Low carbohydrate diet

Women all over strive for perfection and for this purpose, different methods, means. In this respect, the ideal of a slim figure is no exception. Someone reaches good results, due to physical stress, and there are ladies that can easily get rid of extra weight with diet.

What is the essence and the General rules of dieting

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The benefits of carbohydrates is known for a very long time, thanks to them, our body has a lot of energy and effort for their livelihoods. In the body to accumulate fat and toxins, you need to make in your diet amendments: increase carbohydrate intake and decrease fats and harmful food, such as fast food. Removing from the menu sugar, bread, pastry and eliminating alcohol a month to assess positive results. Carbohydrates should form the basis of the daily diet of each person, then the extra weight won’t be a problem.

A list of permitted and prohibited foods in the table

Permitted foods Prohibited products
Porridge made from cereals of any kind. Potatoes.
Any fruits, preference for apples, bananas, pineapples and oranges. Any carbonated drinks and alcohol.
Many vegetables, especially any type of cabbage, carrots, asparagus, celery, spinach. Bakery products.
All legumes. Confectionery.
Milk and dairy products. Yogurt and desserts with additives.

Menus and recipes low carbohydrate diet for weight loss

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It is known that low carbohydrate diet attracts many to its variety while you are losing weight you should not torture yourself monotonous food. You should pay attention to the fact that sugar should be excluded from their dietary preferences, and replace it with sweet fruits, vegetables. Do not forget about the protein, which is contained in large amounts in legumes, eggs, meat, fish. A good result you will not achieve if you completely eliminate from your diet the fats. Vegetable oil or sunflower seeds in small quantities will only benefit.

The Kremlin

Approximate carbohydrate diet for a week to the following:

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Monday Coffee or tea unsweetened, fried egg with ham, 2 eggs, 100 g cheese. Vegetable salad with mushrooms, celery soup, steak, unsweetened tea. 50 g of walnuts. Medium tomato sauce and 200 g of boiled chicken.
Tuesday Unsweetened tea, 150 g cheese, 2 boiled eggs, stuffed mushrooms. Vegetable salad with vegetable oil, soup with sour cream and meat, 100 grams kebab, unsweetened tea or coffee. 200 g of hard cheese. Boiled cauliflower – 100 g chicken breast unsweetened tea.
Environment 3 boiled sausages, 100 grams of fried eggplant, unsweetened tea or coffee. 100 g of cabbage salad with butter, soup of processed cheese and vegetables, chop 100g of lean pork, unsweetened coffee. 10 black olives. Medium tomatoes, 200 g of boiled fish, a glass of kefir.
Thursday 100 g cauliflower salad, 4 boiled sausages, tea without sugar. Vegetable salad with mushrooms, 250 g of chicken broth, 100 grams kebab of lamb, unsweetened coffee. 200 g of hard cheese. 200 g lettuce, 200 g fried fish, tea unsweetened.
Friday The omelette from 4 eggs with grated cheese, tea or coffee without sugar. 100 g salad of shredded carrots, celery soup, pork chop. 30 g of peanuts. 200 g of dry wine, 100 g of cheese, 200 g of boiled fish, 200 g of lettuce.
Saturday 100 g cheese, fried eggs with ham, 2 eggs, unsweetened tea or coffee. Kale salad and beets with vegetable oil, 250 g soup, tea. 50 g of pumpkin seeds. 100 g lettuce, 200 g of boiled fish, a glass of kefir.
Sunday 4 cooked sausages, 100 g squash caviar. 100 g salad of cucumbers, 250 grams of meat soup, 200 grams of grilled chicken, tea without sugar. 30 g of walnuts. Medium tomatoes, 200 g of boiled meat, a Cup of yogurt.

In Dukano

Fish, meat and dairy products

The famous French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, based on my years of experience, has developed a diet, known around the world. It consists of 4 phases: attack, cruise, consolidation, stabilization. The duration of each phase can be adjusted independently, it depends on extra pounds and weight you want to pin. The average duration of each phase is 7 days. Stabilization is on everyone individually, the main thing – to adhere to proper nutrition plus to connect the sport.

Below are protein low carbohydrate diet-Ducane, sample menu for first 3 phases:

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Monday Scrambled eggs with meat, unsweetened coffee. Ear, bread with bran. Cottage cheese casserole. Baked meat, tea.
Tuesday Damn bran and cheese, unsweet tea. Boiled eggs, soup with meat. Yogurt unsweetened. The fish stew.
Environment Light-salted salmon, coffee without sugar, omelette. Yogurt, chicken chicken. Cheese, yogurt. Seafood.
Thursday Coffee, bread with melted cheese. Soup. Tea, cheese casserole. Baked meat, tea.
Friday Boiled eggs, unsweetened yogurt. Yogurt, fish cutlets. Cheese, Turkey breast, tea. Milk, cheese.
Saturday Scrambled eggs, coffee. Soup with meatballs. Yogurt with bran. Seafood, tea.
Sunday Cottage cheese casserole tea. Bread with bran, ears. Yogurt, cheese. Burgers, yogurt.
Monday Bread with bran, coffee, eggs. Soup with meat and vegetables. Cottage cheese casserole tea. Salad, baked meat.
Tuesday Cheese, yogurt. Ears. Sandwiches with salmon and coffee. Yogurt, meatloaf.
Environment Cheese, coffee, yogurt. Solyanka. Pancakes, yogurt. Burgers, chicken, salad.
Thursday Scrambled eggs with ham, coffee. Soup with bran and meatballs. Cheesecakes. Baked fish, yogurt.
Friday Boiled eggs, salmon, coffee. Meatballs from Turkey, a salad. Yogurt with bran. Baked fish with vegetables.
Saturday Cottage cheese casserole tea. Ears and bread. Seafood, coffee. Baked meat.
Sunday Scrambled eggs, yoghurt, coffee. Meatballs of veal, salad. Cheesecakes, tea. Vegetable stew, chicken.
Monday Cottage cheese casserole tea. Ear bread. Fruit. Meat baked with vegetables and potatoes.
Tuesday Cheesecakes, coffee. Solyanka, bread. Berries. Salad, chicken meatball.
Environment Cottage cheese pie with berries, tea. Ears. Fruit. Baked meat, yogurt.
Thursday Breakfast any day. Lunch any day. Afternoon snack any day. Dinner every day.
Friday Coffee, yogurt, scrambled eggs. Meatballs of veal, salad. Different berries. Vegetable stew, smoked fish.
Saturday Scrambled eggs, coffee, bread. Cheese, stew. A variety of fruits. Rice, salad, roasted meat.
Sunday Boiled eggs, salmon, coffee, bread. Meatballs from Turkey, a salad. A variety of fruits. The fish and vegetables.

