Low carbohydrate diet menu for a week, essence, features

Usually, this diet is recommended as the best way to lose weight fast. Anyway, less consumption of carbohydrates promotes the burning of fat in the calorie deficit. And is not conducive to anything but the collapse of the nervous system in his absence. The manipulation of carbs only make sense for those women who have fat percentage below 24%, and the weight is on a normal diet with small reduction of calories. Protocols such weight loss, there are many. They all require a minimum of 3 workouts a week, otherwise create a catabolic background, and contribute to slowing of the metabolism.

What is the essence of low-carb diets?

The point is that the reduction of calories is achieved by maximizing cuts» sources of carbohydrates. Is cereals, fruits, breads, sweets and all the baking. Reducing carbs is purely a technical measure that helps to keep the protein and fats needed to maintain muscle mass in the normal functioning of the hormonal system.

The sources of natural bodybuilding for women (no need to roll your eyes, it’s all gone from the culture of bodybuilding) are science-based «minimum,» that is, numbers that, when reached, you will not along with fat to lose still and health:

  • hardcore in Amateur mode 3-6 times a week is at least 3 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight, provided that this cardio lover not exceed the amount of hours a day;
  • for professionals — not less than 2 g

You have to understand that the figures did not reflect the characteristics of metabolism professionals, how much the peculiarities of the attitude to health of the person that was «on». There is already a priority is the achievement of «dry» and not as important for ordinary people things as a no then «rollback» in the form of a quick set of 5-6 kg of body weight immediately after the diet.

With this amount of carbohydrates is recommended at least 1, 5 g of protein and 1 fat per kilo of weight. Fats for women can be trimmed to 0, 8 g assuming good health and normal levels of sex hormones. In Western medicine the low-carb diet for a week performed the following tests:

  • thyroid hormones — used to give blood every week;
  • growth hormone and cortisol — the same
  • sex hormones — in the last third of the menstrual cycle, monthly

If achieved critical indicators of at least one of hormones, that is, its level falls to T3, T4, GH, estradiol and progesterone, or increases for cortisol, prolactin and TSH, it is recommended to stop diet and start to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet of at least 10-20 grams a week.

How to adjust a low-carb diet? Menu for the week

The truth is that ready-made menus from the Internet do not make sense as for weight loss, and to speed up the so-called metabolism, and apply them actually dangerous. When a low carbohydrate diet should be the following:

  1. based on the current weight on the indicators above to calculate «macro», that is, the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  2. calculate how many carbohydrates you can get with products such as whole grains, breads without added salt, sugar and yeast, and fruits and vegetables;
  3. to calculate your protein and fats;
  4. if necessary (for example, no possibility can eat salmon 3 times a week), to calculate how many supplements with the omega-three you need to eat;
  5. to paint all this week in the form of a menu;
  6. to purchase products;
  7. to cook like they do in the world of fitness two times a week. Is on schedule

You probably expected to read something else, so, I ask — diet low-carb diet should be like that, and no more. The people we are walking a very different diet, and to choose the right for your body — you can.

Myths about the low carbohydrate diet

It is unknown who and when decided, but for weight loss have to eat only 40 grams of carbohydrates per day. From any source. The amount of protein and fat at the same time people nutritionists is not limited. Write something in the spirit of «eat as much as possible».

Here it is worth Recalling that for the normal functioning of the Central nervous system of the person needs 150 grams of carbohydrates a day. And athletes who are trying to sell you another low-carb diet for 2 weeks or more, almost constantly «sit» on the Central nervous system stimulants, the most «gentle» of which is caffeine anhydrous. On the way to mention kind of awkward, as their circulation is prohibited by law. The second point is an extreme curtailment of carbohydrates is only 2-3 weeks, «peak», that is, before competition or a photoset. At other times, carbohydrates in the diet quite a lot.

There are mythical the claim that you can eat anything, even the sausages, though, delicious smoked meat. Some even manage to drink vodka, and call it a «diet». It is clear that the protein component and so overloads the kidneys and liver, so then there’s diet of alcohol and sausage.

Usually menu a low-carb diet looks like this

  • Breakfast: sausage/egg/spoon squash caviar
  • Lunch: piece of meat/green vegetables
  • Dinner is again meat or poultry or fish, green vegetables

There are different options for the week, where Monday is invited to eat for Breakfast processed cheese, for lunch — have a steak, and for dinner — tilapia. Tuesday — Breakfast simple cottage cheese, lunch — meat again, but the stew without flour, and for dinner shrimp and squid. Wednesday Breakfast scrambled eggs, lunch beef with vegetables, and dinner — pork with vegetables. Thursday — Breakfast sausage, lunch scrambled eggs with vegetables, but to eat a kebab. Friday — again cottage cheese for Breakfast, 1 tomato, dinner — fish with vegetables excluding potatoes dinner — chicken breast with vegetables, and you must miss her last diet. On Friday evening it is proposed also to have a glass of wine. Then on Saturday, cottage cheese for Breakfast for lunch beef with vegetables and for dinner the steak. Sunday any Breakfast, which is like a kebab for lunch and fish with vegetables for dinner.

Or you can come across other combinations of products. The meaning is simple — a day 3 servings of protein meals and 2-3 green salad. You can sometimes replace them with some steamed vegetables.

Tastes well? Very relative and depends on your preferences. And is it useful? Oh, definitely not. All health organizations of the world against diets high in fat, salt and a small source of fiber and vitamins.

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