Buckwheat diet with yogurt

diet on buckwheat and kefirSalt-free diet is a popular tool for weight loss among girls. And this is for several reasons:

  • Different variations of the diet include how long the program more than two weeks and short periods, up to one day.
  • Differs also and the list of acceptable dishes from the mono-diet, which allowed the use of only kefir and buckwheat, to capacity from just a few products.
  • The necessary products available to the public and are inexpensive, unlike fruits and vegetables, which «sit» in the winter will not succeed.
  • Buckwheat paired with yogurt can not only reduce weight but also to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin, because they contain high nutrients and minerals.
  • Diet buckwheat-kefir diet refers to the diet, after which the lost weight come back even for a shorter period. If the right to withdraw, the slimming effect will remain as long as you let him.

Reviews and results diet «buckwheat with kefir» from the representatives of the weaker sex are consistent with the nutritionists, they also recommend this method of cleaning the body.

The kefir-buckwheat diet

About useful properties of kefir and buckwheat you can write more than one page, but only list tasks that will help you cope buckwheat diet with yogurt for weight loss:

  • Reduce daily consumption of calories;
  • To receive a charge of vitamins and nutrients;
  • To cleanse the digestive system of excess toxins;
  • To improve the health and to a feeling of lightness.

Distinguish between a diet with buckwheat and kefir, by the number of days that you want to follow the set menu.

  1. One fasting day

About fasting days on kefir or buckwheat, we wrote earlier. In a nutshell: during the day you can drink pure water in unlimited quantity and buckwheat, kefir or buckwheat with kefir. The three types of mono – diets one product. Before conducting weekly diet some recommend discharge for one day.

All of the fasting day on the links:

  • on buckwheat /razgruzotchny-deny-na-gretchke/
  • on the water /razgruzotchny-deny-na-vode/
  • on apples /yablochnyiy-razgruzochnyiy-den/
  1. Three-day diet «buckwheat with kefir»

There are two options: the first is to repeat the fasting days, as described above, for three days. The second option combines three different mono: the first day you eat only yogurt and water, in the second – buckwheat and water, the third can drink kefir and buckwheat separately so that the gap between the buckwheat and kefir was 2 hours.

  1. Buckwheat-kefir diet 7 days

Weekly diet requires high willpower, because despite the fact that hunger, it does not provide (because it is always possible to eat buckwheat or drink kefir), even the avid fans of these two products appears an aversion to them on the third day.

Sample menu diet «buckwheat with kefir» for a week looks like this:

  • Breakfast: 1 Cup 1% kefir, 100 g of buckwheat, boiled water, but not boiled (!).
  • Second Breakfast: a green Apple.
  • Lunch: 200 g of buckwheat, boiled water, vegetable salad with lemon juice without salt.
  • Dinner: 100 g of buckwheat, boiled fish 130 g.

The diet is repeated every day during the week.

The majority prefers to prolong the diet to 14, but with large concessions and variety in the diet.

  1. 14-day diet «yogurt with buckwheat for weight loss

2 weeks – the maximum period which is recommended to adhere to nutritionists. If you do not rush to achieve results, you can start with a smaller number of days: 3, 5, 7, respecting the specified menu below. The effectiveness of the diet to decline, but emotionally and physically to endure it will be easier.

According to the reviews of buckwheat diet with kefir, it is possible to lose 5-10 lbs. But a lot depends on your starting weight and individual characteristics.

14-day buckwheat-kefir diet menu day by day:

1-3. Morning: buckwheat, brewed in boiling water. Second Breakfast: bread, buckwheat, 200 ml of kefir. Day: cereal, 200 ml of yogurt, 2 burgers from buckwheat. Afternoon snack: 200 ml of kefir. Evening: casserole of buckwheat, 200 ml of kefir.

4-6. Morning: bread, buckwheat, 200 ml of kefir. Day: buckwheat pancakes, 400 ml of yogurt. Dinner: kefir.

7. During the day, eat buckwheat, pre-brewed in boiling water in small portions after equal intervals of time.

8-10. Morning: 3 buckwheat pancakes, yogurt. Day: buckwheat porridge, yogurt, bread. Evening: buckwheat, kefir, fruits.

11-13. Morning: buckwheat, boiled water, yogurt, egg. Day: cabbage salad, buckwheat cakes, green tea. Evening: buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad, yogurt.

14: repeat day 7.

  1. Diet «buckwheat with yogurt» in the morning

There are some mixed opinions about the fact that you can lose weight by eating in the morning buckwheat and kefir. But you can probably say that for weight loss need to be reviewed and the diet for the day. Soft way to lose weight: Breakfast buckwheat, brewed yogurt, lunch: chicken dinner: vegetable salad for 3 hours before bedtime: a glass of kefir.

How to get out of the diet

To lost weight is not returned in tandem with metabolic disorders, should enter into the usual diet gradually:

  • The first days do not fall on flour and fat, generally try to minimize their presence.
  • Add other food gradually. Better still a week to leave the buckwheat in your menu, gradually reducing their number to zero.
  • The last meal should be at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Even if the result of diet «buckwheat with kefir» for a week brought you delight, repeat no earlier than 2 months.

Buckwheat diet with yogurt recipes

In vain many people think that buckwheat can be eaten only in cooked form. Here is how we propose to diversify the diet on the diet:

  • Properly prepare buckwheat

When buckwheat cook, you kill it half useful minerals and vitamins. Recommended buckwheat pour boiling water in the ratio 1:2, wrap the pot with towels and leave for a few hours.

  • Burgers

Cook thick porridge of buckwheat, add the soy and stir. Form patties, sprinkle top with lemon juice or soy sauce, you can add the sesame seeds. Cook in the oven for about 25 minutes.

  • Casserole

Cook the buckwheat, boil the carrots and slightly put out the cabbage. Grease a baking sheet, which will lay a casserole with vegetable oil or use paper for the oven. Put the casserole in the following layers: at the bottom of the cereal, then carrots, fresh tomato rings on top of cabbage and greens. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

  • Pancakes

Mix cooked buckwheat with eggs, a small amount of yogurt and flour until smooth. Flat shape and fry pancakes on the pan. It is advisable to get cookware with non-stick coating in order to use the minimum amount of oil.

  • Vegetable zazharku

Cook buckwheat porridge. Cut in small cubes the onion and Apple without peel. Heat the pan, pour olive oil on it and sauté first the onion, then the Apple, add to the frying pan buckwheat and greens.

As you can see, there are many ways how to use buckwheat and kefir diet, use them all to the diet seemed varied and enjoyable, or create your own recipe and leave it in the comments.


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