The low-carb Atkins diet

Breakfast for low carbohydrate diet Atkins

To get a slim figure thanks to the Atkins is not difficult, the main thing – correctly to calculate the number of carbohydrates consumed per day. Renowned cardiologist Robert Atkins proposed system of formation of the right diet in 4 stages, which leads to the improvement of the body, proper drying of the body:

  • introduction (2 weeks);
  • balancing;
  • fine tuning;
  • maintaining.

The first phase should be 14 days during this period during the day the body should not consume more than 20 grams of carbohydrates. The balancing phase is individually up to the moment until you leave the desired amount of excess weight. This period added new a variety of healthy carbohydrates, but their number should not exceed 50 grams. Fine tuning and support lies in the smooth transition to a normal diet.

Below is a sample menu for each day for the first phase of low-carb diets:

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Scrambled in butter with spinach, unsweetened coffee. Chicken in any form, a portion of green salad, dressed with olive oil and tea. Meat, green vegetables, unsweetened tea.
Tuesday Bacon and eggs, coffee or tea without sugar. Green vegetables, chicken breast baked with cheese, tea. Cutlets, green vegetables.
Environment Scrambled eggs in butter with cheese, coffee or tea. Steak, green vegetables, tea unsweetened. Baked salmon, green salad.
Thursday Cucumber, boiled eggs, coffee. Baked red fish, green vegetables, tea. Meatballs with sour cream sauce, green vegetables.
Friday Bacon and eggs, toast, coffee. Chicken salad with walnuts, tea. Meat zrazy with cheese, green salad.
Saturday Bell pepper, eggs, green vegetables. Green salad, chicken cutlets, sour cream sauce, tea. Pork chop, green salad.
Sunday Scrambled eggs with spinach, unsweetened coffee. Green salad, fish cakes. Green salad, fried chicken wings.

Diet of carbohydrate alternation?

The egg dish for the menu carbohydrate alternation

The essence of the diet for weight gain that for 4 days there is an alternation of carbohydrates. The first and second day – low-carb diet, the third day – on the contrary, high carbohydrate menu, and the fourth day is a moderate intake of healthy element. The duration of this diet for each individual: someone on duty day within 2 weeks, and someone interested in this to months.

Sample menu for a week

Below are carbohydrate diet for 4 days, after four days, repeat menu first, second, third and fourth day:

The first and second day The third day The fourth day
Breakfast Boiled eggs: 5 egg yolks, 3 protein, a salad of tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and bell peppers with the tablespoon of vegetable oil. Oatmeal with handful of raisins in water, 3 boiled egg whites. Oatmeal with handful of raisins in water, 3 boiled egg whites.
Second Breakfast Protein shake in skim milk. Boiled rice, half chicken breast, 2 slices whole-wheat bread. Cocktail skim milk, 3 slices of whole wheat bread.
Lunch White meat chicken, grapefruit. Pasta from durum wheat. Boiled rice, half chicken breast, salad with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and cucumber.
Afternoon tea Beans, lean beef. Boiled rice, half chicken breast. Vegetable salad with vegetable oil, a piece of fish, 3 slices of whole wheat bread.
Dinner 2 piece fish salad tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and cucumber. A piece of fish, 3 slices of whole wheat bread. Protein shake in skim milk.
Before going to sleep Protein shake in skim milk.


Ekaterina, 27 years: When I was pregnant the second time, very much scored a lot. After he has ceased to feed your baby breast, he began to think about how to lose weight. Chose a known to carbohydrate diet Ducane. I liked it the advanced diet, I have not experienced hunger, pounds went quickly, and fixed weight, lasts a long time.

Angelina, 24 years: My figure looks almost perfect, but it was not always so. The school years passed me with the extra weight, which exceeded 80 kg, but I was lucky and I learned what a carbohydrate diet. She helped me not only to lose weight and get my figure in shape, but also to improve health, health. The weight was fixed, and the figure became slender.

Natalia, 34 years: I have so much time and effort spent on various effective diet the gym to achieve good results and to get the figure of your dreams. Among can allocate a special power-up Dukano: thanks to the detailed menu, and a piecemeal system, you can achieve amazing results without exhausting hunger and exhaustion.

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