Lemon diet

Is it possible to lose weight with lemon? If you use it wisely, you will achieve positive results. Nutritionists have developed various ways of eating based on the citrus, and the result is some amazing. The only recommendation is to clearly follow the rules of the diet, and then trouble with health will arise.

Features and rules of dieting

Lemon has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive tract, normalizes metabolic processes, removes toxins and wastes. Equally useful in both pulp and peel of the product. Citrus is rich in vitamins, especially ascorbic acid, which plays an important role in the formation and maintenance of immunity. Lemon prevents spikes in blood sugar, thereby missing the sharp flash of hunger.

The essence of the lemon diet is simple: all the dishes should be consumed with this citrus or juice from it. The diet should consist of lean meats, dairy products, nuts, vegetables and fruits. If you choose this way of eating, eat the product a maximum of two weeks (assuming good health), then you need to take a break. Other varieties of diets lemons make adjustments, but they know you below. If you experience discomfort in the GASTRO-exclude lemon from the diet.

Diet lemons

Menu options and recipes for weight loss

Lemon helps to lose weight? Yes, but only if a comprehensive approach. Learn the basics of proper nutrition and bring them to reality. The feature will be the daily consumption of citrus. In what form will you have a lemon, depends on the diet. If you have any disruptions in the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, give up this idea, so as not to cause health even more damage. Choose for yourself any below is a variant of citric diet and to gain slim form.

Classic lemon juice

Designed for 14 days. 1 hour before meal you need to drink a certain amount of of lemon drink (the table shows the daily volume). After ingestion rinse mouth with water to wash away the enamel remains acid. If too sour, add some honey or mint. In the acidity of the stomach should not practice this diet! To prepare a drink, you need to squeeze the juice of a lemon (s) and dilute it with warm water. Further the diet should be made on the basis of proper nutrition.

Lemon juice

The regimen for two weeks:

Day The number of lemons. The amount of water glasses
1 1 1
2 2 2
3 3 3
4 4 4
5 5 5
6 6 6
7 3 3 liters of plain water + 1 tablespoon honey
8 6 6
9 5 5
10 4 4
11 3 3
12 2 2
13 1 1
14 3 3 liters of plain water + 1 tablespoon honey

Hard lemon diet – 5 kg for 2 days

This way to get rid of excess body fat is very difficult and requires a lot of endurance, good health. You will need two days to drink a special solution. The options and features of the diet:

Kind Drink recipe Note
Extreme The juice of 7 lemons + 1 tbsp honey + 1 tsp of red pepper. In the mixture pour 1.5 liters of warm boiled water. Use other products can not. A mixture you need to drink per day, on the next day to cook a new batch.
Honey-lemon The juice of 15 lemons + 3 liters of boiled water + 70 g of honey. Drink this number in 2 days. Drink frees the body of toxins and removes toxins, helps reduce levels of » bad cholesterol.
Lemon-kefir 0.5 liters of yogurt + half of lemon. This will be your meal in the morning, afternoon and evening. Citrus is desirable to eat, but you can squeeze the juice. If there is a strong hunger, allow yourself an orange or an Apple.

Express diet lemon water

Presented method is also very complex, so you should stick no longer than the allotted time. During this time, you can become easier by 4-5 kg Diet of this type has the following features:

Option 1 (3 days)
Drink in the morning 250 ml of warm water + 0.5 tsp. salt. Helps to remove accumulated mucus and remove toxins.
Lemon water the rest of the day 1 l of water + 13 tbsp lemon juice + 7-8 tbsp maple syrup + pinch of Cayenne pepper. In the day to drink 8-10 glasses of this drink.
The extra fluid Mineral water without gas, green tea.
Ban Any food.
Option 2 (soft, 7 days)
A drink in the morning (fasting) and the evening (instead of dinner) 1 Cup cold water + 1 Cup of lemon juice.
Diet per day Healthy food, divided into 5-6 servings. The exclusion of refined sugar.

Kefir-lemon diet

The benefit of this way of eating will take place if you follow him not more than three days. During this time, you will lose 2-3 pounds. Add a bit of physical activity, and the result will be even better. The scheme of the diet:

Day Menu
1 Lemon juice of 2 citrus fruits + yogurt (2 l), fruits with low sugar (unsweetened plums, pears, apples).
2 Steamed oatmeal with apples and lemon zest, low-fat yogurt.
3 Baked apples, lemon water with honey and cinnamon.

Lemon and honey

So the lemon diet will be a comfort to those who can not without the sweet. Honey combined with citrus has a huge healing effect, and with proper correction menu helps to lose weight. After the diet you will improve blood composition, increase immunity, and have more energy. Ways to lose weight on the basis of these two products varied:

Option diet Duration Drink recipe Advice on nutrition
1 14 days 100 ml of water + 1 tbsp honey + juice of 1 lemon. The drink should be consumed 1 hour before food and 2 hours before bedtime. Daily calorie intake – 1200 calories (1500 for men).
2 2 days 1 liter of water + juice of 9 lemons + 7 tbsp. of honey. Drink drink for a day. Other products have not. Try to organize the unloading of the days when you do not need increased physical activity.

How to get out of the diet and not gain weight

Lemon for weight loss – a great product, but after the diet it is necessary to observe some rules. Recommendations:

  • Do not throw directly on the food. The first meal after a tough diet by lemons should be very easy: vegetable salad, boiled lean meat.
  • Do not rush to enter into the diet of carbohydrates. First, limit yourself to a small portion of porridge (oatmeal or buckwheat). Over time, add other grains and complex carbohydrates. From simple sugars is forever to abandon or eat them very rarely.
  • Allow yourself a piece of whole grain bread on the third day after the diet. Then eat 1-2 slices, not more.
  • Good food for the first few weeks: vegetable and light meat soups, broths, baked fish low-fat varieties, chicken, rabbit, Turkey. Cottage cheese 9% and natural yogurt, yogurt with 1% fat helps to keep the result.
  • Can continue to drink lemon juice with water, if there are no health problems. But constantly it to do. Switch to other citrus fruits: oranges, limes, grapefruits.

Videorecipe lemon diet for weight loss

Reviews and results thinner

Mila, 24 years

I loved the lemonade diet Beyonce. Be patient, lemons, maple syrup and began to lose weight. The scheme is designed for 10 days, but this is unrealistic, because nothing is! I lasted 5 days, got rid of 4 kg and decided that enough is enough. Honestly, I eat and other products in very small quantities, otherwise would have snapped much earlier.

Elena, 36 years

Not to torture yourself and have a good figure, I drink camomile tea with lemon. In the morning on an empty stomach it is perfectly invigorates and supports the immune system. When you need to offload, all day drink lemon juice mixed with water. If you want to eat the yogurt or a spoon of honey. In these products contain nutrients, the body does not suffer.

Sasha, 20 years

I’ve included a lemon to quench your appetite. Don’t know how other it works, but I do not particularly help. Hunger for the time dulled, but then arises with double force. Every morning, drank lemon water after 2 weeks began to grab her stomach. Understand that it is necessary to abandon the use of citrus on an empty stomach. After eating can take a couple of slices of normal weight rests.

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