Menu for 3 days and variety of diet yogurt

The desire to lose weight sooner or later arises in all women, the only methods of achieving the goals everyone has their own. To lose weight is real important to find effective and safe diet. The consultation will not be superfluous, will determine the final outcome, will eliminate side effects while effective weight loss.

Features and rules of dieting

Yogurt-cucumber cocktail

Strict system power supply eliminates the extra calories and pounds, but losing weight is very difficult to hold his new weight. Kefir diet for 3 days is highly efficient, and is beneficial for digestion, cleanses the intestines, normalizes the stool, eliminates bloating. Nutritionists distinguish the following medical and preventive action in the body:

  • normalization of metabolism;
  • a strengthened immune system;
  • improve the condition of the skin and nail plate;
  • the treatment of obesity;
  • eliminating insomnia and stress.

Even if you did not choose kefir diet for 3 days, fasting days on this natural product to help keep your figure in shape. This is the best tool for quick and substantial weight loss, which requires patience and perseverance during the specified time interval. If you follow the diet on kefir, then after 3 days you can lose 2-4 kg, tighten the skin, to get rid of once problem areas are imperfect figures. It is important to observe the following rules that significantly accelerate the final result:

  1. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach immediately after morning awakening.
  2. During the diet, take a multivitamin complexes to avoid vitamin deficiency, weakening of the immune system.
  3. Eat small portions, leaving a slight feeling of hunger, do not overeat.
  4. To control the daily ration, after selecting this kefir diet for 3 days, which will allow endurance, willpower.
  5. Before beginning of the procedure, additionally it is essential to consult a dietitian, to eliminate reduced stomach acidity.

Option 3-day diet yogurt their menu

Yogurt with cottage cheese and strawberries

If a woman cannot fast, limited only by daily intake of kefir, your diet diet are allowed to diversify, significantly enriching its low-calorie food in a strictly specified quantity. Subject to all conditions and prescriptions to lose weight on yogurt can in the shortest possible time, then to update your wardrobe with clothing one size smaller familiar.

Strict mono-diet on yogurt and water

Lose weight in 3 days possible if we choose the most strict diet, which in its content is close to the strike. To satiate the stomach is allowed only water and yogurt, the latter ingredient must be lean and fresh. Per day is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of dairy product, divided into 5-6 meals. If hunger still attacks, you should drink unlimited plain water.


The menu for each day of the proposed diet involves two main ingredients. It’s apples and low fat yogurt. Allowed to use water to suppress appetite carousing. It is necessary to follow the proposed diet 7 days, and the promised result – minus 5-9 kg Daily menu consists of 1 litre of kefir and 1 kg apples sour varieties. To use the products you need for the day, and eat small portions. Apples cannot be replaced with other fruits, especially contraindicated for diet calorie bananas.


This is another version of a rigid diet, which promises to one day getting rid 1 kg weight loss. Observe this technique you need every day to cook a fresh batch of fresh buckwheat to water ratio of 1:2, drink 1 liter of nonfat yogurt. Optionally both products can be mixed, and mix for losing weight body not limited. Additionally on the diet are allowed to drink water, eat a multivitamin complexes to maintain immunity.

Buckwheat with yogurt

Kefir cheese

The proposed power system 3 days removes 2-3 kilos. Sitting on a diet have to strictly limit yourself to food, eat only low-fat cottage cheese, low-interest kefir. Cucumbers, chicken, fruits, other vegetables on the selected diet is strictly prohibited, otherwise, the desired weight loss will not take place. Three day diet menu looks like the following:

  1. First day: 500 grams of low fat cream cheese, divided into 5 equal portions.
  2. Second day: 1 liter of yogurt, a green Apple.
  3. Third day: 300 g of cottage cheese low fat, 1 liter of kefir.


The diet was nutritious and healthy, is allowed in addition to yogurt to be consumed in the diet beets useful for relief of indigestion. Kefir diet for three days in such performance is considered not hungry, but cooking a vegetable is permitted only in fresh water without adding salt and spices. From beets you can prepare vegetable salads that need to drink kefir in the amount of 1 l per day. The result will be unambiguous, and the skin will regain its vitality and healthy appearance.

Yogurt with strawberries

How to get out of the diet

When the selected method for the correction of weight is irrelevant, but the desired result is pleasing reflection in the mirror, it is possible to stop such severe restrictions in food, gradually return to its usual diet. Do it gradually, leaving the preferred cooking methods are boiling, stewing and processing in its own juice. From receiving water on an empty stomach to give up after a diet is also not recommended, especially because it is an effective remedy as quickly clear up to suppress appetite.

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Inna, 27 years: I was able to lose weight with kefir for 7 days, but in the diet was attended by fresh fruit and vegetables. The first time was hard, but gradually got used to his new food and even enjoying food. When we wanted to eat something harmful, drinking water – feeling hungry gradually retreated. On this diet lasted a week and the total score minus 5 kg

Mary, 31 years: have Already tried various effective diet, but in the end the choice stopped on kefir. Always loved dairy products and fat-free including. Ate so few days and the result is dropped on a diet of 3 kg. a Special effort is made, not starving, regularly drinking water, and all dairy products in the menu, chose low fat. Helped me method, I can advise all.

Milan, 33 years: Now I am on a photo not to know because with diet managed to lose 5 pounds in 5 days. In my case it was a mono -, where the second food item in the menu was ordinary water. To survive these lean days is very difficult, but the result really worth the effort. The main thing – then not to break.

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