulate the production of gastric juice, you can protect yourself from painful attacks. Moreover, focal lesions will not grow, and therefore, the disease will progress.

What can I eat with high acidity?

With so many restrictions it seems that the allowed foods quite a bit. In fact, you can create a great menu. Diet for gastritis with high acidity, in which all products and the cooking methods must satisfy the rule: do not overload the stomach and stimulate acid production.

Diet for atrophic gastritis with high acidity

Here is a list of allowed foods:

  • meat (rabbit, Turkey, chicken, beef, lamb),
  • fish
  • vegetables (boiled),
  • sweet fruits (apples, bananas, pears),
  • eggs,
  • low-fat milk, 2.5%) and products made from it (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese),
  • tea (especially herbal), fruit drinks, jelly,
  • cereals and pasta,
  • white bread (preferably dried),
  • the fats (oil and butter).

But the list of foods diet is not limited. Need these products properly prepared. Meat and fish can be cooked in slices or cutlets steamed, cooked, baked. The broth for the soup should be diluted with water, in contrast to the diet in atrophic gastritis with low acidity. And vegetable soup is the best dish! Also good boiled and baked vegetables as a side dish. You can eat salads with fresh vegetables in small amounts. Tea and other drinks can not drink very hot and the milk cold.

Pasta can be eaten with virtually no restrictions, just note that they are very high in calories, and there is a risk much to get better including them in the diet. The same goes for any cereal porridge. Eggs can be boiled hard-boiled or soft-boiled, and scrambled eggs, but it should bake, not fry.

Diet in chronic gastritis with high acidity in acute

Diet in chronic gastritis with high acidity

In the acute period of the disease there are characteristic symptoms: pain, diarrhea (or, conversely, constipation), nausea and vomiting. All of this can cause dehydration, weakness and dizziness. Modern drugs can quickly relieve the symptoms and begin the healing process of the gastric mucosa. But in this period it is necessary diet more strict than usual. Allowed dishes not so much:

  • mucous cereals and vegetable soups,
  • porridge on the water (especially oats, which has enveloping properties and a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa),
  • chicken, rabbit, Turkey, veal and fish only in the form of steam cutlets,
  • eggs, cooked boiled, scrambled eggs,
  • herbal tea (green or black if not very strong),
  • jelly (natural, not instant).

Such a menu will make it easier to go through the unpleasant symptoms and will not give extra load of the digestive system. Should warn against common mistakes in the period of acute gastritis – a complete rejection of food. To eat (of course, dietary restrictions) did not come to a more serious deterioration of health. And fasting days should be left to better times, when the illness!

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